Arbitrum DAO Grants Domain Allocator Nominations

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Thanks @Saurabh for the introduction. Hi all, really appreciate all the community members who have submitted their nominations thus far. Additionally, based on the numerous requests from various delegates and members of the Arbitrum community to extend the nomination timeline, the deadline for submitting nominations has been extended by additional 7 days. The last date for submitting the nominations is now August 28th, 2023, 3 PM EST. We kindly request all interested community members, delegates to share their nominations by replying to this thread before the last date.

Going forward, I’ll be attending all the community calls to keep everyone updated on the progress.


Personally - I am watching to see who on this list of nominees demonstrate value by INCREASING the pool of grant money available right now on Arbitrum/Gitcoin matching grant round.
Reach out to @ZER8 to see how you can build your following, demonstrate credibility, and increase the grant pool size!

Lets work together to bring more builders to Arbitrum!


For everyone else… New protocols are winning by a sliver, which I am a bit surprised by. I was thinking Gaming would just kick ass…

Get out and cast your vote for the category that should receive the greatest part of a 100K ARB funding round in September.

Go to Gitcoin for some quadratic funding action here:

Follow the grant twitter news here:
and wth is all this anyway?


Hey folks,

I’m McFly, tossing my cap in the ring to become a domain allocator for the “New Protocol Ideas” domain.

You might recognize me from forums as mcfly or on Twitter as @0xmcflyeth.

Been diving into Web3 and DeFi since 2017, core contributor on projects like, and Throughout these contributions, I’ve nurtured a network of skilled development teams, continuously seeking avenues to develop innovative solutions together. Before this, I was all about UX and product development for online shopping and fintech platforms. If you’re curious, peek at my GitHub here.

Ever dealt with grants?
Yup, dabbled with and helped some newcomers in the space.

Arbitrum…what’s the plan?
I think we need to go beyond the same ol’ financial products. We gotta build stuff that speaks to everyone - like my mom, for instance. Let’s make crypto less cryptic for the average Joe. Sure, I’m all in for innovative DeFi stuff, but looking at the Arbitrum scene, maybe we’re already heavy on AMMs, Perps, and Lending?

Grant proposals? I’d love to see:

  1. Open-source stuff.
  2. Clear ideas.
  3. Timeline and budget.
  4. KYC checks. Just to keep things on the up and up.

Time? I can easily do 15 hours a week. Reach out, and I’ll get back within 72 hours.

Lastly, full disclosure: I’m working with Timeless and Bunni, and I’m an Arbitrum Delegate. I’ll step back if there’s any conflict of interest.

Cheers! Can’t wait to dive in deeper with Arbitrum.


Good stuff, donated some ETH. BTW the DAI donation doesn’t work for me. The allowance has 0 value in the message to sign.


Yesss!!! I published a thread on twitter yesterday to promote this as well! Please help spread it!


Hi Everyone!

Greetings from Blocktools!

Some quick info on us for those who may be unaware!

  1. Name: JB

  2. Your forum username: Blocktools

  3. Twitter: BlocktoolBox

  4. What is your experience in the interested domain? Please share links and supporting information.

Past multi-chain protocol development experience aside, I currently lead the Program Management at Blocktools that includes

  • Community learn2earn initiaitive where we equip regular users in Web3 with free to use tools and give them a mentored environment inclusive of Tech sessions, unlimited Faucet ETH, multiple kickstarter templates to get started and funding where applicable.

More info at BlockTools – Medium and blocktoolbox | Twitter | Linktree

  • Manage what is likely the only pay-as-you-go Web3 shopping mall today, equipped with multi chain, fully functional Web3 merchandize ranging from Liquidity Lockers and Snipers to DAOs and Staking Pools.

  • Lead a community of 300+ enthusiasts who are part of our various builds ground up!

  • All of the above in the end materializes into the Blocktools Grants program where we try to identify unique ideas that have germinated from the open workshop and see what we can do to help them along! We have a liquifier protocol that easily manages the tax redistribution for protocol expenses that allows for easy administration and on-chain transparency! Selected projects get to feature on the Blocktools Launchpad.

