[Non-Constitutional] ArbitrumHub Evolution: The Next Step in Streamlining Information Access and Raising Awareness for Arbitrum DAO

[Non-Constitutional] ArbitrumHub Evolution: The Next Step in Streamlining Information Access and Raising Awareness for Arbitrum DAO

After successfully completing the development of ArbitrumHub.io, we are excited for the next major step.

Table of Contents

  • Abstract
  • Motivation
  • Workflow
  • Execution Strategy
  • Timeline
  • Financial Overview
  • Our Team and Recent Successes
  • Conclusion

Website: Arbitrum Hub
Twitter: Arbitrum Hub
Github: Arbitrum Hub


Building on our earlier achievements, this proposal outlines the next phase for ArbitrumHUB, aiming to solidify its position as the central hub for the ArbitrumDAO community. Our recent progress, detailed in the ArbitrumHub Platform Successful Completion Report, demonstrates our commitment to creating a user-friendly platform for community members. This report highlights our initiatives and milestones, showcasing ArbitrumHub as a reliable source for essential information and community engagement within the ArbitrumDAO ecosystem.

ArbitrumHub’s vision is to be the go-to destination for comprehensive information about ArbitrumDAO and its initiatives. We aim to offer a unified platform for community updates, meeting information, and insights into upcoming events. Our strategy includes robust community participation, ensuring stakeholders have immediate access to critical information.

This proposal details the next steps, upcoming features, technical enhancements, and the implementation timeline for ArbitrumHub. Our goal is to establish ArbitrumHub as the ultimate platform, underpinned by strong foundations in security, design, development, research, management, transparency, and incentivized community contributions.

We will manage the platform and the ArbitrumHUB Twitter account to ensure the community can easily navigate and utilize all resources effectively.


ArbitrumHub addresses the need for a centralized resource within the ArbitrumDAO community. As the ecosystem grows, staying informed and connected becomes increasingly challenging. ArbitrumHub simplifies this by consolidating essential information and resources in one place, offering structured and reliable information.

Uses of ArbitrumHub:

  • Real-Time Updates: Provides and integrates the latest news sources and developments within the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • Community Interaction Updates: Keeps the community informed about upcoming meetups and interactions.
  • Event Coordination: Details events and workshops for easy participation.
  • Support and Resources: Offers support for platform-related queries.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Utilizes social media and newsletters for increased engagement.
  • Comprehensive Resource Integration: Aggregates developer tools, grant information, and other initiatives.
  • Community Participation: Designed to foster incentivized community participation and contributions through meets, events, educational resources, etc.
  • Ambassador Highlights: Acts as a central directory to provide updates related to ambassador activities and programs, with direct access for ambassadors to keep all their initiatives in one place for easy access.

We have been active in the community for a long time, but when we started, we faced numerous hurdles in obtaining the information we needed. This is a common issue, resulting in the loss of many new members facing this problem. With ArbitrumHUB, this will be a thing of the past, and ArbitrumDAO will attract many new members. This project is crucial for the continuous growth of the DAO.


The operations of ArbitrumHub will encompass four workflows related to key activities:

1. Development, Design, Management, Security, Uptime, and Transparency

Leads: @hoomandigital, with @0x_Buidler and @ChaiT as Points of Contact

This workflow encompasses the following key areas:

  • Development: Continuous improvement and enhancement of ArbitrumHub’s technical aspects. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, and the integration of new features to meet the evolving needs of the community.
  • Design: Ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the platform, making it easy for users to navigate and find information. This involves regular UX/UI reviews and updates.
  • Management: Overseeing project coordination, timelines, and resource allocation to ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently and on schedule.
  • Security: Implementing robust security measures to protect user data and platform integrity. Regular security audits and updates will be conducted to prevent breaches and vulnerabilities.
  • Uptime: Ensuring the platform remains operational and accessible at all times, with minimal downtime. This includes monitoring the platform and having contingency plans in place for any issues.
  • Transparency: Maintaining open communication with the community about updates, progress, and any challenges faced. Regular updates will be shared through various channels, including the ArbitrumHub blog and social media.

@hoomandigital will lead these efforts, with @0x_Buidler and @ChaiT serving as the primary points of contact and coordinating the various initiatives.

