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Oxytocin - Delegate Communication Thread

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STIP - Round 1

Following the large amount of proposals for the first STIP round, I believe it’s better to share my thoughts on some macro votes like this one in my own thread instead of divided among each application. Feel free to discuss about votes here as well, this feels like a great place to communicate with my delegators as well.

I used raholloway’s STIP dashboard to navigate the different votes, and took preference in voting on proposals that:

  • Did not pass quorum as of my time of voting
  • Are asking for incentives which will lead to sustainable, ‘sticky’ growth as opposed to mercenary capital (eg. Liquidity Mining)
  • If possible, offer integrations with other developers or protocols.

Additionally, I wanted to clarify that I personally will just be judging the application itself, as opposed to the initial ARB usage and allocation. This is because many DAOs are organized in such a way that the applicant might not have the ability to decide how those ARB are spent, and since the initial allocation did not specify it had to be used for incentives some DAOs might also use them for other purposes (like Delegation, PoL, etc).

Here’s a few lesser known (for me) protocols that are still not reaching quorum which I think are worth looking at:

  • Furucombo : It’s a simple trading incentives competition, but the ask is reasonable. Could help users onboard to Arbitrum thanks to their intuitive block system.
  • Magpie : Not familiar with them, but they are collaborating with other protocols like Pendle which is a positive for me.
  • Notional : Strong audit history and interesting idea (fixed rate lending). Not comfortable with the funding address being a 2/3 safe, but I think they’re worth at least looking at.

I’m glad to see most of the projects I was planning on supporting passing overwhelmingly FOR, and can’t wait for the next steps!