[JOJO] S.T.I.P. Final RECAP [April 1]

Recap of the Event

The event lasted seven weeks, from UTC+0 Feb.11 to Mar.30. It was divided into four weeks for participation and three weeks for reward claiming.

Event link: JOJO

Event Gitbook page: [END] JOJO’s S.T.I.P. Incentive Distribution Rules (TIME-LIMITED) | English | JOJO.Exchange

ARB Utilized as Incentives in the Four-Week Event: 199636.3

Contract address label Form 32 completed for all addresses:


ARB left over: 363.7

Plan for leftover ARB: Hold a one-week PnL contest on JOJO’s Discord and distribute the remaining ARB as prizes to the top 10.

Summary of incentives:

Additional Info / Disclosures to Multisig: N/A


Total trading volume: 119,876,045.36

Average daily TVL: 8,994,085.13

Average daily transactions:

Average daily volumes: 3,995,868.17

Number of unique user addresses: 1675

Transaction fees: 91087.70

Link to Dashboard showing metrics: https://dune.com/jojo_exchange/jojov11

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