Limes.eth - Intent to run for March 2024 Security Council Elections

gm everyone,

I will be putting my name in the hat for the Arbitrum Security Council election. I find that my current position as Steward and Secretary at ENS ties closely with the responsibilities of the Security Council as it demands integrity, reliability, and experience with multisigs.

About me:

Arbitrum Delegate and Community Member: As a delegate, I am to understand the workings of Arbitrum, both technically and socially, and putting the chain in the best place to succeed. Additionally, I have been trusted to custody funds by the Arbitrum DAO before in the Plurality Labs, Short Term Incentive Program, and Long Term Incentive Program. You can see my governance activity score on Tally and Arbitrum DAO wallets on ArbWallets.

ENS Steward & Secretary: As a steward at ENS, I have a public facing role to support the ecosystem, supporting developers and community members alike. As the Secretary, I have a duty to track our actions and provide transparency reports to the community. These roles let me represent a core ethos of my beliefs in decentralized identity and display my commitment to the community. You can see the latest ENS spending summary drafted by me here and observe my experience as a multisig signer on ENSWallets

New York Licensed CPA: While certainly not a requirement for a trusted position, a CPA credential exemplifies diligence, attention to detail, and an unyielding commitment to ethical practices as defined in the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct.

Why limes.eth

Putting on my Arbitrum delegate hat, when evaluating candidates, I objectively focus on three key domains

  1. Reliability/Timely - Does this person have a track record of being timely and reliable?
  2. Trust - Does this person have a track record of being trusted? Does this person have a valuable reputation that they wouldn’t give up by colluding to steal? Can this person be trusted to custody keys securely and be diligent when signing?
  3. Technical Expertise - Can this person read and/or write the required programming languages used in pushing updates to Arbitrum.

In my opinion, any delegate making it to the council needs to be very strong in at least 2 of these categories.

I believe that I have displayed Reliability and Trust serving on a multisig signer on 3 Arbitrum multisigs and 8 ENS multisigs.

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