What is (Re)delegation Week? (+Application thread)

What is (Re)delegation Week?

(Re)delegation Week will occur between July 17, 2024 and July 23, 2024.

It will serve as a period to strengthen active and decentralized delegation within ArbitrumDAO - by bringing awareness to the importance of participation, promoting diverse voices (through multiple AMA governance calls), and encouraging community members to (re)assess and (re)assign their voting power to representatives who best align with their values and vision for the DAO.

Check out this forum post to learn more about the role of delegates and delegators, and why you should consider becoming one…

Purpose of (Re)delegation Week

The purpose of this week is to boost active participation in the DAO’s decision-making process through effective (re)delegation.

Since its inception, the ArbitrumDAO has been one of the most active and decentralized DAOs in the Web3 ecosystem. There are ~436K delegators and ~260K delegates who have enabled the DAO to vote on over 280 Snapshot and 30 Tally proposals. However, to further decentralization and diversity, ArbitrumDAO needs to increase its number of active delegates.

Fast-forward to today, plenty of new contributors have become paramount in driving the DAO forward. However, many of these recent contributors have little-to-no delegation power and therefore, cannot significantly partake in decision-making. This is because most delegators delegated their voting power soon after the DAO’s inception, and may not have reassessed their delegations since. Additionally, the Arbitrum community has grown over the past year, meaning that many $ARB token holders have a significant amount of voting power that could, potentially, be delegated to active delegates.

Accordingly, (Re)delegation Week aims to enable these newer and active contributors to step up, make themselves heard, and potentially get more voting power to become more involved in governance.

The figures below reiterate the importance of (Re)delegation Week. As of July 1, 2024:

  • ~10% of circulated $ARB is delegated (i.e. 90% is undelegated)
  • ~35% of $ARB token holders are delegators (i.e. have delegated their voting power to themselves or to someone else)
  • ~6% of circulated $ARB is actively used for voting (based on the percentage of $ARB used for Tally voting out of the circulating $ARB supply, in the past 3 months)

TL;DR: ArbitrumDAO needs enhanced voter activation, which can be enabled by:

  • having more $ARB token holders (i.e. delegators and potential delegators) participate in governance by delegating their voting power to active delegates; and,
  • having more delegates actively participate in governance.


Key Terms

  • Token holders: Members of the Arbitrum community who hold the $ARB token
  • Delegate: A party that can vote on Arbitrum Governance proposals. Could be an $ARB token holder or someone to whom other $ARB token holders have delegated their voting power
  • Delegator: A party who assigns their voting power to someone else, to vote on their behalf
  • Voting Power: The sum of $ARB tokens held by a token holder



July 19, 12:00-13:00 UTC


Hey Arbitrum DAO,

I’d like to participate in this initiative. Over the past six months, I have actively contributed to the Arbitrum DAO, writing the “Arbitrum DAO News” weekly and participating in the Onboarding Working Group.

Also, from Web3 Citizen we wrote The State of DAOS 2023 and Arbitrum DAO Hub and Guide tu understand better the governance framework.

My aim is to support projects and proposals that are focused on the long-term ecosystem of Arbitrum such as ROI and sustainability. From bringing new contributors, projects, and initiatives that define this.

I will be preparing for the call and sharing more with you.

Also, I would love to participate in any of these calls:

July 17, 15:00-16:00 UTC
July 22, 16:00-17:00 UTC
July 23, 13:00-14:00 UTC


DAO enjoyers, throwing my hat in for the Redelegation effort.

I’ve worked hard with the DAO to make sure we have a good balance of strategic bets and smaller support mechanisms for builders, and hope to earn your delegation.


  • STIP Backfund (co-author)
  • LTIPP (initial draft)
  • STIP Extension (contributor)
  • VCDAO (initial draft)
  • Gaming Catalyst Program (author)

Arbitrum has a unique path to becoming the gold standard of decentralized organizations, and I want to help us drive towards the future.

Preferred AMA slots:

Delegate Thread


I really cannot not participate to this one.

JoJo here, your friendly arbitrum cow, willing to participate to this awesome initiative.
Over the past 10 months I have participated to a lot of programs, especially in grants, as well as in most of the forum discussion. Some key contributions:

  • Questbook Season 1, domain allocator for the domain “new protocols and ideas”
  • Uniswap Arbitrum Grant Program, committee member
  • LTIPP advisor
  • Stip.b advisor
  • Questbook Season 2, domain allocator for the domain “new protocols and ideas”
  • Member of the interim committee of GCP.

I am a native Arbitrum builder, and I have been involved in governance since September 2023. I am here to stay, and to do what I can to improve our DAO, and to make it the best place for both builders and users.

As a further reference, the karma dashboard also clearly shows that I am one of the most active delegate. If this is a good or a bad thing, I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Preferred AMA slots:


We, Curia, would like to participate in this initiative. We have been active participants in Arbitrum since the DAO launched and are dedicated to continuing our contributions. Additionally, we are one of the most active delegates on Arbitrum, as shown on the Karma dashboard for both on-chain and off-chain activities.

You can find our delegate profile: Curia's Delegate Profile

Preferred AMA slots:


I would like to participate in this initiative. I have been an active delegate, as you can see on the Karma dashboard.

Here is my Tally profile

I would like a slot on this day: * July 19, 12:00-13:00 UTC


Thank you to all those who have expressed interest in (Re)delegation Week so far. :slight_smile:

Just in case you haven’t already, it is highly recommended that you use the Delegate Statement Template on your Tally profiles, so that any potential delegators have a better understanding of your views and values as a delegate.

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Awesome initiative. I’d love to participate. I have been an active delegate and bringing nice proposals and initiatives with Blockful.

I’d love to have a slot on * July 19, 12:00-13:00 UTC


Dear Arbitrum Community Members,

Hello! I’m kuiqian.eth from Asia. I’m excited to join this (Re)delegation Week meeting. As a long-term active governance delegate, I support Arbitrum’s outstanding decentralization and community engagement. However, we need to improve transparency, efficiency, and incentives to attract more contributors and enhance community interaction.

Although I’m from a non-English speaking country, I will continue to actively participate in DAO governance to help our community thrive. Thank you!


If there is still space after the newer contributors, we would like to participate in this as well.

This is our Tally profile with our delegate statement.

Would prefer to have a slot on July 22, 16:00-17:00 UTC , with July 17, 15:00-16:00 UTC as a secondary choice.


The Treasure Arbitrum Council (ARC) confirms our interest to participate in (Re)delegation Week.

We have been committed members of the Arbitrum DAO since its formation (as well as before then as early builders on the Arbitrum network). We have maintained a high level of engagement with the DAO throughout the governance process, and being involved in the genesis and discussion of some major initiatives. We are focused on advancing both TreasureDAO and Arbitrum DAO with a strong interest in gaming, growth and users, and look forward to continuing to contribute to Arbitrum DAO at-large.

Delegate Profile
Original Delegate Statement
ARC Delegate Communication Thread

Our preference for the AMA would be July 17 1500 UTC+5


Hey Arbitrum,

As a long-time delegate and contributor to the DAO, I’m excited to participate in (Re)delegation Week.

AMA availability:





as a new delegate in the ArbitrumDAO I would like to take part.

Preffered timeslot:
July 17, 15:00-16:00 UTC


I am excited to continue being part of the decentralization of the Arbitrum protocol as a influential Arbitrum delegate.

I am as OG of a DAO guy as anyone can be & active participant in many DAOs across the ecosystem, especially Optimism, ENS, Gitcoin, and Giveth as well as have strong connections in the Polygon ecosystem. This gives me perspective that I believe adds a lot of value in the Arbitrum Ecosystem.

My goals as a delegate:

  • Fight conflicts of interests issues
  • Reduce ARB spending (more no votes!)
  • Use vesting more in payouts to align interests
  • Add token utility to ARB

If you are aligned with these goals, I am a good delegate to support:


Wintermute is excited to participate in Arbitrum’s (Re)delegation Week!

We launched our Arbitrum Delegate Platform in May, signalling our long-term public governance commitment to the DAO. We are currently a Council Member on Arbitrum’s LTIPP and look forward to increasing our contributions as both a Delegate and Community Member.

Preferred AMA Slot:
July 23, 13:00-14:00 UTC

Our Tally profile can be found here: Tally | Wintermute Governance

Our Delegate Platform can be found here:

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Hi Arbitrum contributors and community members,

At Tané, we are excited to participate in (Re)delegation Week as we have been active in the DAO governance and contribute to the discussions on the forum and offline meetups.

AMA preferred slot:

  • July 22, 16:00-17:00 UTC

Looking forward to sharing what we value and have been working on.



I would like to participate in the AMA session during (Re)delegation Week
on July 17, 2024. Here are my delegate details:

Delegate Profile: kuiqian.eth

I look forward to discussing my vision and values for ArbitrumDAO governance. My spoken English is not very good as I am from Asia, but I have been a strong supporter of the ARB governance ecosystem. Can I still participate? Thank you!

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Castle Capital is excited to join this initiative!

As an Arbitrum-native community we have participated in the ecosystem through research and our involvement in governance.

First, informally with our comments on the STIP, which resulted in over 12m ARB saved from the program, and then formally as:

  • LTIPP Advisors
  • STIP Bridge Advisors
  • Signer on the DAO Multi-Sig Service (MSS)

We are committed to strengthen our contribution to the Arbitrum DAO and increase our participation in governance as a Delegate.

Delegate Profile:

Original Delegate Statement Template:

Preferred AMA Slot:

July 17, 15:00-16:00 UTC
July 19, 12:00-13:00 UTC


As an existing Arbitrum delegate, we are excited to continue being part of Arbitrum’s decentralization.

We at karpatkey are active participants in leading DAOs across the industry, including Aave, Uniswap, ENS and Gnosis. In Arbitrum, we serve as delegates and have contributed to the STEP program as well as the Treasury and Sustainability Working Group. We regularly engage in forum discussions, in-person meetups and 1:1 feedback loop conversations with other delegates. More recently, we presented a Strategic Treasury Management proposal to the Arbitrum DAO.

Our Tally profile: Tally | governance.karpatkey.eth

AMA preferred slots:

  • July 19th
  • July 23rd