2. Incentivized Community Contributions and Collaborations

Leads: @0x_Buidler and @ChaiT

This workflow focuses on engaging the community through incentivized contributions and collaborative efforts. Tasks will be divided among community contributors, organized into two initial groups:

  1. Content & Educational Resources Group:

    • Producing educational materials and content to assist new and existing community members.
    • Creating tutorials, guides, and other resources to enhance understanding and engagement.
    • Managing the ArbitrumHub blog and content calendar to ensure regular and valuable updates.
  2. Research & Ideas Group:

    • Conducting research and gathering innovative ideas to improve the Arbitrum ecosystem.
    • Collaborating with leads of various initiatives to aggregate important information for easy access by general users.
    • Hosting brainstorming sessions and workshops to foster creativity and innovation within the community.
    • Ideas Exchange: A platform for community members to exchange ideas, fostering innovation and collaboration.
    • Dev Rel and Dedicated Support: Dedicated developer relations and support for community members, providing assistance and guidance on projects.
    • Supporting Existing Commendable Projects and Initiatives: Partnering with other projects within the ecosystem to enhance interoperability and community growth. We will have dedicated spaces to showcase outstanding projects to help them grow and showcase their work.
    • Support and Mentorship: Providing mentorship and support to community members, helping them navigate the complexities of ArbitrumDAO. Assisting community members in drafting proposals as well.
    • Regular Community Meetings: To maintain a strong and active community, ArbitrumHub will host regular weekly meetings. These meetings will provide a platform for discussion, feedback, and collaboration across different groups within the community.

@0x_Buidler and @ChaiT will lead these efforts with contributions from the community, serving as primary points of contact and driving the initiative forward. Weekly collaborations will ensure ongoing progress and alignment with community needs.

3. Advisors

We will elect four advisors from the ArbitrumDAO community, who will act as important points of contact for gathering feedback and thoughts on improvements. Advisors are required to be experienced contributors within ArbitrumDAO and aware of all ongoing initiatives. Their primary role includes:

  • Providing continuous feedback to improve ArbitrumHub.
  • Sharing ideas for platform enhancements.
  • Participating in regular advisory meetings to discuss progress and future strategies.
  • Helping to mediate and resolve any conflicts or challenges that arise within the community.

4. Weekly DAO Sync Reports

**Lead: @ocandocrypto **

Angela, who has been voluntarily contributing high-quality reports over the past few months, will lead this workflow. These reports are utilized by the foundation and others and serve as an essential source of information about the weekly DAO sync. Angela will produce up to six reports a month, including:

  • Weekly Reports: Four reports focused on weekly updates and progress within ArbitrumDAO.
  • Initiative-Focused Reports: Two reports each month dedicated to in-depth coverage of specific initiatives taking place within the DAO.
  • Data Analysis: Incorporating data-driven insights and analytics to provide a deeper understanding of community engagement and project impact.
  • Community Feedback: Gathering feedback from community members to ensure the reports address the most relevant and pressing topics.

These reports are crucial for keeping the community informed and engaged with the ongoing activities and developments within ArbitrumDAO.

Execution Strategy

  1. Platform Development and Security Management

    • Leads: @hoomandigital, with @0x_Buidler and @ChaiT as Points of Contact
    • Monitoring Setup: Establish systems for continuous monitoring to swiftly detect and neutralize any security threats. The team will have regular pull request reviews, ensuring no malicious code is merged and added to the codebase. Regular package updates will be performed to remove vulnerabilities.
    • Platform Development: Further develop the platform by adding new sections and pages according to the needs of the community. Custom pages for upcoming events and new features will be added as per requests from workgroups using our platform.
    • CMS Management: Develop and manage the 100% transparent CMS, ensuring secure and exclusive access for content creators. This system will allow community members to contribute content directly, keeping ArbitrumHUB current and relevant.
  2. Establishing Leadership and Roles

    • Leadership Assignment: @0x_Buidler and @ChaiT will oversee community engagement, collaborate with leads, and host community meetings, serving as points of contact.
    • Role Definition: Clearly define roles and responsibilities of team members, ensuring no overlap and all tasks are covered efficiently. This includes the technical team, content relevance checkers, as well as leadership.
    • Communication Channels: Establish clear communication channels for the community to facilitate operations and quick problem resolution.
  3. Community Engagement and Feedback Loop

    • Feedback Mechanism: Create a robust feedback system for community members to share their suggestions, issues, and ideas. This will include online forms, regular surveys, and open forums.
    • Regular Updates and Communication: @0x_Buidler and @ChaiT to provide regular updates on platform developments and community initiatives to keep everyone informed and engaged.
    • Community Meetings: Schedule regular weekly meetings with the community to discuss progress, gather feedback, and brainstorm new ideas. These meetings will include the security and development team and all interested community members.
  4. Content Creation and Management

    • Community-Driven Content: Enable content creation through invite-only CMS and direct PRs on GitHub. Community members will contribute educational resources and other relevant materials.
    • Content Relevance Checks: Establish roles within the community to regularly review content to ensure it remains relevant and up-to-date. These reviewers will check for accuracy, relevance, and adherence to guidelines.
    • Content Guidelines for CMS Members: Establish clear guidelines regarding content, lay down a proper guide for the standard of content present on ArbitrumHUB.
  5. Showcasing and Promoting Impactful Initiatives in the Ecosystem

    • Interoperability Initiatives: Collaborate with other projects in the ecosystem to enhance interoperability and build a more cohesive and collaborative environment. By featuring outstanding projects, we will provide them with a platform to shine and gather support.
    • Recognition and Support: This initiative will ensure that impactful projects receive the recognition they deserve, helping to amplify their reach and further their causes. This visibility will attract more support and resources to these projects, aiding their development and success. Implementing new sections on the platform to support this initiative.
  6. Establish a Workflow for weekly DAO Syncs
    @ocandocrypto , a dedicated contributor, will lead the production of five reports monthly, ensuring the community remains informed and engaged in ArbitrumDAO’s progress. These reports, including weekly updates, initiative-focused insights, data analysis, and community feedback, serve as vital sources of information, enhancing transparency and understanding within the ecosystem.

