Team 3 + Reducing web3 Governance Gaps in Global South

Track Name: Community / IRL Activation, Marketing
Challenge Statement: Global south community leaders needs special training and clear understandable documentation to get involved into web3 governance.
Members: ariutokintumi, ErikValle, 0xVato, Jose Luis Manco
Team lead: ariutokintumi, Telegram: llamame
Video Pitch: Empowering Web3 Governance in the Global South | Loom
PDF Deck: GLOBAL SOUTH.pdf - Google Drive



Replicate GovHack events oriented to Global South Communities to improve the governance capabilities at scale and generate more delegates and governors in these underrepresented regions.


The Global South communities don’t have access to the necessary documentation and training opportunities to understand the web3 governance, something needed to become delegates and then web3 governors. This will reduce significantly the web3 governance gap that today exists and also fix the underrepresentation issues that the region faces.


To reach this goals we need to involve local delegates with the support of GovHack (H/H team) to train the trainers and make Local First oriented events where the message (education, documentation and tools) will be directly given to the necessary actors which will be able to reproduce the GovHacks in an understandable way for each one of their own regions.

Key Terms

Local First, Train the Trainers, Global South, Scale

Steps to Implement

  1. Bootcamp for 10 GovHack Core Organizers.
    A selected group of 10 Global South leaders will be trained by H/H directly to conduct the necessary activities to reach the goals of:
    -Create the Study Program and Training Tracks for an Online GovHack training bootcamp.
    -Call for Global South Community Leaders to participate in an Online GovHack training bootcamp.
    -Execute the Online GovHack training bootcamp to select the 60 scholars from SEA, Africa and LATAM to participate in the IRL bootcamp in Mexico.
    -Execute the one day IRL Bootcamp to intensive instruct the chosen 60 scholars.
    -Conduct the necessary on-chain attestation to probe results & release funds.

  2. Two weeks Online bootcamp for 60 Global South community representants selection.
    An open call for South Global community leaders will be made to teach them about:
    -Web3 governance from 0 to 100.
    -Responsibility implications at conducting a GovHack event.
    -Necessary steps to get funded to run their GovHack using Questbook.

  3. Scholars intense bootcamp in Mexico
    In-situ 1 day event to prepare the 60 global south scholars to run the next 3 days GovHack event in Mexico as volunteers, making them ready to understand all the real implications of running a GovHack in a practical way, going from providers selection to students support. To be able to make this happen some steps are considered:
    -Exhaustive selection.
    -Clear attestation methods to probe scholars expenses.
    -GPT Agent to help on event development.
    -Outreach & Follow-up to maximize results: Local GovHacks.

  4. 3 days GovHack in Mexico for +200 web3 governance students.
    Invitation and talks in regional universities to conduct the first LATAM GovHack event onboarding 200 Law, Social and Computer Sciences last year students to participate in the event conducted by the 10 experts plus the 60 scholars plus H/H support.

Overall Deliverables & Successful metrics

-New Global South delegates
-New Governors! (or similar) Governance Modules
-Contrast data with other GovHack events for supporting the focus in Global South
-Impact measuring: Successful proposals & new delegators
-Documentation in local languages
-How-To-GovHack GPT Agent
-Outreach & Follow-up to the local governance experts to complete local GovHacks: 20% of completed events in first 6 months will be considered a successful ratio.


  1. November 2024
    Bootcamp for 10 GovHack Core Organizers by H/H
    Funds to be released: $35,000

  2. February 2025
    Two weeks online bootcamp activity and Scholar selection.
    Funds to be released: $50,000

  3. May 2025
    Intensive Bootcamp & 3 days GovHack Event for +200 governance students.
    Funds to be released: $90,000

  4. July 2025
    Finals Scholarship refunds after proof of Questbook request for local GovHacks events.
    Funds to be released: $50,000

  5. October 2025
    All the remaining funds goes to DAO.

Overall Cost

10 Core organizers Traing by H/H and expenses: $35,000
60 Global South Leaders Scholarships: $100,000
Intensive bootcamp in Mexico: $40,000
200 governance students GovHack in Mexico: $50,000

Total: $225,000


Thanks for reading, my username is @ariutokintumi but I couldn’t use my actual user because password recovery feature is not working here. I had to last minute solve it with a new one.