Our core target audience is a user who has never written a line of code before!

Do you have experience running in any other grant programs? Yes, and currently managing the same at Blocktools.

  1. What would you like to see built on Arbitrum in your domain and what a good grant proposal looks like for you

We would love to see cross-chain synergies that stretch beyond the current silos and see L2s relaying useful information a lot quicker and seamlessly while providing a more engaged and immersive experience for the user. We happen to be attempting this ourselves in a small way.

A good proposal for us will encompass:

  • what is being attempted
  • how will that attempt positively impact Arbitrum, Arbinauts and Crypto at large
  • how scalable is the idea with an eye on longevity
  • Can it be explained to someone on the outside in 3-4 simple lines
  1. Time commitment - You need to commit at least 15 hours of your time per week as a domain allocator**, and what is the expected Turn Around Time (TAT) that the builders can expect from you?

As Web3 builders we are always online pushing the envelope and would love to help out others. Expected TAT ranges from 30-60-90 minutes within operating hours of 7am UTC to 10pm UTC give or take, beyond which responses might be delayed while we build-sleep-repeat

  1. Declaration of Conflict of Interest: None that we can think of other than we have our own small grants program that is at a nascent stage targetting microcap ideas from the ground up, our audience is users who have never written a line of code before, our work involves significant amount of hand-holding and mentorship as it is more personalized respective to each workshop participant.

We wish all the participants here all the very best and hope to see some visionaries come forth! LFG!


Hello everyone,

I’m excited to put forth my nomination for the “New Protocol Ideas” domain.

  1. Name: Marc
  2. Your forum username: @marc_blockshard
  3. Twitter: @BumpyTale
  4. What is your experience in the interested domain? Please share links and supporting information. Do you have experience running in any other grant programs?

I’m the CEO and co-founder of Blockshard, an infrastructure provider in the blockchain space. I’ve been working in crypto since 2018, since 2021 full time. My professional role has allowed me to collaborate closely with various blockchain teams, assisting them in testing their protocols. Through this, I’ve been able to provide valuable feedback and insights, aiding them in refining and strengthening their products.

Beyond my crypto involvement, I possess a rich background spanning over a decade in grant proposal writing and fundraising. This was a pivotal aspect of my responsibilities in my previous non-crypto career. Over the years, I’ve crafted and contributed to over 100 proposals, ranging from modest amounts to multi-million USD figures. This extensive experience has endowed me with a profound understanding of the intricacies of the grant process.

Furthermore, I currently serve on the grants committee of the SSV DAO, where I’m evaluating proposals from teams building on the SSV protocol, and guiding successful grantees through the project’s building cycle until its completion.

My dual experience, both in crafting and evaluating grant proposals, equips me with a unique vantage point. I understand the nuances of what constitutes a compelling proposal and the practicalities of executing it successfully.

  1. What would you like to see built on Arbitrum in your domain and what a good grant proposal looks like for you?

My aim is to support teams that use Arbitrum’s capabilities in innovative ways. The nature of the idea is secondary. The primary criteria for me are its novelty and originality. I am on the lookout for concepts that not only showcase creativity but also have the potential to drive user growth, usage and liquidity to Arbitrum. Importantly, I maintain a broad perspective, ensuring I don’t fixate on any one particular concept and remain unbiased and open to novel ideas that might be unprecedented in the space.

A standout grant proposal, in my view, is marked by its clarity and precision. It’s articulately written, succinctly presenting the core idea. The background of key team members should be detailed, showcasing their expertise and assuring their capability to execute the project. The proposal must convincingly demonstrate the product’s market fit and its unique edge. A clear go-to-market strategy is vital, indicating the project’s potential for traction post-launch. Milestones should be measurable for transparent progress assessment, with realistic timelines and a well-justified budget that aligns with the RFP’s scope. In essence, it’s about blending a compelling idea with viability, team capability, and tangible impact potential.