  7. Progress Tracking and Reporting

    • Milestone Setting: Establish clear milestones and deadlines for each phase of the implementation. Regularly track progress against these milestones to ensure timely completion.
    • Progress Reports: Provide detailed progress reports to the community and stakeholders. These reports will highlight achievements, upcoming tasks, and any challenges encountered.
    • Continuous Improvement: Use feedback from progress reports and community input to continuously refine and improve the implementation process. This iterative approach will help address any issues promptly and adapt to changing needs.
  8. Rewards and Recognition

    • Reward System Implementation: Develop a system to recognize and reward the most active and valuable contributors in the community. This will include ARBs as rewards, public recognition, and potential leadership opportunities.
    • Engagement Incentives: Create incentives for community members to participate in content creation, feedback loops, and other engagement activities. This will help maintain high levels of participation and enthusiasm.
  9. Long-term Sustainability

  • Scalability Plans: Develop plans to scale the platform and community efforts as ArbitrumHUB grows. This includes upgrading infrastructure, expanding the team, and enhancing community support systems.

We are dedicated and passionate about ArbitrumDAO, committed to involving as many people as possible in the community. With our implementation strategy and the outlined tasks, we ensure smooth operations, delivering clear benefits for the entire ecosystem.


We successfully completed the previous pilot phase ahead of schedule, from January 2024 to April 2024, despite the original deadline being May 2024. Over the past 5 months, we’ve closely collaborated with key stakeholders to enhance the platform at every step. Our goal for the next phase is to complete it within 6 months. Here’s our proposed timeline:

Month 1: Establishing Foundations

  • Assemble and establish the dedicated development and security teams at @hoomandigital, with @0x_Buidler and @ChaiT as Points of Contact.
  • Begin engaging the entire community to contribute to content creation.
  • Extend support for customized event pages with interactive features.
  • Release the advanced CMS for community use.
  • Start promoting noteworthy projects and initiatives through a dedicated section on ArbitrumHUB.
  • Begin the DAO sync reports workflow led by @ocandocrypto .

Month 2: Enhancements and Feedback

  • Continue with technical and security enhancements, including regular package updates and vulnerability monitoring.
  • Research ways to enhance user experience and expand platform functionality.
  • Establish a feedback loop with the community and begin organizing regular meetings.
  • Create a system for providing rewards and incentives for active community participation and contributions.

Month 3 - Month 6: Sustaining and Optimizing Operations

  • Focus on sustaining and optimizing operations established in the initial months.
  • Keep all content current and relevant, maintaining a vibrant community presence through regular meetings and engagements.
  • Incentivize active participation and contributions from community members.
  • Prioritize security and maintenance with ongoing monitoring and updates.
  • Lay the foundation for long-term sustainability and growth, preparing for future initiatives and developments within the ArbitrumHUB ecosystem.

Throughout this timeline, @0x_builder and @ChaiT, along with the entire leadership team, will be actively engaged with the community and the foundation, providing detailed progress updates and ensuring alignment with goals and objectives.

Financial Overview and Funding Strategy

As we embark on the journey to significantly enhance ArbitrumHub, we have meticulously crafted a strategic funding plan that not only fuels our commitment to improving every facet of the platform but also caters to the diverse needs of ArbitrumDAO. Here’s an enticing glimpse into how we envision supporting these transformative developments over the next six months:

Six-Month Starter Funding Strategy for Platform Enhancement

We propose the Six-Month Starter Fund, a visionary approach designed to provide the financial bedrock necessary for uninterrupted progress in our platform’s enhancement journey. This strategic fund empowers us to focus wholeheartedly on making impactful improvements without the distractions of ongoing fundraising efforts. Here’s why this fund is pivotal for the soaring success of ArbitrumHub and the dynamic growth of Arbitrum DAO:

  • Supporting Extensive Platform Functionalities: Our platform’s dynamic and expansive nature demands continuous enhancement to keep pace with the evolving needs of our vibrant community. From upgrading technical infrastructure to introducing cutting-edge user-focused features, these improvements are paramount for maintaining our competitive edge and driving innovation.

