AIP: Whitelist Infura Nova Validator


This proposal aims to whitelist a Nova validator operated by Infura, enhancing network security and reliability by leveraging their robust infrastructure and expertise.

To ensure the Arbitrum Nova network benefits from highly reliable and trusted validators, we propose adding Infura to the whitelist. Their proven track record in blockchain infrastructure will bolster the network’s performance and security.

Infura’s validator has been running successfully for a while, participating in the Data Availability Committee (DAC), but was not previously whitelisted. This oversight was discovered during testing. Whitelisting this validator will increase the number of active validators on Nova, enhancing overall security and reliability. Their infrastructure and operational expertise will significantly contribute to the stability and reliability of the Arbitrum Nova network.


  • Whitelist the Infura Nova validator.
  • Ensure compliance with Arbitrum Nova’s validation requirements.

By whitelisting the Infura Nova validator, we enhance the network’s robustness and reliability, supporting Arbitrum’s long-term growth and stability.