  1. Time commitment - You need to commit at least 15 hours of your time per week as a domain allocator, and what is the expected Turn Around Time (TAT) that the builders can expect from you?

I am prepared to dedicate a minimum of 15 hours weekly as a domain allocator, with the flexibility to extend my availability during particularly demanding weeks. Builders can anticipate a TAT of 48 hours from me.

  1. Declaration of Conflict of Interest

I declare that I have no conflicts of interest.


gm everyone!

Below is my application for the domain allocator role under the category of Education, Community Growth, and Events.

Name: Shreddy

Forum Username: Shreddy

Twitter: @shreddydefi (sorry I can’t post more than two links >.<)

What is your experience in the interested domain?

I have quite a bit of experience in building & scaling crypto communities as well as working with grant programs, with a specialized focus in web3 grants.

Since 2020, I have been working with various crypto organizations, pioneering community building and growth in web3. Those organizations include: Olympus DAO, Klima DAO, Spice Finance, & Jones DAO. I have served in a lead marketing role for 3 of those organizations; Olympus, Spice, and Jones.

Within each org, I have helped develop & grow communities with memberships numbering in the 10’s of thousands. Through my help, each of these protocols reached new levels of success, TVL, and engagement.

Likewise, I have experience working with Grant programs. I was an early contributor and advisor to both the Olympus Grants & Olympus Incubator programs during my role as Marketing Lead at Olympus. Some of the projects I advised on ended up becoming prominent Arbitrum protocols such as Vesta & Jones DAO, the latter of which I am now a lead contributor of.

Here are some links to those programs:

What would you like to see built on Arbitrum in your domain and what a good grant proposal looks like for you?

Speaking from experience as someone who runs communities & events in the Arbitrum space, there are a few specific things I myself would love to see built.

Examples of proposals I would be excited to see:

  • Event management tools for Discord / Telegram / X
  • Guild-style quest tools that disincentivize bot behavior and incentivize real engagement
  • An Arbitrum-Wiki listing all prominent projects and their use cases. Updated regularly.
  • Cross-community collaboration tools
  • Social alignment tools / Referral links made simple

That being said, I am open to many new ideas and hope to see things that I may not have considered to begin with. I am happy to be surprised.

A good grant proposal should present a unique idea that will change the way people interact with Arbitrum in a practical way. A good grant proposal should NOT be a fork of another protocol or a small iteration of a previously existing project.

Time commitment:

There is no issue with the 15 hour time commitment. If a project requires more time for consideration, I will be flexible catering to that need.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest:

If any grant proposals for Jones DAO were to come about, I would be fine abstaining from that decision making process.


Hey, hey everyone! Heard that we all love grants so might just as well apply! This is my application for “New Protocol Ideas” :grinning: (would also like Education, Community growth & events, hard choice…)

1. Name: Popescu Razvan aka ZER8

2. Your forum username: ZER8

3. Twitter: zer8_future

4. What is your experience in the interested domain? Please share links and supporting information. Do you have experience running in any other grant programs?

Joined my first DAO in 2020 and in 2021 I’ve joined GitcoinDAO as a grant reviewer in the FDD, then grew into the Grant Eligibility role. I’ve been responsible for reviewing and approving 95% of the grants between GR12-GR15.
My work with Gitcoin DAO(it’s all grant related :smiley: ) :

  • Lead the GE team for three seasons (Gitcoin rounds) and ensured the accurate review of 3000 grants applications all while minimizing fraud in Gitcoin rounds
  • Maintaining the grant approval time under 48 hours during the rounds
  • Managed a remote and decentralized team of reviewers and experimented towards a permissionless review narrative.
  • Recruited, trained reviewers and helped open up the review role to the whole Gitcoin community
  • Responsible for cross workstream coordination with all the WS involved in running the Gitcoin crowdfunding rounds all in a extremely dynamic environment
  • Introduced dynamic fraud investigations which saved over 1M$ in four seasons(GRs)
  • Identified and investigated over 1000 fraudulent grants and protected grant creators/donors/matching pool donors and the Gitcoin community from malicious activities
  • Co-authored some of the internal/external documents as well as processes involving eligibility

