Introducing Hunt NFT: A Revolutionary Cross-chain NFT Raffle Marketplace

In simple terms, Hunt NFT can do the following:

  1. Participate in raffles for popular NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet while being on the Arbitrum network. Simply purchase bullets to enter the raffle, and your chances of winning is equal to the ratio of the number of bullets you purchase to the total number of bullets available.

  2. You can create raffles for the NFTs you own on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Base networks.

  3. If you don’t win the raffle multiple times, you will earn bullet shells. You can use these bullet shells to purchase NFTs in the bullet shell store.

Imagine this:

You are in the jungle, hunting for animals. One particular monkey catches your interest. Armed with a hunting rifle, you take aim and fire three shots. Eventually, you hit the monkey, making it your prized trophy. You still have three bullet shells in your hand.

Now, let’s imagine that instead of a real monkey, it represents NFTs, such as “Bored Apes.” Firing a gun is equivalent to participating in a raffle by purchasing bullets, and the bullet shells you receive are the rewards for your multiple participations. This is Hunt NFT!

Let’s enjoy this Hunt game to the fullest!

Hunt NFT’s cross-chain solution

Hunt NFT is a platform that utilizes cross-chain technology to enable the creation of multi-chain NFT raffles. This article will provide a detailed introduction to Hunt NFT’s cross-chain solution.

Cross-chain NFT raffle solution

The cross-chain solution of Hunt NFT is very simple and easy to understand. Please take a careful look at the image below, and you will grasp it.

Let’s take an example: Eric owns BAYC #1 on the ETH mainnet and wants to use his own BAYC #1 to create an NFT raffle on Hunt NFT. The following events will occur:

  1. Eric approves his BAYC #1 to Hunt NFT.

  2. Eric deposits his BAYC #1 to the SubBridge contract on the ETH mainnet.

  3. The HuntBridge contract on the Arbitrum receives the message and mint hBAYC #1, which is then sent to the huntGame contract to start the raffle.

  4. When a winner claims his prize NFT, the hBAYC #1 is burned. Simultaneously, a message is sent to SubBridge on ETH mainnet, which sends the actual BAYC #1 to the winner’s address.

Hunt NFT, a cross-chain NFT raffle marketplace dedicated to addressing the tricky issues surrounding NFTs.