Team 15 - Arbitrum Activation Missions: Incentive Social Growth - GovHack Brussels

  • Track Name - Community / IRL Activation / Marketing

  • Challenge Statement - The primary goal of this proposal is to increase visibility for Arbitrum through micro programs powered by existing “Community Platform”. The campaign’s accountability will be maintained by comparing KPIs provided by the platform, with the best-performing initiatives receiving additional funding.

  • Members: Julesfoa.eth - Maksym

  • Team Lead contact name or alias @Jules_foa

  • PITCH: Marketing Activation Campaign Strategy 🚀 | Loom

Fellowship social media: How to make Arbitrum viral?


Arbitrum Activation Missions is seeking $100k in funding from the ArbitrumDAO to launch bounties campaigns on multiple platforms selected after a Request for Proposal. This experiment will run for three months after which we will analyze, refine and reiterate.

The primary goal of this proposal is to increase visibility for Arbitrum through missions or micro programs powered by existing platforms (Galxe, Zealy, etc). The campaign’s accountability will be maintained by comparing KPIs provided by the platform. The best-performing initiatives will receive additional funding if the pilot phase is validated.

The Campaign Metrics, such as Cost per person onboarded, Number of people reached, Overall impact, Public targeted (persona, geographic), will be compared.

The budget will be divided as follows:
$20k: Campaign for each platform
$5k: Platform PM to execute the campaign

With 4 platforms, the total budget is $100k (25k$ for each platform), with $0 allocated for the inventors of the idea.

The budget will be divided as follows:

$20k: Campaign for each platform

$5k: For the platform to execute the campaign

With 4 platforms, the total budget is $100k (25k$ for each platform), with $0 allocated for the inventors of the idea.

  • Objective 1: Increase the visibility and awareness of the Arbitrum ecosystem by engaging content creators, builders, and community organizers through structured social media campaigns and bounties.

  • Objective 2: Enhance community engagement and participation in the Arbitrum ecosystem by providing incentives and rewards for valuable contributions, thereby driving growth and adoption in a decentralized and open manner.

  • Objective 3: Coordinate with existing Arbitrum social media outlets and groups and help them create content, popularize certain events/projects/contributions and activate their communities as well

This proposal can be activated quickly, requires minimal structural investment, and has a low risk of failure. Additionally, it serves as a prototype pilot that can be replicated across various verticals and scaled based on the amount of funding provided. By implementing this proposal, we aim to create a sustainable and scalable model for community engagement and visibility for Arbitrum.


The Arbitrum ecosystem presents an interesting opportunity because of its characteristics, namely activating the community in a niched way that leads to the overall promotion and exposure of Arbitrum and the education of the community.This proposal aims to implement a structured social media activation strategy. By leveraging the power of community-driven content and activities, we can increase awareness, education and engagement around the Arbitrum DAO, ultimately contributing to its growth and adoption.

This proposal provides a structured and scalable approach to increasing Arbitrum’s visibility. By creating Arbitrum Activation missions (similar to bounty programs on different platforms), we can engage micro-influencers, content creators to produce high-quality content and activities AND ACTIVATE the next wave of decentralized contributors to the ecosystem.

This will not only enhance the Arbitrum ecosystem’s visibility but also ensure that the content meets high standards through quality assurance criteria.

Finally, this proposal offers a targeted approach to solving Arbitrum’s visibility problem. We can also target certain aligned communities and empower them to participate in the overall Arbitrum ecosystem. These members will produce high-quality content and activities that highlight the benefits and opportunities within the Arbitrum ecosystem. The structured approach ensures that efforts are coordinated and impactful, with clear quality assurance criteria and KPI tracking to measure success.


On Solana, SuperTeam DAO does the same idea. Their bounties platform helps projects connect with the community and allows projects and the foundation to create and manage bounties.

The goal of this bounty initiative is to highlight the benefits of using the platform for both project owners and contributors. Project owners can list bounties or grants to find contributors, gain visibility, and create listings easily and for free. Contributors can create profiles to get notified of new opportunities, contribute to top crypto projects, build their on-chain resumes, and get paid in crypto.

To know more: Superteam Earn | Discover Bounties and Grants in Crypto for Design, Development, and Content

On Arbitrum, there is an incredible opportunity to further enhance the ecosystem by increasing community involvement. Currently, the ecosystem could benefit from more incentives to attract a broader range of participants. By empowering and fostering activities around content creators, builders, community organizers, and general enthusiasts, we can significantly boost Arbitrum’s visibility. This increased visibility will not only improve understanding and engagement but also drive growth and adoption in a decentralized and open manner. Our goal is to create a vibrant and dynamic community that reflects the true potential of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

The Marketing Axis of Arbitrum is divided into four axis:

Awareness: People hear about the project.

Builders: People build projects on Arbitrum.

Investment: People invest in the project.

Protocol Users: People use Arbitrum and the underlying projects.

The most crucial one is protocol users because it will help the project achieve more adoption, more transactions, and a higher Total Value Locked (TVL).