Yes, I have experience in running other grant programs. My work in Gitcoin also involved strategic planning around the grant processes. :slight_smile:

Links: 1. Grant Eligibility Notion

5. What would you like to see built on Arbitrum in your domain and what a good grant proposal looks like for you

Personally I would like to see more moonshot protocol ideas(similar to what Uniswap was in the beginning). If only one protocol idea manages to have that impact, Arbitrum will surely thrive as an ecosystem.

What a good proposal looks like

Imo a grant application should ideally have:

  • Direct and measurable impact in Arbitrums ecosystem

  • A degree of reputation in web3 (nothing fancy, but it either the contributors have earned trust in web3)

  • Detailed milestones(the grant should include a detailed explanation on how the funds are going to be used)

  • Full transparency(the grant application should allow us to see what they are building, spending, etc)

  • A degree of experimentation(Web3 wouldn’t have evolved to what it is today if the same protocols are just copied and rebuild on other L2s or ecosystems, so I would personally like to see more innovative grants participate)

6. Time commitment You need to commit at least 15 hours of your time per week as a domain allocator**, and what is the expected Turn Around Time (TAT) that the builders can expect from you?
I am able to commit at least 15H/week and the TAT is under 48 hours, even 24 if required by the situation(may be longer on weekends)

7. Declaration of Conflict of Interest
I’m also managing the Arbitrum Rounds on Gitcoin :robot:


Greetings from vardhanam, representing The Other DAO!

I’d like to submit my nomination for ‘Education, Community Growth and Events’ domain.

  1. Name: vardhanam
  2. Forum username: @vardhanam
  3. Twitter (not really using it): @ vardhanam_eth
  4. What is your experience in the interested domain? Please share links and supporting information. Do you have experience running in any other grant programs?

I’m in crypto space since 2017. Have seen a lot and got a huge experience in any kind of activities.

I’m founder of:

The Other DAO - a private community of researchers and builders
The Other Crowd - @ theothercrowd - a public telegram channel
The Other Chat - @ theotherchat - a public telegram group

The expertise of members of The Other DAO is going to be the main resource for me as Domain Allocator. Here’s the list of projects where our members’ (including myself) contributed (or still contributing) to building juicy crypto communities:

Connext Network
Socket (Bungee)
Risk Harbor
Manta Network
Azuro Protocol

Our members are actively contributing in community development, including all levels of participation: from Community Lead role to Ambassador.
I’ll be gently using the collective expertise and huge experience of our community builders of all these projects in order to serve as a Domain Allocator.

  1. What would you like to see built on Arbitrum in your domain and what a good grant proposal looks like for you

I’d like Arbitrum to be not only an abstract technological solution but also a friendly community where members are friendly and supporting each other, where there are many possibilities of engagement and people are looking forward to participating in new events.

In order to achieve that I’d like to see applications that have clear value for Arbitrum and it’s members.

What I need to see in an application:

Alignment with core principles of Arbitrum ecosystem
Vibrant out-of-the-box ideas
Online and offline events
Inclusion for all and everyone
Big dreams and clear KPI
Education for different levels, including developers
Not only action but also celebration: community building must include great parties as well
Quality networking
Vision of how the idea is supporting the greater image of Arbitrum Ecosystem

  1. Time commitment

I’m comfortable being active 15 hours per week as a Domain Allocator. And if it’s necessary it could be more. I’m flexible.

  1. Declaration of Conflict of Interest

I don’t have any conflict of Interest as of now.

Thanks for reading my application. It would be my honor to become a Domain Allocator to serve the community.


Good morning fellow Arbinauts,

1. Name: Hiko
2. Your forum username: mrHiko
3. Twitter:
4. What is your experience in the interested domain? Please share links and supporting information. Do you have experience running in any other grant programs?

