Grantee Help Session - Prepping for Decentralized Reviews

We had a great first session onboarding grantees - here is the tldr. If you missed it no worries were back next week (its on the arbitrum calender)

TL;DR of the Meeting:

  1. Introduction of Karma Platform: Discussed the use of the Karma platform for managing and reviewing grants within the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  2. Grantee Responsibilities: Emphasized the importance of grantees completing their profiles and regularly updating project details for transparency and visibility.
  3. Community-Led Review Process: Highlighted the role of community reviewers in evaluating grants, contributing to decision-making and feedback.
  4. Benefits for Grantees and Program Managers: Outlined how a comprehensive profile aids grantees in future applications and assists program managers in tracking and assessing grant progress.

For Grantees:

  1. Profile Completion: Grantees are encouraged to complete their profiles on the Karma platform, including details about their projects and grants.
  2. Project and Grant Details: It’s important to provide comprehensive information about the project, including objectives, impact, outcomes, and progress.
  3. Regular Updates: Grantees should regularly update their project status and milestones on Karma to maintain transparency and showcase progress.
  4. Feedback Loop: The platform allows grantees to receive community feedback, which can be valuable for project improvement and future grant applications.
  5. Visibility and Reputation: A well-maintained profile on Karma can enhance a grantee’s visibility and reputation within the community.

Top questons asked

  • How to Update Project Details on Karma? Grantees log in to update their project profiles with detailed information and regular progress updates.

  • What are the Benefits for Grantees on Karma? The platform enhances visibility, offers community feedback, and improves chances for future grants.

  • How does a completed grantee profile on the Karma platform assist a grantee in the grant application process? A fully completed grantee profile on the Karma platform significantly benefits a grantee during the grant application process. It serves as a comprehensive showcase of the grantee’s past and current projects, highlighting their objectives, achievements, and impact. This consolidated information provides potential grantors with a clear and detailed view of the grantee’s track record, capabilities, and reliability. Such transparency and demonstrated history of project completion and success can enhance the grantee’s credibility and reputation, thereby increasing their chances of success in future grant applications.

  • How is Information Validity Ensured? Currently based on self-attestation, with plans for automated verification and community reviews for accuracy.

  • How Can Program Managers Utilize Karma for Grant Oversight? Program managers can use Karma to track grantee progress, review completed milestones, and assess the overall impact of grants.

  • What Role Do Program Managers Play in the Review Process? While the review process is community-driven, program managers can use the insights gathered to make informed decisions about future funding and program adjustments. They can also filter reviews based on specific criteria relevant to their programs.