Arbitrum GovMonth Week 1: Your Voice Matters!

The Arbitrum DAO is excited to launch Arbitrum #GovMonth!
An opportunity for $ARB holders to express their views all while earning their share of 100,000 $ARB via ThankARB AND a chance for Arbitrum builders to grab over 90,000 $ARB in Grants. In addition to getting funding in the hands of the best builders, we believe that “sensemaking” is an important starting point and often under-rated part of DAO governance. This is our chance to get it done right.

TL:DR What is #GovMonth?
GovMonth starts with meaningful governance participation and as an $ARB token holder, your voice matters. Many grant programs fail to evaluate how effectively their DAO spends its grant funds. We believe that is initially caused by a lack of clarity / alignment on how and what the DAO prioritizes, often leaving evaluation to a small group of insiders or broader elections without much focus. GovMonth changes that. And it rewards contributors too.

During #GovMonth, we have 3 primary goals

  • Align the DAO on it’s North Star Strategic Framework, strategic priorities & how to reduce friction and barriers in the ecosystem
  • Gain statistically significant response levels to influence our DAO native design process
  • Begin tracking meaningful governance participation as monthly active users of the DAO

GovMonth concludes with the “Arbitrum on Gitcoin Grants” program where we will allocate most of teh 105,000 ARB that was dynamically assigned to five different domains by the community during the Gitcoin Domain Allocator Round. The funds +the donations will go to the builders, creators and community members in the Arbitrum community.

ThriveCoin: The Epicenter of #GovMonth Challenges :rocket:

We are ecstatic to announce our partnership with ThriveCoin, a pioneer in community governance rewards. From incentivizing DAO contributions to propelling campaigns with Bankless and BAYC, ThriveCoin is a force to reckon with.

:link: Your One-Stop Hub: All the rewardable actions for #GovMonth are centralized on our ThriveCoin landing page. Make sure to visit for a seamless experience.

:bird: Stay Updated: For real-time updates and announcements, follow @ThankArbitrum on Twitter.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Why It Matters: By channeling ARB rewards through ThriveCoin, we are not only incentivizing participation but also amassing invaluable data for future grants.

:point_right: Don’t Miss Out: Your ARB treasure chest is just a click away!

What’s happening this week?

This week we invite you to participate in six challenges to shape ArbitrumDAO’s strategic framework.

  1. Sign up for ThriveCoin

Share your thoughts on our:

  1. Vision - 4,000 ARB Distributed through JokeRace next week.
  2. Mission - 4,000 ARB Distributed through JokeRace next week.
  3. Long-term strategic priorities (focused on innovation and growth) - 4,000 ARB Distributed through JokeRace next week.
  4. Short-term priorities (where can funding help reduce friction and remove barriers to progress) - 4,000 ARB Distributed through JokeRace next week.
  5. Vote on snapshot for the Questbook Domain Allocators (make sure you vote in all 4 categories) - secure your piece of a 10,000 ARB pie up for lottery.

Our sensemaking process allows us to crowdsource intelligence; it encourages open and transparent communication.

Only with your active participation, can we gain a deep understanding of community needs, and preferences making it more likely that a strategic framework is meaningful and user-friendly. When a diverse group of people participate, we gain a wide range of creative ideas, sparking innovation that might not have been possible in a more top-down process. Finally, we believe that when you have a say in the process, you’ll feel a sense of ownership and engagement with the final strategic framework.

In short, the community wins and you win too.

In closing…
This week is just the start. The remainder of this month we distribute another 90,000 ARB to builders via the newly launched Gitcoin Community Round platform, we will have deeper conversations using Ethelo, we will continue to experiment with DAO native communications platforms like Push (formerly EPNS) and run more JokeRaces while you (our community) continue to earn your share of 100K $ARB via ThankARB.

Want to learn more?

Join us and the Arbitrum Foundation Tuesday for a kick off twitterspace

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Tuesday was a big day for Arbitrum Grants! Here is a list of what was delivered today:

  1. The Foundation helped launch #GovMonth via a TwitterSpace.
  2. The new website was launched
  3. ThankArbitrum twitter handle was launched
  4. Gitcoin enabled Arbitrum on Gitcoin Grants Stack (more news coming soon)
  5. JokeRace kicked off the Vision Mission Values & Priorities work
  6. ThankARB PushProtocol channel was opened

Want more?
Check out our twitterspace on Wednesday 9.05, hosted by ArbitrumNewsDao where we will talk specifically about how JokeRace, PushProtocol, and ThriveCoin are all helping build the Arbitrum Community.

Set your reminder here:

FOMO?!? Follow ArbitrumDAOGrants on Twitter or better yet kick Uncle Elon to the curb and subscribe to our PushProtocol page.


If snapshot has already been taken of participant,

  1. how is that going to encourage new participation?
  2. Incentives bring in new and curious minds, doesn’t this cut out new participants?
  3. Shoudn’t this have been retroactive instead?
  4. Couldn’t any other sybil method be used or combined with snapshot?

