Help Award the Arbitrum #GovMonth JokeRace Contests

Unveiling the Power of Community Voting: Help Award the Arbitrum #GovMonth JokeRace Contests

The Preamble: Why Your Vote Matters Now More Than Ever

We’ve kicked off Arbitrum #GovMonth with unparalleled enthusiasm — our four JokeRace contests have garnered extraordinary attention, driving nearly 20,000 transactions on Arbitrum One. While this level of engagement is impressive, it’s also attracted some bot activity. We need your voice to elevate all the great community submissions!

Uplift Community Submissions

We invite all eligible voters to take a few moments to upvote the valuable, legitimate submissions that genuinely contribute to our collective mission. To exercise your voting rights:

  1. Visit our JokeRace Contests
  2. Connect your wallet to check your eligibility (accounts that have voted in Snapshot and Tally for Arbitrum proposals should be allow-listed)
  3. Cast your vote to back the submissions that best represent our community’s mission, vision, and values.

Your vote serves a dual purpose: Not only does it help distribute 16,000 ARB in rewards to the deserving JokeRace contestants, but it also influences weeks 3 and 4 of #GovMonth. The winning entries will be featured on the Ethelo platform to steer the direction of the Plurality Labs grants program.

Bonus: Earn Rewards for Your Civic Duty

As a token of appreciation for your community participation, we invite you to check if you qualify for additional rewards on ThankARB. This platform offers various Arbitrum #GovMonth opportunities that you won’t want to miss.

Call to Action

In Closing: Your Voice, Your Power

Your input is invaluable. By participating in this crucial voting process, you’re playing an integral role in the governance and future trajectory of our community and its initiatives.

P.S. Do not underestimate the ripple effect of your vote. Your choices now lay the foundation for a more equitable, community-driven future.


Thanks to nearly 500 ARB voters, the JokeRace initiative was a hit, clocking over 21,500 transactions on Arbitrum One. Our team is already dissecting the data, and we’re excited by your input.

What’s Next: Ethelo Survey

Up next is the Ethelo survey, featuring winning JokeRace entries. This platform will help fine-tune the insights gathered as we move into the final fortnight of #GovMonth. We’re looking forward to digging into the concepts picked by this community last week!

Incentive Payments: Coming Soon

Mark your calendar: #GovMonth incentives, including the 16,000 ARB bonus for JokeRace winners, will be rolled out next month. Stake your claim to the 100,000 ARB reward pool at ThankARB before the end of the month.

Closing Thoughts

Your active participation is invaluable. Thanks for showing up and here’s to an impactful final stretch.

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