Arbitrum GovMonth Week 3: Your build matters!

With #GovMonth more than halfway done, we move from divergence, to convergence.

If you saw the our Friday wrap up you know the community is really sharing their opinions regarding the strategic direction of the DAO.

This week, we continue building out our communications tools but we also segment stakeholders and get qualitative feedback on input provided. Alpha leak: if you participated last week, might be a bonus for continuing to provide your high context input.

Biggest news of all: on Tuesday, the Arbitrum on Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest goes live!

Watch our Arbitrum Grants twitter account for your chance to vote on your favorite projects.

What’s happening this week?

  1. If you have not signed up for GovMonth rewards - do that now at
  2. Ethelo - deeper dive on values & sentiment
  3. Push Protocol - leaning into web3 native communications
  4. Arbitrum on Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest ! 100K ARB up for grantees!

As usual, you can find these challenges listed at and loaded fresh on Tuesday. Aside from the challenges, here are the GovMonth happenings during the week:

  • Tuesday: New challenges will be loaded!
  • Wednesday: Delegate review of GovMonth during the Open Governance call
  • Wednesday: TwitterSpace hosted by ArbitrumNewsDAO w/Ethelo
  • Thursday, we may have another twitterspace with Gitcoin kicking off the voting period! (TBC)

In Closing:
We are halfway through #GovMonth and we are starting to see some really good data - we are excited to see where the community sensing takes us and we are excited to finally be distributing funding!



Week 3 Update

We’re more than halfway through #GovMonth, our campaign focused on sense-making and community alignment. We had a great Week 3 for #GovMonth, during which we focused on gathering community insights through surveys on the ‘ArbitrumDAO Mission and Vision,’ communicated with the community through various informative X spaces, and continued to add more exciting projects for @arbitrum on @Gitcoin Funding Fest.

Official Round kick off with the DAO on X spaces
Donations for the @arbitrum @Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest, is live! We launched the official kick-off with the DAO through spaces where you heard about Gitcoin and quadratic funding, updates on #GovMonth and heard from some current Grantees. To date 432 had tuned in and the tweet reach was at 15.1k.

Donations for the Arbitrum on Gitcoin Live!
There are now 34 approved projects to choose from and support for the Arbitrum on Gitcoin Grant rounds. The community had their say with over 1600 votes have been cast so far raising an incremental $4000 for builders through our incentives. The categories are Gaming, New Protocol Ideas, Developer Tooling on Nova, and Education and Community Growth.
Support your favorite project: (Gitcoin | Explorer)

Mission and Vision" Surveys

2154 of you participated in this week’s challenge on Thank ARB led by our partner Ethelo, which was to participate in the ArbitrumDAO Mission and Vision" Survey. This week’s challenge which had up to 10K worth of ARB up for grabs.

We’ve got challenges every week during #GovMonth so to contribute register for rewards at Thank ARB!

We’ve also participated in spaces wth our partner Ethelo hosted by ArbitrumNewsDAO, where Mat from Ethelo spoke about the value of these sentiment surveys and the work of Ethelo, with to date 124 listeners.

Meetings with the community

On Wednesday we participated in the Open Governance call

We’re almost at the end of #GovMonth and we are starting to see some really good data - we are excited to see where the community sensing takes us and we are excited to finally be distributing funding!