Quick intro to Open Web Academy

Hi Arbitrum Fam!

I’m Alan, Co-Founder of Open Web Academy, we are an learning community focused on creating tools for the Open Web.

We consider Web 3 as the big partner to create a robust infrastructure for the Open Web, and so all scalability solutions are of our major interest.

We have a set of collaborations with Arbitrum that has been done, some funded, some others by our own interest:

  • We created the first component for liquid staking of Meta Pool running on Arbitrum One using NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System stack and Sushi Swap pools. This allows to have both: Smart contracts and frontend decentralized. Stake here:https://near.org/owa-is-bos.near/widget/SwapETH-mpETH
  • Due that we received funds from the 1inch + Arbitrum Gitcoin Round, we are creating the first 1inch BOS component for Arbitrum. You can learn how are we doing that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc_1rJzLRvc&list=PLkwvyg8hchrtNRrikYHSUD1n3c7MFnSuf
  • We launched our community token into arbitrum $OWA-alpha, the token to reward Open Web builders that is delivered in our bootcamps, hackathons and community calls.

More than that, we are here to learn and get involved with the Arbitrum Community! Great to know about more people building the Open Web using Arbitrum, and also if you are based on Latam we are too!



owa team in the house and excited to continue growing with arbitrum🦾

Let’s do it!, OWA + Arbitrum a perfect match!