  • Ensuring Smooth Operations: Seamless operation is the backbone of our platform’s success. Regular funding ensures we can carry out essential tasks, from routine maintenance to strategic upgrades, all of which are indispensable for fostering efficient community management and operational excellence.

  • Prioritizing Security and Stability: Security is paramount, and we spare no effort in fortifying our platform with robust security measures. Our proactive approach to security protocols not only safeguards the platform but also upholds the trust and confidence of our esteemed users, ensuring that ArbitrumHub remains a secure and reliable environment.

  • Fostering Community Engagement: A significant portion of our budget is dedicated to nurturing and rewarding community contributions. We are committed to cultivating an active and vibrant community where every voice matters and everyone feels valued and empowered to participate. Through innovative reward programs and engaging community events, we aim to incentivize meaningful engagement and cultivate a strong sense of belonging among our cherished users.

This strategic funding blueprint propels us towards a future brimming with innovation, collaboration, and unparalleled growth. Join us on this transformative journey as we elevate ArbitrumHub to new heights of excellence and redefine the possibilities within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Budget Allocation

Details Per Month Six Months
Security, Uptime, Management, and Maintenance (@hoomandigital, with @0x_Buidler and @ChaiT as POC) $18,000 $108,000
Collaboration, Meetings & Meetings Report, , and Lead (@ChaiT and @0x_Buidler ) as Hosts and collaborators $17,000 $102,000
Community Contribution Incentives (Community) $20,000 $120,000
New Pages Development and Enhancements (@hoomandigital, with @0x_Buidler and @ChaiT as Points of Contact) $18,000 $108,000
Weekly DAO Sync Reports and 1 Extra Reports (@ocandocrypto ) $6,000 $36,000
Total $79,000 $474,000

Our Team and Recent Successes

The dedicated team at @hoomandigital, with @0x_Buidler and @ChaiT acting as Points of Contact (POCs) and leads, is fully committed to the ongoing development of ArbitrumHUB. With a long history of delivering projects that exceed expectations, our team has already showcased its capabilities during the previous phase of ArbitrumHUB.

The individuals responsible for leading the project include:

  • @0x_Buidler (Product Manager and Lead): Bringing over 3 years of experience in SAAS, 0xBuilder serves as the Product Manager and Lead. His dedication and commitment played a pivotal role in completing ArbitrumHUB’s previous phase a month ahead of schedule.

  • @ChaiT (Project Manager): ChaiT, in the role of Project Manager, oversees the project’s execution and ensures that all objectives are met with precision and efficiency.

  • @ocandocrypto (Contributor, weekly dao sync reports): a dedicated contributor, will lead the production of five reports monthly, ensuring the community remains informed and engaged in ArbitrumDAO’s progress. These reports, including weekly updates, initiative-focused insights, data analysis, and community feedback, serve as vital sources of information, enhancing transparency and understanding within the ecosystem.

Our recent successes include the foundation’s utilization of ArbitrumHub to detail various grant programs, making it significantly easier for individuals to participate in such programs. Community members are leveraging the platform to access information about different workgroups, incentive programs and other initiatives, leading to enhanced community engagement.

Furthermore, our platform has received notable endorsements on Twitter, including direct reposts by the official Arbitrum account. This traction has resulted in a growing following, endorsement and enagement. We are witnessing ArbitrumHUB’s rapid ascent and are excited about its promising trajectory.


Thank you to everyone who provided relevant feedback during the RFP, open governance calls, and via DMs to help draft this proposal. We really appreciate it.


Our strategic roadmap for ArbitrumHub aligns with ArbitrumDAO’s goals, focusing on enhancing technology, strengthening security, and fostering community engagement/contributions. With the backing of the Six-Month Starter Fund, we are committed to achieving these milestones seamlessly and continuously, empowering vibrant community and advancing the collective vision of decentralization and innovation in the Arbitrum DAO.


This is a comprehensive proposal outlining the next exciting phase of ArbitrumHub’s development. The focus on clear communication, community engagement, and a strong financial plan demonstrates a thoughtful approach. The team’s proven track record inspires confidence in their ability to deliver. Overall, this proposal positions ArbitrumHub to become a central hub for the ArbitrumDAO community.

  • Clear Vision and Goals: The proposal clearly states ArbitrumHub’s vision to be the central hub for the ArbitrumDAO community and outlines specific goals like improved information access, community engagement, and platform enhancements.
  • Detailed Workflows: The breakdown of workflows into development, community engagement, DAO sync reports, etc., demonstrates a well-defined plan for execution.
  • Focus on Community: The proposal emphasizes community engagement through incentivized contributions, regular meetings, and feedback loops. This is crucial for platform adoption and success.
  • Financial Transparency: A budget breakdown and funding strategy demonstrate transparency and accountability.