Developer Tooling on NOVA

My name is Hiko (also known as Oki). I have been actively investing in crypto since 2016 and also working fulltime in the DeFi space since 2020. After my studies in Artificial Intelligence at university I dived into the growth hacking scene in DeFi and helped raise liquidity for dozens of projects. My journey eventually lead me to co-found a project (my second startup adventure up to this point) filling a 7-figure presale in less than 10 seconds. Having a background in both programming and marketing I have been naturally positioned to take on the product role.

It is at this position, when I realized how difficult it can be for founders to find solutions on which to build scalable, affordable and fast applications and how essential tools can be in this process. These complexities are hampering widescale innovation and adoption.

Arbitrum Nova is full of potential, promising a fraction of the transaction cost on Ethereum, without compromising on speed or security. While potential has been and continues to be great, adoption sadly hasn’t. TVL has been stable, since it’s launch and some initiative must be taken to get new projects to build on Arbitrum Nova.

5. What would you like to see built on Arbitrum in your domain and what a good grant proposal looks like for you?

Some examples I’d like to see on Arbitrum Nova are the following:

  • Alchemy RPC on Arbitrum Nova
  • Debugging/testing tools

Good proposal framework would include at least the following:
Project Description: Clearly outline the purpose and goals of your project. Explain why your project is important and how it will contribute to the ecosystem built on Arbitrum Nova?
Technical Details: Provide a detailed technical overview of your project. Explain the architecture, design, and technologies you plan to use. Highlight how your project leverages the features and benefits of Arbitrum Nova
Scope and Milestones: Break down your project into achievable milestones. Each milestone should have specific deliverables and a timeline for completion. This demonstrates that you have a well-thought-out plan for development.
Team and Expertise: Introduce the members of your team and their relevant expertise. Highlight any previous projects, contributions, or experience that showcase your team’s capability to execute the proposed project.
Budget and Funding: Clearly state the funding you’re requesting and how you intend to allocate it. Break down the budget to show how funds will be used for development, testing, marketing, and any other relevant expenses.
Impact and Use Cases: Explain the potential impact of your project on the Arbitrum ecosystem and the broader blockchain space. Discuss potential use cases and how your project addresses existing challenges.
Sustainability: Outline your plans for maintaining and evolving the project beyond the grant period. This could include revenue models, tokenomics (if applicable), and strategies for attracting users and contributors.
Risks and Mitigations: Identify potential risks or challenges that your project might face and provide strategies to mitigate them. This shows that you’ve considered potential roadblocks and are prepared to handle them.
Community Engagement/Social Proof: Highlight your plans for engaging with the community, seeking feedback, and incorporating user input into your project’s development.

  1. Time commitment - You need to commit at least 15 hours of your time per week as a domain allocator, and what is the expected Turn Around Time (TAT) that the builders can expect from you?

I can plan and commit at least 15 hours and a maximum of 20 hours for the tasks related to the position of domain allocator.
TAT of 24 hours during the week and 48 hours during the weekend should suffice.

  1. Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Nomination for Domain Allocator in Developer Tooling for NOVA

1. Candidate Information:

  • Name: Shlok Mange
  • Forum username: shlokm289
  • Twitter: shlokm289

2. Professional Experience & Contributions: I serve as the Founder and CEO of Bytekode Labs, where we are dedicated to building tools and SDKs to refine web3 user experience and simplify its development landscape.

My expertise lies deeply within the realm of dev tooling in the EVM ecosystem and web3. This is further exemplified by the grants our efforts have been recognized with - courtesy of ETH India, PolygonDAO, and Filecoin.

Bytekode Labs, originally conceptualized during a hackathon, blossomed into a reputable company following an angel investment by the Buidlers’ Tribe.

I’m proud to highlight my association with Fellowship programs by Polygon and Celo. My contributions include pioneering a peer-to-peer payments layer on Celo and developing a transaction decoder library universal to all EVM chains.

Additionally, my recognition as a top-five hacker on Devfolio, the most expansive hacker community in India, is a testament to my passion and expertise. My portfolio also boasts multiple accolades from hackathons focused on crafting developmental tooling for the web3 ecosystem.

