Griff Green - Delegate Communication Thread

My Bio

I’ve been a contributing member of the Ethereum community since 2015 & received a masters degree in digital currency in 2016.

As community manager for and TheDAO, I helped form the community around TheDAO and led every angle of the crisis response effort following TheDAO Hack. I co-founded the White Hat Group, which secured the at-risk funds (10% of the total supply of ETH) during TheDAO hack and one year later rescued $210 million dollars worth of crypto assets following the Parity Multisig Hack. I also audited early versions of the Aragon and MakerDAO systems with the WHG.

In 2016 I co-founded Giveth, a crypto donation platform that radically empowers individuals and communities to affect real change in a transparent, decentralized way. I co-founded DAppNode in early 2018 and co-founded the Commons Stack in 2019. The Commons Stack’s pilot Commons, the Token Engineering Commons was launched in early 2022. We are now taking those learnings, to create a bonding curve launchpad called the Quadratic Accelerator (q/acc).

In 2021, I co-founded General Magic, a web3 design and dev studio focused on web3 impact products. I led the creation of Praise spinning it out to its own org in 2022, and am currently developing Pairwise, a novel voting system for DAOs as well as unicorn.eth a brandable wallet platform . I have contributed to dozens of other projects as well, most notably, iden3, PolygonHermez, and brightID.

I am also a top delegate for ENS, Optimism and Gitcoin and lead a crypto focused burning man camp, DECENTRAL, and helped launch it’s sister camp, BlockHaus, an art car with a steam room on top, that will be on esplanade this year :wink:

I have too much going on for sure but am supported by an awesome team of around 70 people to make all these things happen, and sometimes I lean on them for advice for governance matters.

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I’m late to the game for this thread, been commenting in the forum posts and snapshot votes themselves, but now will make all communications here to make life easier on the Delegate Incentive Program organizers :smiley:

Here are my past comments in the forum on various votes:

AIP: Nova Fee Router Proposal (ArbOS 30) - Snapshot


AIP: Activate Stylus and Enable Next-Gen WebAssembly Smart Contracts (ArbOS 30) - Snapshot


AIP: Support RIP-7212 for Account Abstraction Wallets (ArbOS 30) - Snapshot


CVI.Finance - LTIPP [Post Council Feedback] - Snapshot


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Grant Request - Curve Finance - Snapshot


Subsidy Fund for Security Services - Snapshot


ACryptoS Protocol - Funding Approval for LTIPP [Post Council Feedback] - Snapshot


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Primex LTIPP Council Recommended Proposal - Snapshot


ArbitrumHub Evolution: The Next Step in Streamlining Information Access and Raising Awareness for Arbitrum DAO - Snapshot

This is an awesome project! I love the hub, I didn’t know it existed before, well done. It is gorgeous

However I have to vote no on this proposal.

1. It is way too much money for the value it can provide.

I understand that the salaries are not for individuals but instead for teams that are led by individuals… And I think its funny that we will pay multisig signers $6k for 4 hours of work a month but we push back on on this cause it’s too high of salaries for these teams… I do not agree with most people on this part, I think the price you are chargin is in the realm of fair

The problem is the impact of this website is not worth ~$1M a year.

I think the scope should be cut to be just the most high value items, then gain traction as a hub to make yourselves indispensable to the DAO’s workings and then you can charge this… But “If you build they will come” only works in the movies… It needs more traction.

2. This should go through a grant program, not through the DAO.

I feel like this process does a lot to advertise your product, but it just took 10-120 minutes from 50+ delegates to review and comment on this proposal on why it’s not worth the money and that’s not cool… That is why grant programs exist.

Multisig Support Service (MSS) Elections - Snapshot

This was a tough one… I thought about it all weekend. In the end there are A LOT of well qualified people on this list… As this is a position of trust, I mostly voted for people I have met IRL or at least on calls and have had multiple interactions with in the context of Arbitrum.

So to represent my delegation, I voted 50% for myself, and then I voted with 2.6% for all the people that I trust to execute on this critical role, with high context in Arbitrum or DAOs.

Honestly I could have voted for EVERYONE… but these are the people that each got 2.6%of my vote:

Dylan Brodeur / Limes.eth
Grace (Rebeca) Rachmany
Avantgarde Finance
Alex “Slobo.eth” Slobodnik
Den Technologies Inc
Serious People
Disruption Joe
Lindsey Winder
The Block
Alex Lumley


Approval of STEP committee recommendations - Snapshot

WOW. I am really impressed with the results of STEP. This is one of the easier yes’s I have had in the DAO.

I feel a little weird about working with Blackrock and a bunch of ex-Goldman Sachs people… but i think that’s just my own anti-tradfi prejudice shining through. In reality, bringing these orgs over to Arbitrum, while also diversifying our treasury is a huge win.

The crew behind this work did a fantastic job. Let’s do this again!

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Improving Predictability in Arbitrum DAO’s Operations - Snapshot

I love the idea of all votes starting on Thursday. It will make it easier for all of us to operationalize our work… I wish we could also include shutterized voting tho.

I also think making 4 delegates sign off that a proposal is ready for vote is a good idea. It worked well in Optimism.

So I ranked like this:

[Non-Constitutional] - Subsidy Fund Proposal from the ADPC - Tally

One of the main barriers to entry for any cool web3 innovation is getting the audits. If we can have a clear path to giving builders an audit for their innovatie work, we get a safer ecosystem and drive innovators to our L2… seems like a no brainer!

I voted for.

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