:wave: Prose from the incentives side here -

Thank you for your insightful questions. I understand your concerns regarding the potential participation limitations on the snapshot during ThankArb Season 0. Here’s a detailed perspective on our rationale:

  • Embracing New Participants: We sincerely appreciate newcomers and want to emphasize that our program is explicitly designed to be inclusive. An excellent example of this inclusivity is our Jokerace contests, which have an open submission policy. The top 10 submissions, chosen based on community votes, can receive rewards. This means that new participants and existing ARB holders can actively contribute. Note that only those holding ARB before Aug 15 are on the allowlist to earn rewards.
  • Balancing Priorities: The decision to base rewards on the August 15th snapshot was made to acknowledge and give priority to our loyal ARB holders. This approach enables us to gather valuable insights and data from those already invested in the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • Sybil Concerns: Your concern about potential Sybil methods is valid; we take this seriously. The snapshot method was chosen to balance preventing fraudulent activity and fostering inclusivity. We are committed to transparency and plan to release a comprehensive report after this season concludes. This report will provide an in-depth analysis of the method’s performance and explore alternative ways that may be considered for future seasons.
  • Future Opportunities: It’s important to note that Season 0 is just the beginning of our journey. We are eagerly looking forward to welcoming new participants in the upcoming seasons. Even if you do not qualify for Season 0, acquiring and holding ARB tokens now will make you eligible for rewards in Season 1 and beyond.

Your feedback is invaluable as we continually refine and improve our initiatives. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to bring them to our attention. We are fully committed to ensuring fairness and inclusivity in our ecosystem now and in the future.


Agree with @thinkDecade that the structure of these incentives shuts out new participants to the ecosystem. While it makes perfect sense for the community to prioritize long-term token holders, that priority should be reflected in something like an 80/20 budget instead of all the incentives going to token holders. Beyond Season 0, a more balanced incentive structure would encourage people from other ecosystems to come and participate.


I really like this idea - it echoes my sense that web3 has not even come close to truly unlocking the potential power of the network. In web3 we have the ethos, we have open source, we have the desire to share, but we still reinvent the wheel in every. damn. DAO.

To the 80/20 idea, I am on the fence. The governerd in me says “yes! lets open token gate participation for holders of any value aligned token!”. The Econ-MBA in me says “dude, we are nuts not to use our own token for gating”. And the weary-web3 side of me says “my twitter feed is so full of crypto-bot-crap that if we don’t find better ways of stopping sybils bots and air-drop farmers, web3 is going to be crushed by spam”.

So. This is to say, I hear you. And we have not figured out the ideal mix of inclusion vs. spam protection, but stick with us. We are learning and every season we will get closer to getting it right.


GovMonth Friday wrap up

Welcome to our first GovMonth Friday wrap up. And all we can say is wow. Just wow. It’s all a bit overwhelming, so let’s hit the highlights:

Week 1 kickoff

On Tuesday, the #GovMonth kick-off was hosted by the Arbitrum Foundation with special guests from Plurality Labs and ThriveCoin. We had about 600 community members listen in and something north of 19K impressions.

Link to the twitterspace

On Wednesday #GovMonth had our first partner deep dive hosted by ArbitrumNewsDAO, with guests from ThriveCoin, PushProtocol, and QuestBook. The audience was smaller, but we had some great insights. Link to the twitterspace

On Friday, momentum has been bolstered by GitcoinGrants announcing that GrantsStack is now available on Arbitrum One:

As we close our week, our socials have exploded. Our #GovMonth kick off tweet has over 51,000 impressions and over 11,000 retweets:

The @ArbitrumGrants twitter account exploded. We grew to +4000 twitter followers in 22 days and with more than 7000 subscribers, Arbitrum now has one of the largest PushProtcol subscriber bases, surpassing CoinDesk, Snapshot, LensProtocol, and the EthGasPriceTracker. In four days.

In reality, that is all just eye-candy. Let’s talk real work.

DAO Mission, Vision, Values & Priorities

Thanks to people like @criptonita.lens, @tekr0x.lens, @handlefi.lens, @4165306.eth, @02211.lens and many many others who submitted entries on Jokerace, we have LOTS of data to help guide our Strategic Framework.

Let’s do the numbers:

Long-term Priorities to Enhance Growth and Innovation Entries: 2345
One idea that we are seeing consistently: Ecosystem Diversity: including developers, users, projects, investors, and researchers.

Short-term Priorities to Reduce Friction Entries: 2668
One idea that caught our attention: Raise awareness of the benefits of Arbitrum and Layer 2 to overcome the inertia of users accustomed to using Ethereum directly.

Vision Statement Entries: 2215
One idea that we are excited about: We ignite a global movement - where decentralized governance and personal expression emerge as the guiding light for equity and inclusivity.

Mission Statement Entries: 2276
We’re seeing smart suggestions like this come in: To bridge the gap between traditional finance and the decentralized future, ensuring that our solutions are not only cutting-edge but also approachable to all.

Looking to next week:

It’s another break-neck pace - here are a few highlights:

  • Announce the winner of the 10K ARB Snapshot raffle
  • Share learnings from our first week of JokeRace
  • Launch ~6 new contribution experiments at
  • Host a twitterspace with Partners Gitcoin, Ethelo and JokeRace

And the big one:

  • Kick off our 100K Arbitrum grant on Gitcoin Grant Fest powered by Arbitrum One

It has been an exhausting week, and there is no way we could have done with without help from the Arbitrum Foundation, ArbitrumNewsDAO, ThriveCoin, Snapshot, QuestBook, JokeRace, PushProtocol, delegates, and above all, the ever amazing Arbinauts,

it’s not too late to join in the fun.
Go to to see the latest contributions
Get the latest grant news at @arbitrumGrants
Watch for Alpha leaks shared on our PushProtocol Thank ARB channel