SEED Latam Delegate Communication Thread

Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program

The @SEEDLatam delegation has decided to vote ABSTAIN this proposal at the Tally Vote


As we mentioned at the outset, this delegation believes that diversifying the treasury and introducing RWA is the right way forward, and we therefore initially supported the proposal at the Snapshot stage.

However, although several of our original concerns were answered, we have noticed that when the proposal was put to a vote at Tally, changes were introduced that we didn’t like (at least in the way they were implemented) such as the 150% increase in payments to the Council over the budget approved by Snapshot and the fact that the role of Program Manager is designated by the ADPC instead of the DAO.

For this reason, we believe that the most coherent thing to do is to abstain in this case, as we agree with the initiative in substance but dissuade in some details of the final proposal.

LTIPP Council Recommended Proposals

The @SEEDLatam delegation has decided to vote FOR the LTIPP Council Recommended Proposals


While this delegation has expressed disagreement with the existence of Councils and Advisors, due to the possibility of centralization of Arbitrum’s governance, we also understand that during STIP the burden on delegates has been considerable and we have noted that in particular, the role of the Advisor has allowed the applicant teams to present stronger proposals and to clear up doubts about them.

At the same time, we are grateful for the work done by the Council, we appreciate that they have provided feedback in a public way, this helps to the objective of having a transparent program. As part of our feedback, we would like to see CoI reports made public in the future. Concerning this topic, we agree with what @thedevanshmehta said, we don’t think it is right that Council members with declared conflicts of interest give the decisive vote in tied votes, we believe that clear criteria should be defined for situations like this.

In conclusion, as a delegation, we have decided to trust the Council’s judgment as they have provided us with sufficient tools to evaluate why they have accepted each proposal.