Team 21 : ZAudit - Empower Trust in Web3 Ecosystem

Title: 21 : ZAudit

  • Project Name: ZAudit
  • Track Name : Betting on Builders
  • Challenge Statement:
    • Crisis of trust in Web3 and DeFi protocols due to scams and exploits
    • Security vulnerabilities silently exist in the web3 projects
  • Members:

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds, each contributing a unique skill set to the project’s success.

  • Eman HERAWY - Smart Contract Security Auditor & Developer:

  • Eman brings over five years of expertise in smart contract development and 1 year of experience in Smart contract security auditing. Proficient in Solidity, Rust, and Cairo, she ensures the solidity of our smart contracts and their resilience against vulnerabilities.

  • Ilham EL BOULOUMI - Data Scientist & Smart Contract Developer:

  • Ilham combines data science acumen with smart contract development skills. His expertise lies in data insights to enhance the functionality and security of our on-chain auditing registry.

  • Spencer Kinney - Software Engineer & Machine Learning:

  • Spencer, a skilled software engineer, specializes in developing large-scale machine learning solutions. His role is pivotal in creating an AI-powered chatbot to simplify complex security audit reports.

Our team’s collective experience ensures a holistic approach to building an on-chain auditing registry that not only meets the highest standards of security but also integrates cutting-edge technologies for user accessibility and understanding.

  1. What the problem is

  2. Users often execute transactions and function calls without clear information about the security status, exposing them to potential risks.

  3. Insufficient awareness regarding audits for different protocols erodes user trust and increases the likelihood of exploitation.

  4. The technical complexity of audit reports poses a challenge for users in understanding and making informed decisions.

  5. What is the solution

We aim to develop an on-chain audit reporting registry tailored for wallet developers and analytics tools, enhancing end users’ access to comprehensive information about the security status of diverse protocols within the Arbitrum ecosystem. Our solution encompasses:

  • Auditing Registry:
    • A centralized repository on the blockchain, serving as a reliable source of security information for different protocols.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard:
    • An intuitive dashboard accessible to end users, providing a clear overview of the security status of various contracts and protocols on Arbitrum.
  • AI-Powered Chatbot:
    • Integration of artificial intelligence to create an interactive and user-friendly chatbot, simplifying complex audit reports and educating users about potential vulnerabilities associated with different protocols.

Our solution aims to empower users with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, fostering a more secure and transparent environment within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

  1. Why is important

  2. User Protection:

1. Empowering end users with comprehensive security insights ensures they can make informed decisions, reducing the risk of exploitation and potential financial losses.
  1. Trust and Confidence:
1. Increasing transparency through an on-chain auditing registry and user-friendly dashboard fosters trust among users, developers, and stakeholders within the Arbitrum community.
  1. Risk Mitigation:
1. By educating users about potential vulnerabilities through an AI-powered chatbot, our solution aims to minimize risks associated with interacting with various protocols.
  1. Ecosystem Health:
1. A secure environment attracts more developers and users, contributing to the overall health and growth of the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  1. Innovation and Development:
1. Our solution provides a valuable resource for builders, offering a platform where they can utilize our services and contribute to the innovation and development of secure protocols within the Arbitrum ecosystem. This collaborative approach encourages a thriving environment for creativity and growth.
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