In a bid to further the open-source landscape, I developed a distinctive library facilitating automated data backups transition from web2 to web3.

3. Vision for Arbitrum & Criteria for Grant Proposals: The Arbitrum ecosystem presents an avenue with a lack of tools dedicated to crafting seamless web3 user experiences, especially when catering to mobile devices. I envisage the development of plug-and-play modules streamlining user interactions with dApps.

Ideal grant proposals would incorporate:

  • Executive Summary: Concise project overview.
  • Project Details: A detailed technical breakdown on their project, why is beneficial to the ecosystem, what are the techincal challenges, and if there are any, is the team skilled enough to tackle those challenges.
  • Current Status: Links, prototypes, screenshots pertaining to the current development of the project. If the project is still in idea stage - a visual chart (excalidraw) will be sufficient.
  • Grant Amount & Breakdown: A detailed breakdown on the funding amount requested, and how the team plans to use the funds.
  • Goals & Milestones: 8-week plan detailing implementation and expected results.
  • Team Introduction: Details of project contributors with pertinent backgrounds and demonstrated skillsets.
  • Recognition: Accolades and awards pertinent to team members.
  • Support Requests: Anticipated requirements from the grants committee.

4. Commitment: I can assure a commitment of up to 20 hours weekly, ensuring a swift turnaround time of 24 hours.

5. Conflict of Interest Declaration: Currently, I am free from any conflicts of interest. However, should any arise, I pledge to promptly disclose all relevant information to the grants committee in advance.

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Hello fellow Arbinauts!

I am here to apply as domain allocator for the “New Protocol Ideas”.

  • Name : Apoorv Anand
  • Your forum username: apoorv9
  • Twitter: @Apoorvanand99

What is your experience in the interested domain? Please share links and supporting information. Do you have experience running in any other grant programs?

Experience in interested domain :

  1. DeFi experience : Currently, I am part of the Stella Strategy and BD team. Stella is a leveraged strategy protocol with 0% cost to borrow on Arbitrum. Stella was previously Alpha Homora, the first leveraged yield farming protocol with all time high TVL of $1.9B. My experience at Stella gives me good background in DeFi protocols, especially in the space of yield protocols, money markets, leverage staking, LPing etc.

  2. Grant experience (Venture Capital) : I have previously worked in the grants/venture business, with Flipkart’s corporate venture capital arm. Was responsible for Flipkart Leap - where we disbursed 200k in grants across 8 startups in the ecommerce space. Set up and launched the program from scratch.

  3. NFT experience : I was part of the Flipkart Labs team, which is the web3 arm of Flipkart - the biggest Indian ecommerce brand with 100M+ annual users. As part of the team, I was involved in launching Firedrops, the NFT marketplace for Flipkart with utility tied to loyalty programs and whitelisting for limited edition products. We managed to work around a lot of regulation and onboard 500k+ KYC’ed users onto our wallet (and platform). Left it to get out of the CeDeFi system and get into proper DeFi.

  4. Infrastructure experience : I have previously worked in growth for Leap Wallet, the wallet for Cosmos ecosystem.

What would you like to see built on Arbitrum in your domain and what a good grant proposal looks like for you.

First part of the question - What do you want to see on Arbitrum

My thesis is that Arbitrum is going to face a lot of competition by well capitalized L2s in the coming months, with both Mantle and Base building their core competencies within DeFi.
Would personally want to see innovative protocols around the following themes to make Arbitrum stand out :

  • LSDfi protocols capitalizing on LSD influx onto L2s.
  • RWA protocols : Innovative protocols to attract the RWA on-chain with trust minimized mechanisms.
  • Derivative protocols : Building upon the perp DEX success of Arbitrum into options protocols.
  • LeverageFi protocols : Building capital efficient and risk adjusted Leverage layers for DeFi.

Second part of the question - What does a good grant proposal looks like for you.

