Mehdi_eth - Delegate Communication Thread

Delegate Information

Name: Mehdi_eth
Delegate Address: 0x5F367BF126FDa56D88BA88a8978D5496c66B3569
Tally Profile: Mehdi_eth | Tally
Snapshot Profile : Snapshot
Forum: @Mehdi_eth
Language: English

Introduction and Experience

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Why Mehdi_eth

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Delegate Communication Intent

This thread will provide regular updates to the community to ensure transparency and fully communicate My rationale as a delegate. These updates will include My explanation for voting and may consist of other announcements related to our activity as an Arbitrum delegate.

Proposal: Approval of STEP committee recommendations
Vote: Against
Reseaning: As a representative of some $ARB investors, I am against the timing of the proposal’s execution. Ideally, such a proposal should be executed at relatively high prices or all-time highs (ATHs). Considering the fact that we are at the all-time low (ATL) of the $ARB token price, executing such proposals will result in more harm to the investors. Most importantly, it could be perceived as a sell-off of $ARB tokens, which is not optimal. It is most effective to diversify the ARB treasury under more favorable market conditions rather than during a bear market.

Aside from the above, I am in favor of the proposal’s idea, the diversification of funds, and the selection of partners.