Uniswap-Arbitrum Delegate Program (UADP) Communication Thread

Long-Term Incentives Pilot Program

Vote: Fund Program with 25,815,000 (then increasing numbers and lastly don’t fund)

We are in support of the Long Term Incentives Pilot Program as its structured approach to enhancing the Arbitrum ecosystem takes into account much of the negative feedback from prior proposals and finds a nice common ground between many different opinions. The program addresses key issues from STIP Round 1, like delegate workload and feedback for protocols, and offers a more streamlined and equitable process. The introduction of a council for application evaluation and Application Advisors for feedback ensures a more fair and efficient selection of deserving protocols. This structure promises a more transparent and balanced allocation of resources.

Opting for the smaller 25 million ARB option is prudent for several reasons. It allows for a cautious approach to gauge the effectiveness of the new system without overcommitting resources. Starting smaller provides a controlled environment to test the new incentive structures and make adjustments based on real-world trial outcomes. This conservative start can lead to more informed decisions in scaling up the program in the future, ensuring the long-term sustainability and success of the initiative. Overall, we would like to see some more clarity and communication on some of the budgets, such as for example we think the milti-sig signers are compensated a bit too much.