Plurality Labs Milestone 1 Review

Hello Kristoff, I just wanted to try to help clarify some details around the Gitcoin Grant Rounds on Arbitrum and the 300k Matching Fest and how they fit into the framework:

I. Information about the 300k Matching Fest was updated two weeks ago: The Arbitrum Matching Fest for running rounds on Arbitrum One 💙 - #2 by ZER8 . -hope this helps **

As Joe said above, these programs also enabled Grants Stack to be available on Arbitrum thus allowing anyone to launch and host grant programs using it, such as the GMX Direct Grants. Personally I think it will be really interesting and would want to help pave the way into a future in which all major protocols on Arbitrum would leverage grants stack for their grant programs.

Related to the framework, the fact that anyone can launch grant programs using grantsstack on Arbitrum in the present + the decentralized reviews that are live + education/awareness will enable fully permissionless, onchain and transparent grant programs , making the Arbitrum on Gitcoin programs an important piece of the grant framework puzzle imo. It gets even better as this is not restricted only to the programs that want to use grantstack, but to some of the other programs that PL funded, for example Firestarters, Grantships, Minigrats, etc**

II. Some thoughts around the three Gitcoin rounds

The Domain Round, The Arbitrum Grant Funding Fest and the Arbitrum Citizens Retrofunding Round - which besides yielding the results and delivering on their set goals have proved to also be sustainable- they basically paid for themselves + more. This is one of hidden values of QF - if they grow in a strategic and sustainable manner - the community can actually cofund them!

I agree it would be cool if the team and I hosted some workshops in the future to teach people how to run their on rounds on Arbitrum with the experience and learnings we have gathered. We do have a couple of new rounds that will launch in February which I had to consult and teach anyway so agree this would be a natural move here

Really appreciate the way you and L2beat conduct their role as a delegate, investigating, asking hard questions - if Arbitrum would have all the top 50 delegates as active, analytical and thourough as you and as some others are the DAO would be set for 1000% success