I like the results of your idea of ​​conveniently providing all the Arbitrum information. However, there are a couple of questions about goals and costs for your second stage:

  1. I see only intentions to start and continue to improve everything. This is of course all good, but we all, as a community, must understand how to ultimately evaluate your results in the future.
  2. In accordance with the fact that the outcome criteria are unclear, the cost of this work is also unclear.

I want to support your project, it is very necessary and I use it myself, but I would like more transparency.
I sincerely believe that maintaining a site does not require so much money and I ask you to consider reducing the cost


Good observation, I’ll like to chime in on your second question (I’ll leave the first one for @0x_Buidler ).

I believe it’s important for project teams to be realistic with their ask relative to runway. Far too common in many ecosystems are teams who make an ask only to keep making subsequent funding requests because they did not understand their working financial models, opex + capex relative to their ask etc. Unfortunately, many of these teams either remain on life support or survive solely on grants.

I strongly recommend teams asking for what will give them adequate runway to complete the job, not just enough to make a proposal palatable enough to pass review processes. This ensures vigorous review, and strong projects with a solid key value proposition and good fundamentals are funded, with continuity + growth at their core.

The numbers presented are realistic, and the team has proven verifiable capabilities + delivery.

Goals and Evaluation:

Outlined specific goals for the second stage, including increased user engagement (e.g., active users, content contributions) and platform usage (e.g., page views, time spent). Tracking these metrics and reporting them regularly to the community.

Cost Breakdown:

The budget breakdown details expenses for essential aspects like security, development, community incentives, and DAO sync reports. These investments are necessary to deliver a secure, user-friendly platform that fosters a vibrant community.

Cost Justification:

Maintaining a high-quality platform requires ongoing maintenance, security updates, and content creation. The team has demonstrably delivered results on the first phase, and this funding will allow continuity + momentum.

The team remains committed to responsible financial management and I believe this budget is realistic for achieving the outlined goals. I do believe there is room to discuss any specific cost areas you might have questions about.

If there are any cost-saving measures in place, mention them (e.g., utilizing open-source tools, leveraging volunteer contributions, etc).

Alani Kuye


Hi @0x_Buidler and all the contributors,

Thanks for putting together the proposal and addressing the feedback from us in the hub.

While considering the deliverables are great additions to the Arbitrum DAO governance accessibility, we simply consider each budget calculation way expensive and work associated with each budget very vague. For example, what’s difference between the first item and fourth item? Managing and maintaining should include the enhancements and new pages. Why do you need “Community Contribution Incentives” and how do you plan to distribute them? The second item literally mentioned “Reports” but separate reports have their dedicated budget, which doesn’t make sense. What would Advisors do and why each advisor deserves $2k?

Also, we believe the sustainability of the tool shouldn’t only come from the DAO. Is the plan going to keep asking the budgets to the DAO to maintain the dashboard forever? How should the DAO evaluate the outcome from maintaining the dashboard?

Thanks again for your effort and it would be great to address our feedback before considering to go for a vote.


Thanks for your proposal!

I believe that we need a hub for all ARB-related information, and you guys are building something interesting.

Some feedback:

This seems to overlap with a lot of attributions of the ARDC.

It would be better if those items are explained in more details.

About the “Advisors” role: There is a great focus in getting feedback and engaging with the community, so it seems not really necessary.


Thank you, @AlaniKuye, @cp0x, @tane, and @jameskbh, for the constructive feedback, support, and raising concerns.

We will post our response within the next 24 hours, addressing all doubts, work, budget concerns, etc. We will ensure that we carefully consider all the feedback and address it properly.

Thank you.


I like this initiative and think you all have done a 10/10 job on the website design / implementation.

However, I worry that this will garner too little of traffic in order to justify the cost. From my experience - people like data. The DAO is also in need of improved reporting.

I think if this group is able to chat with Dune and try to strike a deal to host dashboards on ArbitrumHub.io w/ a custom UI would end up driving more traffic and ultimately make it easier to accomplish your goals. Additionally, community incentives could be used towards attracting “Dune wizards” to create queries that provide greater transparency into the DAO e.g. treasury, incentives, protocol specific, etc dashboards. It would also turn ArbitrumHub.io into a tool protocol’s look to leverage and get real-time data across all of Arbitrum into one place.

That’s just my two cents - but charts/data are the number one way to drive engagement from people currently outside of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

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Thank you, @cp0x, @Tane, and @jameskbh, for your constructive feedback.

Responses to Individual Comments and Questions:

Thank you for your response. We appreciate your engagement and support for the project.

Community Feedback Summary:
The community strongly supports this project and is eager to see it progress to the next steps. As highlighted by @cp0x, “I want to support your project; it is very necessary, and I use it myself, but I would like more transparency.” Additionally, @Tane noted that “the deliverables are great additions to the Arbitrum DAO governance accessibility,” and @jameskbh expressed, “Thanks for your proposal! I believe that we need a hub for all ARB-related information, and you guys are building something interesting.”