A compelling grant proposal should articulate several key points. I’m not only interested in understanding the target audience for the product but also the implementation strategy, liquidity sourcing methods, current technical and design challenges, and the team’s approach to resolving them. Furthermore, the rationale behind choosing one model over another is crucial. A team that lives and breaths a product has to be able to justify every decision made, from brainstorming, design, to implementation.

I see a compelling grant proposal from two lenses :

  1. How solid is the product and the strategy. This would cover :
    a. What are the protocol mechanisms and how is it unique?
    b. What is the GTM strategy? Liquidity Sourcing? Tailwinds expected?
    c. Expected challenges and tactics to overcome them.

  2. How well is the proposal articulated. This would cover :
    a. Does the proposal have a detailed timeline with reasonable milestones?
    b. Plans to keep the community updated about the progress of the project.
    c. Plans in case the team decides to halt protocol development due to any unforeseen issues.

Time commitment - You need to commit at least 15 hours of your time per week as a domain allocator, and what is the expected Turn Around Time (TAT) that the builders can expect from you?

I can commit to at least 15 hours per week as a domain allocator, and am flexible to offer more if needed. Since I am perpetually online, the TAT that builders can expect from me is a maximum of 24 hours.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest : I am part of the Strategy and BD team at Stella - a native Arbitrum DeFi protocol. I however declare to not partake in any grant related discussions for Stella through this grant allocator program. Stella is already backed by top VCs like Binance Labs, Multicoin capital, Delphi ventures, Spartan Labs etc, and thus does not seek any grants through this grant program set by Questbook.

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Hi all, we’ve closed the applications for the Domain Allocators for all domains. We will begin the voting process for Domain Allocator selection on September 4 on the Arbitrum Snapshot.


To be specific, we would like to nominate for the category: “New Protocol Ideas”

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Last week, we organized a Twitter Space in partnership with the Arbitrum DAO Grants, DFMLab, and Play2Learn to get more contributors to the Gitcoin Grant Round 18. We had over 90 participants on the Space, which was titled “The Roles of Grants in Web3 Education.” You can find a recording of the space at this link:


First of all, we’d like to congratulate Questbook for getting so many great nominees in this process, it bodes very well for the future of the Domain Allocator program!

Following the conclusion of the Domain Allocators nominations for Questbook’s grant program, we’d like to propose and facilitate 2 nominees’ pitching sessions.

During the sessions, nominees for the different domain allocators roles will have an opportunity to convince delegates why they should vote for them by presenting why they’re fit for the position and by answering questions from the community.

We’ll hold 2 pitching sessions on Google Meets to try and accommodate as many people as possible and account for different timezones. Each meeting will be 1 hour long and will have 10 5-minute slots.

The 1 hour will be broken down as follows:

5 Minutes: Intro

50 Minutes: 10 5-minute pitching sessions

5 Minutes: Outro

The sessions will be held on:

Friday 8th of September at 10:00 UTC / 06:00 EST (call link)

Friday 8th of September at 18:00 UTC / 14:00 EST (call link)

You can also add the Arbitrum Governance Calendar to your calendar here.

Ahead of the calls, we ask the nominees to reserve your slot in the google sheet here so we know how many nominees to expect at each slot, and so we can organise the time better.

:warning: Crowdsourcing Questions :warning:

If you have questions for nominees, please drop them in the comments below (with a tag of the nominee the question is for) so they can prepare their responses and go over them during the pitching sessions.

You can find the nominees and the information they provided in their nomination in the original thread here.

Call for Delegates

Also, if you’re a delegate, please make sure to attend the calls so you can make better-informed decisions during the voting process. If you’ve already been through the nominations and have questions for nominees, the Q&A section will serve as a great opportunity for you to directly ask your questions to each respective nominee.


Hi folks,

There is a delay with the voting because of an issue with the Snapshot configurations. We will initiate the voting process as soon as it is figured out.


Hey everyone, pleased to announce that the voting for domain allocators is live on Snapshot. You can vote for the allocator for each domain on the following links: