[Non-constitutional] Establish a Short Term Marketing Program


Non Constitutional

Authors: 404 DAO, Rogue House

Introducing a high-impact marketing initiative tailored to amplify the upcoming incentive programs, driving attention and activity to Arbitrum.

Through the LTIPP and STIP.b programs, Arbitrum DAO will soon be rolling out a significant sum (~$60m) of incentives over the next few months. Currently, there is no plan to run any adjacent marketing campaigns at an ecosystem level to help drive awareness or discoverability. By failing to amplify these programs, Arbitrum DAO faces the risk of considerable spending without effective outcomes.

In response to the need for marketing coordination and support at an ecosystem level for the upcoming incentive programs, we are seeking funding of 238,500 ARB from the DAO to create various short-term marketing initiatives.

The key proposed initiatives include developing a discoverability page, creating a unified brand identity and messaging for the programs, and executing a comprehensive content strategy. These efforts will address immediate marketing gaps and set a foundation for long-term strategic improvements. The proposal also outlines roles and responsibilities for the campaign, including coordination by 404 DAO, execution by Rogue House, and oversight by an Advisory Council.

We are seeking feedback, questions, and suggestions for improvements to refine this plan and ensure the successful rollout of the incentive programs.


A few weeks ago the 404 DAO team posted a RFC exploring the idea of a discoverability page for the upcoming LTIPP and STIP.B incentive programs. We presented delegates with a few initial ideas on how Arbitrum DAO could create a central base for users to discover the participating projects and opportunities. Overall, the RFC was well-received by delegates and a community call on April 19th helped sparked a period of further market research.

Insights from Market Research

In total, our team conducted 16 interviews with relevant stakeholders, including the Arbitrum Foundation, Offchain Labs (OCL), STIP participants, LTIPP applicants, delegates, and marketing leaders within the Arbitrum ecosystem. From these discussions, we were able to validate marketing needs in the short term and also uncovered some additional key insights:

  • Better coordination amongst stakeholders: A top concern from delegates, Arbitrum marketing leaders, and incentive program participants was the need for better coordination between OCL, the Foundation, and the DAO in developing marketing campaigns.
  • Program Awareness: While the majority of protocols and users within Arbitrum are up to date on the DAO’s grant programs, those in other ecosystems barely know they are happening. The average user in other ecosystems is especially unaware of the upcoming incentive programs and the opportunities that will be present across Arbitrum this summer.
  • Program Branding: The current method of grant program naming and subsequent branding is not competitive with other ecosystems. Ex. Base’s Onchain Summer specifically appeals to users.
  • Distribution: Arbitrum as a whole needs to build out new distribution channels to reach users. Ex. Increasing Farcaster presence
  • Retention: A lot of money is being spent on attracting users, but we should also focus on how we keep these users on Arbitrum once incentives run out.
  • Ecosystem Support: For smaller teams, extensive marketing is likely an afterthought or something they don’t have the resources for yet. Ideas explored included:
    • Discounted rates for service providers
    • A marketing liaison between the DAO and projects to help with messaging/copy
  • DAO Branding: Arbitrum DAO itself has a brand problem and it can improve its image by highlighting its success stories. Examples:
    • At an ecosystem level, generate more content (blogs, research, threads, videos, etc) on the emerging projects that are bringing new innovation.
    • The DAO has a ton of data and reports from its grant programs that are being underutilized as it’s hidden in the forums. The ARDC is already working on creating these types of reports which can then be marketed to a wider audience to help share success stories.
    • DAO managed social channels to help with social media amplification

Constraints Considered

Several of these insights and problems will have to be addressed over the long term but are important for the DAO to begin thinking about. When considering what we can accomplish in the short term for the upcoming incentive programs we considered the following constraints:

  • Scope
    • What is the minimum we can accomplish in the short term to ensure the programs are successful?
    • While there is a need and interest from stakeholders for a more comprehensive top-down marketing strategy for DAO grant programs, a campaign needs to be narrowly focused and truly short-term.
  • Time
    • Incentives will begin rolling out in the next couple of weeks. What actions can we reasonably accomplish in a condensed time frame to ensure we achieve the desired results?
    • How can we design a program that can move quickly but also has proper oversight from the DAO?
  • Funding
    • How can we secure sufficient funding to produce a high quality campaign?
    • Given the time restraints, several contributors or service providers would have to be paid retroactively.

Proposed Initiatives

From our conversations with the key stakeholders (applicants, Foundation, OCL, delegates) and input from Rogue, we have determined that the following initiatives are feasible despite a tight timeline, each of which will be explained in greater detail further below:

  • Discoverability page
    • Tags on the Arbitrum Portal
    • Layer3 Ecosystem Map
    • Notion Hub
  • A program facelift and unified brand kit for participants
  • Internal Content Strategy - Ex. Coordinated social posts from participants
  • External Content Strategy - Ex. KOLs, PR push, long form blog posts, podcasts/spaces
  • Building out and expanding official DAO social channels - Ex. @DAO_Arbitrum

Alternatives Considered

Originally, our team considered breaking these ideas into smaller requests that would be eligible for the Questbook or PL programs. However, when weighing all of the above constraints, our team decided the best approach was to bring this request directly to the DAO in order to have the necessary resources to produce a high-quality campaign.


Over the next 3 months, Arbitrum DAO will spend upwards of 60m ARB across the LTIPP and STIP Bridge incentives programs. Compared to other ecosystem campaigns like Base’s Onchain Summer II, Citizens of Mantle, and even the Foundation’s Arbitrum Arcade, the DAO’s incentive programs are an order of magnitude larger in terms of funds being deployed, but there is currently no plan to rollout adjacent marketing support at an ecosystem level for either program. This proposal aims to address the current marketing/branding gap for the upcoming programs and help ensure that they achieve their intended purpose - to drive users, capital, attention and activity to Arbitrum.

From the various stakeholder interviews conducted, the main concerns for short-term marketing revolved around driving initial awareness for the programs, ensuring attention lasted the entirety of the program, and exhausting all possible avenues for maximized distribution. The following proposed marketing plan attempts to address each of the 3 core pain points: Awareness, Discoverability and Distribution. More specifically:

  • Awareness: Attention at the ecosystem level. Do users know what is happening on Arbitrum? Are they familiar with the current programs and offerings orchestrated by the DAO?
  • Discoverability: Can users find the protocols offering incentives? Learn about the projects, what they do and how they can partake in their incentive campaigns.
  • Distribution: Are we reaching new users, communities and ecosystems? Are we maximizing the potential of our incentive programs? Are we reaching the right users?


With this proposal, our first priority is to address the shortcomings of the incentive programs. While there are many initiatives we can undertake to improve the DAO’s marketing efforts, we see this program as a first step which provides the data and learnings necessary to make a more informed conversation on what a more robust long-term strategy is for the DAO.

Our plan is to roll out a summer campaign with a targeted start date in mid June. While incentives for the LTIPP program are now expected to begin on June 3rd, we believe that this is a more realistic launch date for a coordinated campaign among participants and it is an acceptable tradeoff to have incentives begin a few weeks prior in return for a more complete campaign. Additionally, if this proposal is received positively on a Snapshot vote, some of the necessary planning work will begin. Below are the various initiatives that will be undertaken:


Arbitrum Portal

The official Abritrum Portal is the current official ecosystem hub for Arbitrum. It serves as the discoverability page for all projects, Orbit chains, and specific campaigns like Arbitrum Arcade. We believe it is prudent to leverage this existing resource as much as possible, and our early conversations with OCL and the Foundation have been largely positive. In the short-term, we have confirmed with OCL that a tagging system will be in place for the duration of the incentive programs to help identify projects participating and allow for users to more easily find opportunities.

However, we do not expect a dedicated Incentive Program section due to the previously mentioned constraints and other limitations. We hope to see the Portal being used in future coordinated marketing efforts between the DAO, the Foundation, and OCL but this will be a long-term effort.

Layer3 Ecosystem Map

While we have seen some great ecosystem hubs built by contributors for the DAO, there is still room for something to be built with the end user as the sole target audience. Building a DAO owned ecosystem hub for this purpose is not feasible in the short term, so to increase discoverability and overall program awareness, we propose utilizing Layer3, who has built ecosystem maps & programs in the past.

*Linea Park Exploration Map

After multiple discussions with Layer3’s team they have the ability to design and build an Arbitrum ecosystem map specifically for the LTIPP & STIP.b programs free of charge. This initiative would be 100% opt-in by the participants as some protocols have baked in a questing component within their applications and thus maintaining their freedom of choice (whether participation entirely or utilizing another questing provider) is important. The only additional information required from incentive program participants is the action they want highlighted as a quest. Layer3 will manage campaign design, marketing, and execution end-to-end free of charge.

We acknowledge that selecting a specific questing provider upfront is not an ideal practice, the shortened time frame limits our ability to court offers from different providers. We are confident in Layer3’s wide reach and ability to execute and believe the value added from having a questing hub for the incentives hubs is substantial. Additionally, with no additional cost to the DAO and the expedited lift time this will enhance the effectiveness of the incentive programs while allowing protocols the optionality to be involved or not.

Notion Hub

When considering what is a minimally viable discoverability page that the DAO can create before incentives go live, a dedicated Notion Dashboard appears the most feasible. The dashboard can provide complete and thorough information of the projects and their respective incentive campaigns all within a central hub. Additionally, this option allows for the most flexibility in content while also catering to all projects across STIP and LTIPP.

  • Sample mock-up, design not final

The obvious drawbacks are the limited visibility and professional look that comes with a notion page. However, given that the DAO currently only has a complete list of participants in the form of a spreadsheet, this dashboard is better than nothing.

The 404 DAO team has experience with creating dashboard type pages in Notion and will be owning the creation of this hub. Our team will be responsible for collecting the necessary information from participants and preparing a version to be presented to the DAO before incentives go live.

Program Visual Identity & Messaging

Over the last year Arbitrum DAO has fallen into the habit of creating very literal program names ex. Short Term Marketing Program. While this is great for internal DAO programs and communications, this is far from the ideal messaging we should be presenting to the end user. In several of our interviews, individuals shared that the incentive programs lacked a unified “look and feel”, and we believe naming is one of the main contributing factors to these concerns.

Therefore, we propose bringing the programs together under one name for a summer marketing campaign. Brand assets would be created by Rogue House with assistance from the Foundation and Marketing Council. Projects would have templates and graphics to use in social content and announcements. This will especially be beneficial for smaller teams who may lack a complete marketing team to properly communicate their incentive offerings. Additionally, we anticipate a unified brand to help raise more attention and awareness across social media channels.

Rogue House will assist in creating the following brand assets:

Program Visual Identity

  • Program wordmark design
    • Ideally its own identity, but has connections to the overall Arbitrum brand)
  • Color exploration & guidelines (cmyk & rgb)
  • Typography Exploration & Guidelines
  • Brand kit for delivery in form of pdf & working files
    • Social templates for X
    • Final program wordmark
    • Final colorway and typography
    • Placement and use guidelines

Program Messaging

  • External program messaging playbook including:
    • Program naming
    • Program positioning and key messaging pillars
    • Cohesive Program announcement and roll out messaging for Arbitrum projects
      • Including Internal & external messaging for the Arbitrum community and broader web3 ecosystem

A unified name and brand kit will specifically addresses the following problems:

  • Program fragmentation
  • Branding cohesion
  • Alleviates some marketing/design burden for protocols
  • Allows for more digestible and appealing content for average users

Awareness: Content Campaign & Strategies

In order to bring consistent awareness to projects throughout the entire duration of the incentive programs there needs to be a full-fledged content strategy. The creation of this strategy will be led by Rogue House, and while exact details of campaign still need to be crafted, the following is a breakdown of expected responsibilities and potential deliverables:

Program Launch Strategy & Campaign Activation

  • Cohesive communication & distribution strategy across selected social channels announcing the start of the incentive program.
    • Roll out with new program name & branding
  • Creation & coordination of the launch moment with every project participating in the incentives program, including:
    • Providing every project with announcement assets for social
    • Creating a unified front across projects with clear call to action aiding in program discoverability

Ongoing Content Strategy & Marketing Maintenance:

Program Content Calendar, Including:

  • Program Content Pillars
  • Posting cadence for content pillars
  • Design templates for specific channels (Farcaster, X, Discord, TG)
  • Suggested copy per channel

Potential Creative Campaign Direction & Development

  • Ex. Project led spotlight series
    • This could look like X Spaces 3 times a week where we can have 5-6 projects speak each time so that we can get through 100+ in a month
    • Short & Long Form Spotlights (Daily or weekly): blogs, threads
  • Ex. KOL led activation
    • Identify the Programs aligned parties and individuals willing to support the initiative and build an organic distribution channel for amplification first
    • Explore paid KOLs as a secondary form of communication
  • Ex. Community driven content challenge (bounties)

What does success look like

This is the first DAO led marketing campaign to be proposed to date for the incentives program. We are starting from ground zero. In order to be able to do this on a broader scale for the DAO as a whole, we need to take a first step forward. What we will learn from this initial program experiment will provide foundational data in support of building long term campaigns we can actually benchmark against.

It’s important to remember that while there are many things we could and can do in the future to support the incentives program, our north star goal for this initial proposal is focused on presenting a united ecosystem front for the launch and ongoing communication.

This will look like:

  • Re-naming of the program to something that can resonate with the broader community
  • MVP brand toolkit specific for the rollout of the incentives program
  • Clear call-to-action for all participating projects to distribute across social channels using Program branded assets during the initial launch moment
  • Consistent messaging across 1-2 key social channels for the entirety of the program
  • Singular location community members can go to explore and discover projects participating in the Arbitrum Incentives Program

If we can achieve the above and get participating Arbitrum projects brought into the vision for this program specifically, what is possible by bringing the entire DAO together becomes easier to imagine. While only one program, this is an opportunity to begin to reshape and mold our brand towards who we want to be and where we want to go.

Roles and Responsibilities

To build out this program we have divided responsibilities into 4 roles: Advisory Council, Marketing Agency, Project Manager, and the Multisig Signers. Normally, we would consider it best practice to fill the agency and council roles with a more complete RFP or election process.

However, when considering the narrow mandate of this program and the previously mentioned time constraints, our team believes this initiative is not possible if pushed through these processes. Therefore to provide additional accountability, the following Advisory Council members and Rogue House will not be automatically grandfathered into any longer term programs without either a more complete RFP process or DAO approval.

Advisory Council

We recognize that creating a public campaign on behalf of the DAO while also using the Arbitrum brand is a large responsibility. In order to provide oversight and insights as materials are being crafted, we will form a Marketing Advisory Council composed of key stakeholders and marketing leaders within Arbitrum. These members each have extensive marketing experience and several are long standing Arbitrum community members:

  • Blue - Trader Joe
  • Sam I Am - Gains Network
  • Alex Lumley - Savvy DeFi
  • Shreddy - JonesDAO & Radiant DAO
  • George Heath - WOOFi
  • Kseniia Baziian - Founder of Narrative Web3 Growth Lab & Former CMO of Premia Finance
  • Justin Vogel - Co-Founder of Safary Club

Their role is to provide insight and oversight to Rogue as they work through asset and content creation, strategy, and execution. They are in place to ensure the DAOs best interest are kept a priority during the entirety of the marketing rollout.

We are in the process of potentially confirming 2 additional members for the Advisory Council. If interested please reach out to governance@404dao.io with a short paragraph outlining qualifications.

Marketing Agency - Rogue House

Rogue will be responsible for leading the program facelift and overall marketing strategy and execution. This includes creation of the new brand assets and templates, marketing content planning, and distribution.

About Rogue House

We help technical projects and founders share their why with the world.

Rogue is referral-only. We take on a limited number of top-tier partners directly through a curated network of industry leaders across the emerging tech landscape. This means our team works closely with people that we know and projects we believe in.

We focus on creating multi-dimensional brands through experiences that span mediums. At our core, we make things - digital and physical. We move beyond ideation and consulting, focusing on storytelling and production. Service is the backbone of our business, building lasting partnerships with our clients, resulting in wildly creative, forward-thinking, and functionally beautiful work. With a team of experts from best in class companies including Adidas, JUMP, Techstars, Serotonin, and more - we turn the complex into the culturally relevant for the real world.

Why Rogue:

With this timeline, the DAO needs a partner who is willing and able to get up to speed quickly and understand not only the marketing tasks at hand but also the way the DAO works.

Rogue collaborated with 404 DAO to support the creation of the initial marketing RFP that was shared with the Arbitrum DAO previously. The team has taken the time to understand the current challenges and opportunities that the DAO faces, which will help them create effective marketing strategies for the incentive programs.

Program Manager - 404 DAO

404 DAO will be responsible for coordinating between all parties throughout the entire program, creation and maintenance of the Notion Hub, creation of bi-weekly program updates to the DAO and a final closeout report with analysis and suggestions for a long-term marketing strategy.

404 DAO has been a long dedicated and active member of the Arbitrum DAO community. In addition to serving on the LTIPP Council, our team members have helped lead the Onboarding Working Group and continually participated in proposal discussions. This initiative will be led by @Pruitt and @Cole_404 from our team.

The Multisig

A new â…” multisig will be created for the Short Term Marketing Campaign. The funds in the multisig belong to the DAO, and the signers act as grant managers on behalf of the DAO in coordination with the Arbitrum Foundation for the proper KYC requirements. Funds held in the multisig are explicitly banned from usage in DAO governance, including delegation. Any excess funds will be returned to the DAO.

We are in the process of confirming individuals to sit on the multisig and this information will be updated before a Snapshot vote.

Multisig Signer 1: @Frisson

Mutlisig Signer 2: @JoJo

Multisig Signer 3: @juanbug

However, if the DAO does not wish to fund an additional multisig, we believe it is possible to utilize an existing program’s multisig, such as the LTIPP wallet, since there will likely be minimal transactions. If this is a preferred direction, we are happy to begin conversations with signers to determine if this additional responsibility is acceptable.

Overall Costs & Budget

*assumes 1 ARB = $1

Please note that these figures are initial estimates and will be finalized as we get more information. A reserve has been included to help address unanticipated costs from managing the program or pursue additional ideas brought specifically by the Advisory Council. As part of the bi-weekly reports provided to Arbitrum DAO, 404 DAO will include spending and budget updates to ensure transparency.

Role Stakeholder Deliverable Cost Breakdown
Program Manager 404 DAO - Coordination between projects, agency, council, and other stakeholders
- Bi-Weekly performance updates on marketing efforts
- Final report to the DAO on outcomes and learnings from marketing campaign
- Notion Hub creation and maintenance
50,000 ARB

$70/hour with estimated minimum of 35 hours/wk (Split between 2 dedicated team members)

Preplanning: 1 month
Campaign: 3 months
Post campaign assessment: 1 month
Marketing Agency Rogue House - Manage program facelift including visual identity and creation of brand assets
- Creation of holistic program messaging, content calendar, coordination, and distribution strategy
- Craft baseline marketing KPIs
- Ongoing campaign management and coordination
95,000 ARB Total =

20,000 ARB for Unified Brand Kit and Program Facelift

15,000 ARB for Marketing Campaign Planning

20,000 ARB/mo for 3 months for a total of 60,000 ARB for Marketing Campaign Execution and maintenance
Advisory Council Selected Arbitrum growth and marketing leaders - Provide oversight and advisement to Marketing Agency 42,000 ARB (2,000/mo per member)
Multisig Selected DAO stewards - Sign transactions
- Act as grant manager
1,500 ARB (500 per member)
Advisory Council Reserve NA - Any additional ideas brought forth by Advisory Council
- Retroactive rewards for contributors
50,000 ARB
Total Cost - - 238,500 ARB

Multisig Address: [TBD]

Any excess funds at the end of the program will be returned to the DAO.


As we are working on a shortened timeline and looking to move quickly, we will be posting the proposal to snapshot as early as May 17th to measure sentiment from the DAO. Any ideas and suggestions will be added before the final proposal is moved to Tally, pending approval on Snapshot. If there is a strong signal of support, the involved parties (404 DAO and Rogue House) will begin working on planning and execution before the vote officially passes given the upcoming incentive program commencement.

May 9-17: Get Feedback and Iterate on Proposal

May 17: Post Proposal to Snapshot

May 24: Move Proposal to Tally, pending Snapshot approval

June 3rd: Notion Hub Launched & Incentives Begin

June 10: Tally Vote Ends, Program is Funded

Mid-June: Campaign Launch

*Pre-work will begin during Tally Vote

Voting Choices

Based on feedback from the DAO we may update voting choice to reflect more optionality on the budget.

Do not fund


We’d like to thank Alex Lumley, Blue, and JoJo for their early involvement in the development of this initiative and continual feedback. Additionally, thank you to all the other stakeholders we interviewed for the time and valuable insights.


Congratulations on the proposal! It’s impressively well-researched and brings significant value to the DAO.


This is something we need and definitely excited of.

While there could be a critic on the fact that some choices are “already made”, is likely more positive to have what is basically a pilot launch of this, during a real important event for our dao (stip/ltip), compared to just going through all the selection process. I think the tradeoff in this case is definitely skewed on the “doing it now, test it with an important program, let’s setup something new for our dao”. We can always adjust later down the road.

Congrats to @Pruitt and @Cole_404 that had a tons of calls with a tons of people to set this up in time. Nice job!


Good direction, marketing is necessary for Arbitrum.

However, I have a few doubts, namely:

  1. It is a little strange that Arbitrum will advertise participation in projects, which in turn are financed by Arbitrum itself. Where is the participation of projects? Why will they receive not only grants, but also free advertising?
  2. An incentive for a manager of 50,000 ARB is overkill, in my opinion
  3. Does it make sense to advertise specifically grants? Anyone who wants to make money from grants knows about them. Both projects and users. Arbitrum - top L2 solution
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Thank you @404DAO and Rogue House for bringing forward this proposal.

Arbitrum DAO indeed is investing heavily in growth and ecosystem expansion, with a high annual spending rate dedicated to grants and incentives. The upcoming LTIPP and STIP Bridge incentive programs have been allocated around 60M ARB. While these programs contribute to Arbitrum maintaining its leading position in the L2s landscape, the lack of coordinated marketing and communication activities limits Arbitrum’s short-term growth potential as well as long-term user retention.

As you mentioned, most people are familiar with Base’s Onchain Summer or Optimism’s RetroPGF initiatives, but only active ArbitrumDAO players know about the LTIPP and STIP Bridge programs.

Focusing on fostering a vibrant community of users and builders and with an eye to long-term sustainability, the proposed plan is a step in the right direction.


gmgm! Given that the proposal indicates plans to upload it to Snapshot tomorrow, I wanted to share some extensive thoughts I had and ask a few questions or raise concerns that might already have answers.

Firstly, I think the idea of running a marketing campaign is very good and necessary. This will help create awareness and attract more users to the chain. There is no point in distributing incentives if no one knows they are being distributed. So I fully support the idea and appreciate the proposal.

However, before launching the marketing campaign hastily (I understand the reasons, as the incentive distribution timeline is tight), I need to understand if there is clarity in the objectives.

From what I read in the proposal, the research conducted was on Arbitrum DAO participants (Arbitrum Foundation, Offchain Labs (OCL), STIP participants, LTIPP applicants, delegates, and marketing leaders within the Arbitrum ecosystem).

Their input is indeed very valuable and necessary, but:

From what I understand from the identified core pain points, the marketing campaign is not directed to them. Nor is it directed to Arbitrum users, although it would be beneficial if it were.

Do we have data on why users from other chains are not coming to Arbitrum? Is it because they don’t know what’s going on? Is it because they’re not interested? Is it because they prefer another technology? Is it because they’re afraid? Is it because they don’t trust the bridges?

Knowing the reasons why users who aren’t coming to Arbitrum are not coming will make the campaign more successful by having clear objectives and more easily measurable results.

If it’s because they don’t know? The objective is for them to know, not necessarily for them to come (at a first iteration of the program). So it won’t be necessary to measure if DAU/MAU increased, but if awareness did.

If it’s because they’re not interested? We’ll know we need to do something different to attract them. (ie. focus marketing campaigns in gaming? memecoins? whatever)

If it’s because they prefer another technology? Maybe that user is not reachable.

If it’s because they’re afraid? Probably campaigns offering APRs and complex financial products are not the best way to attract them.

On the other hand, I have some questions about the roles and their responsibilities.

Advisory Council.

The proposal mentions the formation of an Advisory Council to:

My initial reaction to reading about this Council was that it is a bad idea because I saw a potential conflict of interest, as the Council members are part of protocols that will receive incentives. Can we ensure that they will pursue the best interests of the DAO? Or will they pursue the interests of their own protocols? Let me be clear that I am not accusing anyone of anything, and I highly value the contributions of each member to the DAO. I would say the same about anyone.

Secondly, there is no way to measure the performance of this Council. After all, the marketing actions will be carried out by the agency. I find it difficult to see how there could be any accountability to the DAO for the work being done.

Something I understood after talking with @JoJo is that the intention of this program is not exclusively to market LTIPP / B.STIPP but to promote Arbitrum in general, which wasn’t entirely clear to me when reading the proposal due to its focus and the timing coinciding with the distribution of incentives.

Therefore, I understand that having Advisors who understand Arbitrum culture makes sense. I would like to see a member from the foundation / OCL in one of these positions. Synergy with these teams is crucial.

Now, I would like two things regarding this role:

  • KPIs should be set to understand if their contribution is effective. There should be a way to measure their performance.

  • The PM should commit to making efforts to avoid situations where there may be a conflict of interest regarding the advice being given.

Additionally, I suggest extending the timeline (I will elaborate on this later).

Marketing Agency - Rouge House

I have nothing against Rouge House, but I can’t support them either if no information is provided. Not even a website or social media presence. It would be great to understand who they are and what their background is.

Do they have any experience with web 3 marketing campaigns? Can they demonstrate results from previous campaigns?

Program Manager - 404 DAO.

I believe this role is necessary and crucial.

Something I don’t understand is the commitment to preparing performance reports. Isn’t that part of the marketing agency responsibilities? From what I understand, agencies execute marketing actions and are responsible for providing reports with the results.

The multisig

I think it’s a good idea not to create another multisig, especially since the creation of a new one for all programs is being discussed. Also because I find unnecessary to create more costs given that you have others in place you could take advantage of. It would be ideal to use the LTIPP or BSTIP multisig instead.

Regarding the program in general

I think the initiative is very good and important, so I appreciate all the effort and work that 404 DAO has put into preparing it.

However, I have concerns about the timeline and objectives.

The proposed three-month timeline for the marketing campaign will coincide with the distribution of incentives from the LTIPP / B.STIP. This will obviously boost metrics such as social media interactions, user numbers, volume, TVL, etc.

How will it be possible to measure the results of the campaign if such a large incentive program is running simultaneously? How will the success of the campaign be distinguished from the success of the incentive program?

Regarding the objectives:

The objectives outlined are more about establishing communication channels where Arbitrum and other chain users can obtain information about what’s going on. They are not so much about measuring whether those channels were effective in addressing the three core pain points identified in the proposal.

This makes sense to me because it is very difficult to measure the success of a marketing campaign if we are starting from scratch and there is no concrete data for comparison.

Therefore, I believe this proposal should be designed for a longer term than just three months and should be planned as a series of campaigns. An initial three-month iteration could lay the foundations for the communication channels and metrics can be gathered to improve and iterate on future campaigns, especially to measure results when there are no incentives involved.

Hence, I think the timeline of the proposal should be extended to a minimum of six months and up to a year.

Last but not least, was there any study or analysis of the legal consequences of launching marketing or communication campaigns about financial products? There are laws regarding how this should be done to avoid violating US or other countries’ laws. By communicating in English, you will be targeting an audience from many countries that have advertising regulations.

Again, thank you, and I hope my feedback, though lengthy, is useful for the proposal :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the detailed feedback and questions @pedrob and @cp0x. Our team is currently working on addressing each of those points and will be posting a response soon.

A few other updates we’d like to share:

Multisig: @JoJo and @juanbug have agreed to be the other signers in the event that a new multisig is created.

Additionally, a few other delegates asked about using Entropy’s proposed Multi-sig Support Service. We are open to using this service if it passes and is created in time for this program.

Advisory Council: We are excited to share that Justin Vogel, Co-Founder of Safary Club, and Kseniia Baziian, former CMO of Premia Finance, will be rounding out the Advisory Council. Both of these individuals bring several years of web3 marketing & growth experience and an expansive network to help the program accomplish its goals. We have updated the budget to reflect this change.

Community Call: We will be hosting 1-2 community calls to give delegates a chance to ask questions and hear from Rogue House. Exact times and call links will be shared on the forums beforehand.


This is a much-needed proposal and welcomed. Thanks, @404DAO, for doing all the prep work that culminated on it. I have some questions that I would like to share and check if they are relevant:

  • This initiative started as the [RFC] Enhancing Incentive Program Discoverability, but it seems the focus shifted to rebrand/unify the incentives programs and less on how to increase the exposure of these protocols to a broader audience. I’m reaching this conclusion because what I see is the creation of a notion page, the inclusion of these protocols on a section of a webpage, and maybe X Spaces. Am I missing more initiatives related to the protocols?