So, how to make Arbitrum viral?

The solution is to fund multiple simultaneous campaigns designed on social platforms to encourage micro-influencers to promote Arbitrum, thereby increasing visibility and contributing to general awareness of the projects building on Arbitrum.

The proposed solution aims to better onboard various stakeholders, including micro-influencers, content creators, developers, community organizers, and general enthusiasts, with fair rewards that lead to increased visibility and engagement around the Arbitrum DAO. This will be achieved by implementing missions and bounties (rewards). The idea is to create specific pilot missions that encourage micro-influencers and builders to complete tasks, create content, and onboard new people and communities.

Deep dive on the solution

To effectively onboard various users through rewards and bounties, a structured and comparative approach we propose a challenge involving four selected platforms, each with a budget of $20k and a fee of $5k.

If this proposal passes A Request for Proposal from Social Campaign platform will be launched. Among the applicants, 10 will be preselected by the proposal maker team. An election by the arbitrum community will happen to select the 4 platforms to select.

This competitive framework will enable simultaneous campaigns, allowing us to compare key performance indicators (KPIs) across each platform effectively.

The campaign aims to leverage social platforms such as Zealy, Jokerace, DeWork, Layer3, or Galxe to enhance communication, encourage valuable contributions, and scale the Arbitrum ecosystem.

The primary objective is to improve communication, encourage valuable contributions, and scale the Arbitrum ecosystem by leveraging different platforms to create and manage bounties, tasks, and community engagement activities.

This campaign will help create a series of simple, accessible quests to encourage users to get involved with Arbitrum and the protocol built on Arbitrum.

The Social Platform must provide “Quality Criteria” to prevent the quest to be gamed and ensure high standards.
Social Platform must provide KPIs about the campaign success and a monthly reporting about the campaign and the amount of money distributed.

The social media fellowship will create a bounty program on different platforms, and assign tasks to micro-influencers, content creators, developers, and community organizers. Quality criteria, like having at least 100 followers on X, having an existing account for at least one year, and keeping the post online for at least one week can be set, will be set to ensure high standards, and participants will be rewarded for their contributions. KPIs will be tracked to measure success, and the best-performing initiatives will receive additional funding.

PS: the four platforms will receive a mandate of $20k to manage and be paid a $5k fee to oversee the 3-month campaign.


Here is the following application if the proposal is accepted?

Step 1: RFQ for a platform to manage a $20k campaign with the following conditions and KPI

Step 2: Selection of a number of potential platforms by the proposal maker team

—-examples of this platforms?

Step 3: Election of four platform by the Arbitrum community (Snapshot poll)

Step 4: Campaign running and KPI aggregated on a dashboard?

Step 5: Continue the program, increase budget of best performers, and replicate it on different verticals

July August Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan
GovHack onchain proposition Selection of the platform beginning of the campaign Monthly KPI End of the program Phase 2 Begining
Review & iterate RFP onboarding them Adjustment Renew proposal Selection of 4 new
Snapshot Selection of the next platform

Amount - The Pilot phase requires a 100k budget allocated in 4 different platforms for a 3 month campaign with a total of 80% of the funds allocated to content creators.
If the pilot phase is validated, we aim to extend the program with up to $300k funding. The extension will follow by a proposal

Later evolution of Funding:

A new proposal in December, will ask Arbitrum DAO if they want to continue and extend the proposal to another phase. Best performers will be chosen and increase the volume, and a new Request for Proposal will happen.

PS: the four platforms will each receive a mandate of $20k to manage and be paid a $5k fee to oversee the 3-month campaign.


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Indeed, the proposal has sparked a buzz in the community, with conversations happening in coffee shops and workplaces. Let’s further refine the narrative to capture this organic excitement and engagement:
"Sitting in a cozy coffee shop, you can’t help but overhear the animated conversation at the next table. Two friends, their eyes alight with excitement, are discussing this innovative proposal. Their voices are hushed, but their enthusiasm is contagious.
‘It’s brilliant,’ one says, stirring her latte absent-mindedly. ‘They’re not just paying influencers; they’re nurturing an entire ecosystem of voices.’

i understand where come from @julesfoa.eth

The other friend leans in, intrigued. They talk about a pilot program, about various platforms vying to showcase an opportunity.
Later that day, you mention it to a coworker. They’ve heard whispers too. ‘I heard they’re seeking content creators and exploring ways to bridge ad revenue to existing networks,’ they say, their interest piqued.
As the pilot program takes shape, you find yourself checking in more frequently. You’re curious about the projects being developed, the challenges being tackled. This isn’t about predicting guaranteed success; it’s about recognizing potential, a spark that could ignite something significant. The beauty lies in its organic nature, in the way it’s uniting people around ideas and possibilities.
Will it succeed? That’s a question with many variables. But one thing is clear – it’s got people talking, thinking, and engaging in a way that feels refreshingly authentic. The proposers have created a ripple effect, inspiring conversations and connections.