Proposal: Empowering Early Contributors: The community Arbiter Proposal

Hey @ITUblockchain a couple points I can hopefully help to shed light on based on what I know:

  1. No new Arbiters have been added after September 2022, and no new Arbiters will be added. In terms of future contribution, it can be seen as a legacy or OG role in the discord, but the proposal in discussion is for a retroactive reward and not a future or ongoing one, so this fact wouldn’t be too valuable I don’t think. I can’t speak to the criteria of how they were selected as that was substantially before my time.

  2. For Ambassador program, it isn’t set up in a way to reward users through ARB incentives, rather there is budget allocated for Ambassadors to submit applications for hosting events, workshops, education and things of that nature so that those costs can be covered and supported by the Foundation. Furthermore the Ambassador program isn’t for acquiring customer support or moderation, but rather for spreading Arbitrum/Web3 adoption globally through content, education, workshops, events etc. For moderation and customer support we recently (summer of 2023) began hiring full-time moderators at the Foundation.