  • About the program itself: While all the steps mentioned here are needed, I don’t see a specific budget for the execution of this strategy. What I mean by that? After the rebranding, and with all the new content produced, are we going to continue to use the same venues to promote / advertise the program? No outreach to go after new users/audiences that are not aware/interact with Arbitrum and its ecosystem? There is a “Potential Creative Campaign Direction & Development” with great initiatives, but if we are “preaching to the choir” the impact will not be that relevant. In short: Is there any specific budget for ad campaigns on social media and related activities? Does this budget fall under the costs of the marketing agency?

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We will be hosting a community call on Monday at 4 pm UTC (12 pm EST) to have an open discussion and address any further questions. Rogue House’s team will also be present to share their experiences and answer questions. We will not be posting this proposal to Snapshot before the community call to give all delegates a chance to ask further questions.

Responses to feedback from @pedrob, @cp0x, and @jameskbh will be posted by EOD. Thank you for your patience.

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Thank you again to everyone who provided some great questions! First, we’d like to provide what will hopefully be clarity on the purpose of this proposal by distinguishing from what we’d consider the primary objective and the secondary objectives.

The primary focus of this program is to help maximize the effectiveness of the LTIPP / STIP.b incentive programs by establishing a marketing campaign. The DAO is about to be spending 60m ARB and for only an additional 0.4% of that total cost we hope to address some of the pain points discovered by our conversations from LTIPP applicants, STIP recipients, and other Arbitrum DAO participants.

Arbitrum DAO could be doing a lot more when it comes to marketing and growth strategies. The key insights we presented in the Background Section are likely just a few examples of actions that need to be taken. Additionally, as Pedro mentioned it is very difficult to measure the success of a marketing campaign as we have no concrete data for comparison. Thus as a secondary objective, we’d consider this campaign serving as a pilot program for the DAO, generating data and learnings to lay a foundation for future campaigns in the long term.

Questions from @cp0x:

We completely agree that projects should also be maximizing their own social and marketing channels. However, we would still argue that helping advertise these projects at an ecosystem level is in Arbitrum’s best interest. Generating more noise and content across social media will help bring more attention to the ecosystem. Linea’s Surge campaign that was announced yesterday is a great example of this type of support: an announcement + retweets of the project’s own social posts to boost awareness of projects building in the ecosystem.

Arbitrum’s main social accounts are managed by the Foundation, so we can not commit on their behalf that this can be exactly replicated. We have had a promising conversation with their team but there are compliance concerns (as @pedrob mentioned).

We’ve broken down the Program Manager’s responsibilities and the amount of time we expect each will take to complete. These responsibilities will mainly be split between 2 team members (@Cole_404 and @Pruitt), with additional help from the other members of the 404 DAO governance team if needed. This does not include the time our team has allocated to get this proposal to this point and due to these being rough estimates we rounded down our request to 50,000 ARB

Stage Responsibility Estimated Time Spent Compensation
Pre-Campaign - Creation of the notion hub, engaging with all involved projects to receive all relevant information within the hub
- Coordinate between council and agency to ensure brand unification is on track
- Coordinate with Arbitrum Foundation to influence brand assets, messaging and design
- Organize and conduct weekly calls for agency and council to align on brand direction, visual identity, and messaging
- Prepare council reserve ideation form
- Research and engage with potential partners derived from council reserve ideas
- Prepare form to acquire quests for Layer3 ecosystem map
- Delivery of brand kits to each project
- Understand compliance concerns with language for social media and ensure agency is aware of any compliance measures that need to be taken
- Coordinate with all projects on launch announcement and synchronized rollout
70 hours per week for 4 weeks = 280 hours 19,600 ARB
Campaign - Provide announcements regarding marketing updates, budgeting updates and other relevant updates
- Coordinate between marketing agency and projects for weekly content highlights and spaces
- Assisting Council stay up to date on content decisions and brand strategy from agency
- Research and engage with potential partners derived from council reserve ideas
- Coordinate execution of reserve fund ideas in tandem with the marketing agency
- Coordinating brand unification between agency and Layer3
- Manage collaboration between Layer3 and agency
- Creation of bi-weekly reports
30 hours per week for 10 weeks = 300 hours 21,000 ARB
Post Campaign - Coordination between agency and council for post-mortem
- Preparation of analysis of post campaign insights
- Creation of Final DAO report including recommendations for next steps and longer term program
40 hours per week for 4 weeks = 160 hours 11,200 ARB
Total NA ~ 740 hours 51,800 ARB

From our conversations it was clear that it’s not a given that users across the industry are aware of these incentives. We admit that we do not have hard data to back this up, but overall, we believe that Arbitrum should be taking every effort to use these programs as an opportunity to reach new users across ecosystems, widening its user base, and showcasing the innovations happening across the ecosystem.

Questions from @pedrob:

After the initial questions on objectives and timelines (addressed above in first paragraph), you next presented several research questions:

We’d agree these are all important questions that the DAO should be working on answering and many of them also came up in our conversations with stakeholders. The findings and answers to these questions should dictate future, larger marketing campaigns. This is mainly why we decided to present this proposal as one campaign instead of a series and kept the timeline relatively short.

