Grant Ships: Weekly Dev Log

DevLog: Week of Mar 11th 2024

Development Progress

We’re still in full QA mode, fixing bugs and cleaning up the UX. You can see the app in its current form at

Recruitment Progress

We have many interested operators, so we’re now actively seeking a “Domain Host”. A domain host is a community leaders who would like to bring Grant Ship’s beta round to their community. Domains we are considering include Governance, Gaming and DAO Tooling.

Documentation Progress

We’re pausing documentation improvements to focus on QA. As the app finalizes we’ll take screenshots and add them into our documentation in the rulebook

What we need

We’re looking for a Domain Host! We have 90K ARB earmarked for grants that will flow through the Grant Ships system. If you are a leader within an Arbitrum domain or community that you believe could be viable for Grant Ships’ beta round, please reach out!

Domain Host interest form:

Special Thanks for this week

Special thanks to Ali the ChainGamer for his ideas on a potential TreasureDAO gaming round for the beta test!