However, you mentioned two significant points as part of your feedback:

  1. Platform Utility:
    The platform is useful and is already being utilized by many community members. It is a valuable addition to the Arbitrum DAO platform. With continuous updates and engagement, it will serve as the first point of contact for both new and existing Arbitrum users.

  2. Cost Concerns:
    The major concern highlighted by the community members revolves around cost. Specifically:

    • @cp0x questioned, “In accordance with the fact that the outcome criteria are unclear, the cost of this work is also unclear.”
    • @Tane also raised relevant questions regarding cost.

Addressing each question in detail:

  1. “In accordance with the fact that the outcome criteria are unclear, the cost of this work is also unclear”

    We will measure results both qualitatively and quantitatively, ensuring clarity on the impact of the ArbitrumHub proposal if approved. Here are the metrics we’ll use:

    • Quantitative Metrics:
      • Community Engagement: Tracking active users, content contributions, and participation in events.
      • Platform Usage: Monitoring page views, time spent on the platform, and completion rates for key user actions.
      • DAO Sync Reports: Evaluating the viewership and feedback on reports.
      • Case Studies: Documenting how current and future users have utilized the hub for contributions in terms of project growth, funding, success stories, lessons learned, and new use cases for the Arbitrum community.
    • Qualitative Metrics:
      • Community Sentiment: Conducting surveys and monitoring social media sentiment.
      • Success of Initiatives: Assessing the effectiveness of incentivized contribution programs.
      • Team Performance: Monitoring progress on milestones and responsiveness to feedback.

    Budget Clarification:
    The budget reflects the scale of work required to maintain and enhance/expand the ArbitrumHub platform as per the DAO’s needs and the value proposition to the DAO itself. It covers a range of expenses, including infrastructure costs, team salaries, and operational expenses. By carefully managing the budget, we aim to minimize the need for continuous follow-on funding, ensuring the sustainability of the project in the long term.

  2. What’s the difference between the first item and the fourth item?

    Managing and maintaining the platform includes handling current infrastructure tasks such as monitoring, addressing community concerns, updating codes, designs, UX, responding to GitHub PRs, maintaining the CMS, and conducting bug fixes. Enhancements and new pages involve a more extensive process, including research, competition analysis, designing UI/UX, integrating them into the platform, and undergoing feedback loops. Maintenance is more development-focused, whereas adding new pages leans towards research in UI/UX.

  3. Why do you need “Community Contribution Incentives” and how do you plan to distribute them?

    We require community contribution incentives to boost engagement and contributions within the ArbitrumDAO community. We acknowledge the active participation of the Arbitrum community and aim to motivate those who consistently contribute to the community’s growth. These contributions may involve idea sharing to enhance hub operations, creating educational resources, and launching bounties for community involvement in specific topics. The allocated funds will be distributed among community members, with transparent details provided regarding recipients and the impact of their contributions. Our primary objective is to enhance the decentralized functioning of the Arbitrum DAO, foster greater community engagement, and encourage contributions from the decentralized community. Incentivizing these efforts acknowledges the time, work, and energy invested by community members, ultimately bolstering the goodwill of the Arbitrum DAO.

  4. The second item literally mentioned “Reports,” but separate reports have their dedicated budget, which doesn’t make sense.

    Thank you for your inquiry. The initial reports pertain to the meetings we conduct with the community, encompassing discussions, ideas exchanged during these sessions, and subsequent actions taken. Additionally, these reports include outcomes from our one-on-one meetings with stakeholders to gather pertinent information about ongoing initiatives, as well as reports detailing the features we implement and action items undertaken based on community feedback. The first reports also include grant efficacy reports for hub participants. For example, programs that received grants and the ability to measure success relative to verticals and project types. For example, DeFi projects vs. DePIN vs. Content vs. IBS related projects to see which areas directly or indirectly impact the ARB ecosystem.

    The secondary reports are overseen by Angela and consist of up to five monthly reports. Among these, four are weekly DAO sync reports that have already received official endorsement from the foundation, a contribution Angela voluntarily undertakes. The remaining report serves as a complimentary addition, its content determined by the current state of the DAO and prevailing topics of significance.

    Examples of weekly DAO sync reports include:

  5. What would Advisors do and why does each advisor deserve $2k?

    We agree with your point. Given that the proposal already has a strong focus on community, we will conduct community surveys to gather feedback as a source of truth. Our initial motive for including advisors was to establish a direct feedback loop and obtain guidance. However, we believe this function can be effectively fulfilled by the community itself. Therefore, we are removing this element from the proposal.

  6. Also, we believe the sustainability of the tool shouldn’t only come from the DAO. Is the plan going to keep asking the budgets from the DAO to maintain the dashboard forever? How should the DAO evaluate the outcome from maintaining the dashboard?