Doing this level of research before a LTIPP/STIP.b centered campaign is not possible and by adding it we fear it might complicate the scope of this pilot campaign. There is a new Social Media Fellowship Group from the Onboarding Working Group that has reached out to us and they appear to be working on answering similar questions. There may be an opportunity to collaborate there to have an additional proposal focused on conducting this research.

Regarding concerns on roles and responsibilities:

Advisory Council:

Since this is a pilot program, it is fair to ask why an Advisory Council is necessary. We included a council for primarily two reasons.

  1. They serve an important role in understanding and upholding the culture of Arbitrum. While Rogue House is familiar with Arbitrum, we have included previous CMO’s and Founders who have experience creating campaigns within Arbitrum. This is to ensure that the unified brand and content strategy align with the current culture.
  2. Other council members bring a vast network and perspective of what is happening in other ecosystems. If additional resources or skills are needed, these people can help us quickly obtain the talent we may need to produce something of high quality.

Regarding KPIs and measurement of council members performance, we are not trying to be dismissive in this case as we’re normally supportive of quantifiable benchmarks, but we are not sure if this is practical. These members will be mainly serving in an advisory role that is in a limited part-time capacity. They are more so in place to provide expertise and guidance, rather than performance.

We would’ve also liked to include members from the Foundation or OCL on the Advisory Council. From what we will admit were brief conversations with our contacts, this appeared like it would not be possible for COI reasons. In the interest of time we did not fully explore this path, but agree that open lines of communication between these parties is crucial and is something we have been working on building over the last month.

Lastly, in the situation that a conflict of interest (COI) is present during any decisions that will be made by the Advisory Council, the PM will make sure the affected council members recuse themselves from the decision. In the case a vote is required for any decision, a COI exists, and there is a tie, then the PM will step-in to break the tie. Additionally, we’d like to note that Rogue House has no existing COI with any of the projects participating in the LTIPP or STIP.b programs.

Rogue House:

Rogue House has prepared a data room with some examples of their work. They are a newer agency but will be on the community call on Monday to share more about their background.

Project Manager:

404 DAO will be providing comprehensive reports that include insights from the marketing activities, budgeting, and any other relevant updates. To clarify, the marketing reports will be created in tandem with the marketing agency but is the responsibility of the PM to bring to the DAO for reporting purposes.

Measuring Success:

As you mentioned, in order to measure success we need to create a baseline. With LTIP in the works, it is our understanding that there will be additional needs for marketing campaigns which can use the data from this pilot program to measure success. You are correct though in that it may be difficult to distinguish the results of the marketing campaign from the incentive programs themselves. We believe their success goes hand in hand.

Compliance concerns:

We have not conducted a study, but compliance is an important consideration and something that we and Rogue House are aware of.

Questions from @jameskbh:

You are correct that this initiative started with a focus on discoverability and that is still an important objective. We will be addressing the discoverability issue by tagging protocols on the Arbitrum Portal, creating a Layer3 ecosystem map, and a Notion Hub. The incentive program identity rebrand/unification is another key piece that will help increase the exposure of these protocols to a broader audience (explained in more detail below).

In regards to execution, Rogue House will be responsible for building the foundational program messaging and visual identity, which is an important first step prior to the detailed execution strategy. The foundational decisions will inform and dictate the content strategy direction. This is also why the unified brand is paramount, making sure the campaign identity is cohesive helps ensure more effective & consistent communication in content across all channels. A unique look, feel, and tone of voice helps users immediately recognize the program over time. Also, to be clear, when referring to branding in this case we are not attempting to do a massive rebrand of the Arbitrum DAO. This is only for the campaign itself; similar examples are Onchain Summer or Linea Surge.

The agency budget covers the details of the execution strategy we know will happen. Paid ads for example may be a part of the overall crafted strategy and is why we’ve included the reserve budget to help cover additional ideas.

We hope this provided some clarity around the program and answered your questions.


The proposal could benefit from clearer success metrics. Currently, it does not clearly define how to measure the success of the marketing campaign, which makes it challenging to evaluate its actual impact. I would kindly request the proposers to make the success criteria more specific.

An update on the short-term marketing proposal:

Our team has shared the proposal in community calls and held several 1-on-1s with delegates to get feedback. Unfortunately, there is not a clear consensus on what this type of marketing program should look like and given the timeline we are no longer confident it is feasible. We are exploring other ideas to support the incentive programs in the short term, but the pilot program outlined in this proposal will not be moving forward.


gM @404DAO , I was really looking forward to this initiative, but it seems to have taken a turn at the end. Really appreciate the work you guys did with the calls & feedback. Special thanks to @Cole_404 who was taking the lead in gathering as much feedback as possible.

As shared during the call with @Cole_404 , We at ArbitrumHub have possibly set up a foundation for such initiatives and will ensure that it aligns with all incentive programs. Since we have established the initial foundation and have no timeline issues, we can execute tasks immediately.

We would love to collaborate if interested and explore potential synergies. We appreciate your insights from the one-on-one calls you scheduled.

You can check out the incentive hub here:
ArbitrumHub Incentive Programs

Thank you