MUX Protocol Delegate Communication Thread

This will be the main communication thread for MUX Protocol.

We will continue update here.

Tally Votes

Constitutional AIP - Security Council Improvement Proposal
Vote: For
We fully support these measures to the Security Council process which will improve security.

ArbitrumDAO Contribution; Safeguarding Software Developers’ Rights
Vote: For
Both Defi EF and Coin Center have made contributions to the web3 litigation. This funding is sending a signal that Arbitrum stands alongside of those who defend privacy and the right to utilize blockchain technology, which could potentially foster a robust community organically.

Snapshot Votes

Set up a Sub-Committee for the Security Services Subsidy Fund
Vote: Obstain

Snapshot Votes

Election of STEP Program Manager
Vote: 50% for, 50% for

We believe that all four candidates have the capability of managing the STEP program. Our decisions are based on our own experiences and understandings.
Both of steakhouse and avantgarde have extensive experience with DAOs, comprehensive analytics and monitoring. Their experiences with top defi protocols make them a good fit for the position

[NON-CONSTITUTIONAL] Pilot Phase: Arbitrum Ventures Initiative
Vote: For [ No IRL Event ]

AIP: BOLD - permissionless validation for Arbitrum
Vote: For

BOLD makes Arbitrum more secure technically by allowing anyone to dispute.

AIP: Funds to bootstrap the first BoLD validator - Operational cost sentiment
Vote: For

BOLD is vital for the decentralization and security of arbitrum and important to bootstrap it.