    While building ArbitrumHub and communicating with multiple stakeholders, it became clear that the foundation and DAO are completely independent of each other. Although Arbitrum DAO is only a year old, it is already leading multi-million dollar initiatives, with some initiatives ranging in the hundreds of millions. As the DAO progresses and its initiatives grow larger, finding relevant details about these initiatives will become more challenging.

    ArbitrumHub will play an important role in ensuring that ArbitrumDAO information is represented exclusively and organized in a manner accessible to everyone, not just DAO participants. While the DAO has its forum, it serves as a general platform where discussions can easily get lost over time.

    ArbitrumHub is not only creating an essential addition to the DAO but also providing access to a talented team required to build, maintain, and continuously develop such a useful platform.

    This is a vital part of DAO operations and an important addition to ArbitrumDAO, with a 100% focus on the DAO. Therefore, we believe we deserve the right to ask for funding support for the countless hours of research, skills, and contributions we are providing to ArbitrumDAO. If the DAO has funding for large initiatives, it should also allocate funds to support activities that elevate the DAO to the next level.

  7. Regarding @jameskbh’s question on collaboration, meetings, leads, and community contributions:

    Details about these are explained above. Regarding your concern related to overlap with ARDC, we want to point out that we are nowhere near what ARDC is doing. The research mentioned here will be more focused on community discussions during the meet on how we can improve ArbitrumHub or make the DAO more accessible to everyone. Lastly, we have considered your feedback on the advisor part. Thank you.


After carefully considering all the feedback, we have made changes and removed some elements from the proposal, resulting in a reduced budget compared to what was originally proposed. Please note that reducing the budget will not decrease the scope of taking ArbitrumHub to the next steps. We also agree with the community’s concerns. Therefore, we have revised the budget and removed some of the action items that were overlapping. We hope to continue serving ArbitrumDAO and look forward to the relevant support from the community.


Thank you, @swmartin, for your positive feedback, support, and suggestions.

We agree that adding data points with dashboards can be a great addition to ArbitrumHub, and this is something we are already planning to implement.

We have some integrations and custom plans in place for handling such data. Although we cannot 100% guarantee integration with Dune at this point, we will definitely find a way to make it work.

Regarding integrations, we are in discussions with TogetherCrew to integrate a community dashboard, and with the Regen Finance team to integrate budget reports that will be released monthly. Additionally, we will be creating custom dashboards related to multisigs and more. The list is limitless, and we will make sure to address the major needs of the DAO, making ArbitrumHub an important addition to the DAO.

The good thing about ArbitrumHub is that it is 100% open-source, allowing anyone to contribute or build on the foundation we have set.

Thank you.


You wrote that you cut the budget.
Can you specifically say what exactly has changed compared to the original request?

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Thank you, @cp0x. We removed the advisor element since its role is effectively being fulfilled through surveys, meetings, community events, and incentivized contributions as also being pointed out by james. Additionally, we have reduced the number of DAO sync reports from 6 per month to 5 per month, resulting in an overall cost reduction of $55.2k.

Thank you.

Correct me if I misunderstood your budget table

  1. hoomandigital 0x_Buidler and ChaiT receive 108k
  2. 0x_Buidler and ChaiT receive 102k
  3. hoomandigital 0x_Buidler and ChaiT receive 108k
  4. ocandocrypto receives 36k

hoomandigital 0x_Buidler and ChaiT gets 108k each (18k per month)

  1. I think that this is an inadequately large salary when the top website programmer receives 10k
  2. Receiving 6k per month for preparing a report is also an inadequate cost
  3. Why we need Community Contribution Incentives? What for? This must be excluded

Summary: I think that this job may have a budget of no more than 200k

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Thank you, @cp0x, for your input. To address your doubts and concerns, here is our detailed response:


We are working on the ArbitrumHub platform, a sophisticated integration of resources, skills, and technologies. Over the past few months, we have voluntarily contributed to ArbitrumDAO by building, maintaining, expanding, and collaborating with multiple leads within the DAO to enhance its usefulness. Comparing it with a simple website work is an understatement; it is a comprehensive application developed exclusively for ArbitrumDAO.

The proposed budget is for next six months and an overview is defined below:

1. Agenda-1 & Agenda-4

A dedicated team at @hoomandigital, with @ChaiT and @0x_Buidler (me) serving as points of contact, will handle Agenda 1 and 4. These agendas require a blend of extensive skills, resources, time, and commitment. Key areas include the 5 phases of development in multiple sequential cycles:

Dev - Test - QA -UAT - Live : Each cycle comprises it’s own environment for TQM (Total QUality Management) per best practices of software development.

Furthermore, resources engaged in each cycle are not the same, neither is either cycle co-terminus. The program plan includes a 4 week contingency as well as standby resources to backfill any unforeseen gaps.

Dev and Test comprises the same team, QA and UAT are different team members / resources.

