Proposal: Recruiting & Talent Solutions for the DAO

Arbitrum DAO Proposal: In-house Recruiting Solutions

Our proposal aims to establish in-house recruiting solutions within the Arbitrum DAO, enabling efficient talent acquisition and community growth. By leveraging internal expertise and industry connections, this proposal seeks to streamline the recruitment process, ensuring the DAO can access the skills it needs to thrive.

As the Arbitrum ecosystem expands, the demand for skilled individuals within the community grows exponentially. Introducing dedicated recruiting solutions will facilitate efficient talent acquisition, fostering innovation and growth within the Arbitrum ecosystem. By establishing an in-house approach, we can ensure alignment with the DAO’s unique needs and values.

This proposal is directly aligned with the primary mission of the Arbitrum community – the establishment of an open, scalable, and secure environment for decentralized applications. Through our specialized recruiting services tailored to meet the DAO’s unique requirements, we guarantee the community access to the necessary talent pool for achieving its objectives effectively. Additionally, this initiative underscores the DAO’s steadfast commitment to maintaining excellence and fostering innovation across all operational fronts.

Key Terms:

In-house Recruiting Solutions: Comprehensive services encompassing candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, onboarding, and talent retention strategies conducted internally by the DAO’s dedicated recruiting team.

Blockchain Recruiter: A seasoned professional with expertise in identifying and acquiring talent within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Possessing deep industry knowledge and an extensive network of professionals, they play a pivotal role in sourcing and attracting top-tier candidates.

Talent Retention Strategies: Holistic approaches aimed at nurturing and retaining skilled individuals within the DAO. These strategies encompass ongoing support, professional development opportunities, and incentives to foster long-term engagement and commitment.

Community Engagement Initiatives: Outreach programs and engagement activities designed to foster collaboration, inclusivity, and active participation within the DAO community. These initiatives promote cohesion, knowledge sharing, and collective growth among members.

Diversity and Inclusion Practices: Policies and initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the DAO. By fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, the DAO cultivates innovation, creativity, and resilience while ensuring equal opportunities for all community members.

Our proposed in-house recruiting solutions will leverage established platforms and technologies within the HR industry, supplemented by blockchain-specific tools and networks. We will collaborate with existing members of the Arbitrum community and tap into our extensive network within the blockchain space to source top talent. Additionally, we will develop tailored recruitment processes that align with the DAO’s mission and values, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring experience.

Steps to Implement:

Establish a dedicated recruiting team within the DAO, comprising experienced blockchain recruiters and HR professionals.
Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the DAO’s current and future talent requirements.
Develop and implement recruiting strategies tailored to the needs of the Arbitrum ecosystem.
Execute candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing processes using industry best practices.
Facilitate seamless onboarding and integration of recruited talent into the DAO community.


Week 1-2: Establish the internal recruiting team and define roles and responsibilities. Building relationships between the recruiting function and individuals in the DAO that are likely to be engaged with hiring initiatives
Week 3-4: Conduct talent needs assessment and develop recruiting strategies.
Week 5-8: Execute candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing processes.
Week 9-12: Facilitate onboarding and integration of recruited talent.
Weeks 13-24: Review outcomes and discuss potential long-term partnership.
Ongoing (Weeks 25 - 52): Continuously evaluate and refine recruiting processes to adapt to changing needs.

Overall Cost:
The total cost to implement this proposal is estimated at 500k ARB. This includes expenses related to personnel resources, technology infrastructure, and any associated operational costs.

Pre-proposal Development:
Prior to submitting this proposal, we have conducted extensive research and consultation with industry experts to ensure its feasibility and alignment with the DAO’s objectives. We have also engaged with key stakeholders, namely Bawar who leads the recruiting efforts at the Arbtirum Foundation, within the Arbitrum community to gather feedback and insights.

Establishing in-house recruiting solutions within the Arbitrum DAO represents a strategic investment in the long-term success and sustainability of the community. By leveraging internal expertise and industry connections, we can ensure efficient talent acquisition and foster a thriving ecosystem. We urge the community to support this proposal and look forward to contributing to the growth and prosperity of the DAO.

Thank you for considering our proposal.


Curious how hiring works right now — particularly with roles that would be facilitated through an initiative like this.

For context I’m on the Governance team at ApeCoin which is operating within a Working Group structure, with primarily elected seats, which can end up fostering a culture of less-than-perfect output.


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Don’t see this as something the DAO needs right now, we first have to approve funds for hiring staff before contracting any recruiting agency


Thanks for the proposal, @0xJulian

We believe in the beauty of permissionless-ness in terms of participation in a DAO and having “hiring” mechanism within the DAO isn’t ideal based on the value.

Funded and incentivized projects/councils/committees should be responsible for attracting key members for them with the budget given or prepared. For special required members, we assume the Foundation can help set up the process and coordination as GCP has been doing.

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Interesting initiative.
There are several questions:

  1. Why is it so expensive - 500,000 ARB. Provide budget calculations.
  2. Why is this a one-time initiative, because ArbitrumDAO constantly needs personnel.
  3. Now positions in ArbitrumDAO are elective, how were you going to change these rules in this case?
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This is setting up of a recruitment team, but the cost looks too high for this initiative.