  • UI/UX Prototyping & Wireframing
  • Design
  • Content Creation (horizontal, technical and non technical)
  • Uptime and Maintenance (Infrastructure)
  • Core Development & Platform Engineering
  • Research & Development Exercises (horizontal across multiple Arbitrum verticals)
  • Handling Community Contributions
  • Managing Proper Tools and Resources

Our goal is to create a future-proof platform that meets the needs of the DAO, ensuring continuous iteration and improvement based on best practices. We cannot afford to leave any room for error.

While we may continue to decompose each area within the aforementioned, the summary above that’s gone one level lower should provide all the clarification.

2. Agenda 2

@ChaiT and @0x_Buidler (me) will lead Agenda 2, which involves hosting regular meetings and compiling comprehensive reports. These reports will cover:

  • Community discussions and ideas exchanged
  • Reporting on meeting outcomes and actions been taken
  • Outcomes from one-on-one meetings with stakeholders
  • Detailed ongoing initiatives and features based on community feedback
  • Grant efficacy reports, analysing the success of various programs (e.g., DeFi, DePIN, Content, IBS) to assess their impact on the ARB ecosystem
  • Planned Vs. Actuals on grantees and status reports and snapshots (example below)

3. Angela’s Contributions (Agenda-5)

Angela has been contributing to the DAO for the past 5-6 months by creating weekly reports voluntarily. These reports, officially endorsed and utilized by the Arbitrum Foundation and the DAO, demonstrate significant value proposition and ongoing dedication/work.

While contributors’ times are well appreciated, this is not eternally gratis, and adequate compensation for helping develop accurate, timely, and complex reports is necessary to ensure continuity.

4. Community Incentives

Community incentives are crucial for encouraging active participation and enhancing ArbitrumDAO’s operations. We aim to motivate contributors by rewarding their efforts in:

  • Idea sharing to improve hub visibility and activity
  • Creating educational resources (content, DAO papers, project papers, demos etc)
  • Contributions to Arbitrum Hub via hackathons, swarm exercises (testing, technical writing, scrum exercises, new project ideas, product demonstrations, polling, etc)
  • Launching bounties for specific topics and/or projects
  • And more.

We will ensure transparency in fund distribution, highlighting the impact of each contribution. Our primary objective is to foster greater community engagement and recognize the time, work, and energy invested by community members, ultimately bolstering the goodwill of the Arbitrum DAO.

Final Remarks

Comparing ArbitrumHub to a basic website or standard job isn’t feasible. Operating within a DAO introduces unique challenges that demand significant resources, time, and commitment.

Both ArbitrumHub and the weekly DAO sync reports have consistently received endorsements and active usage from Arbitrum, key DAO figures & community, highlighting their value proposition to the DAO. Considering these factors, we find our proposed budget to be reasonable.

I hope this clarifies our position and highlights the extensive work involved with arbitrumhub and the overall initiative.

Thank you

This is great, @Ken_x3! I really liked the flow you’ve created. If our proposal passes, there will be ample opportunities for community members to contribute to ArbitrumHub and get rewarded. The main agenda is quite straightforward: to streamline access to information and enhance DAO operations.

Thank you!

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The dedicated team at hooman digital and 0x_buidler, chait being lead and angela creating dao sync reports etc…which are already being utilized by foundation and endorsed by members with significant collaborations, has demonstrated exceptional commitment and technical expertise.

Key Highlights:

1. Comprehensive Development Approach:

  • The ArbitrumHub platform extends far beyond a basic application platform; it is an advanced, future-proof application tailored for ArbitrumDAO.
  • The structured development phases—Dev, Test, QA, UAT, and Live—ensure top-notch quality management, and demonstrates a commitment to quality management and responsible process maturity and best practices with specialized teams handling each phase, underscoring a dedication to excellence. . This should not be discounted.

2. Expert Team and Resources:

  • A skilled team at Hooman Digital is managing critical agendas with clear points of contact and a contingency plan to address unforeseen challenges.
  • Core activities include UI/UX prototyping, design, content creation, infrastructure maintenance, platform engineering, R&D, and community management.

3. Community and Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Regular meetings, comprehensive reporting, and community contributions are crucial aspects of the plan. Community feedback is valued and integrated into ongoing initiatives.
  • Angela’s voluntary contributions over the past 5-6 months have been instrumental and merit adequate compensation to ensure the continuity of high-quality reporting.

4. Incentives and Transparency:

  • Community incentives are recognized as vital for driving active participation and enhancing DAO operations. The approach includes rewards for idea sharing, educational content creation, hackathons, and bounties (and more).
  • Transparency in fund distribution should be maintained, ensuring every contribution is acknowledged and rewarded appropriately.

Given the complexity and scale of the ArbitrumHub platform, along with the unique challenges of operating within a DAO structure, the proposed budget is both reasonable and essential. The team’s commitment to creating a valuable and impactful platform for ArbitrumDAO is unwavering.

Alani Kuye

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