Plurality Labs - Gov Month Report

Gov Month has concluded with great success! We have completed a comprehensive report detailing the activities, results, and insights, as well as our plans for the future.

Gov Month was aimed to provide strategic insight, unite the community, and align the DAO’s vision, mission, and values. In a 30-day campaign, we increased community engagement and gathered crucial input for shaping the strategic framework.

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The Strategic Framework & Priorities


I don’t think the below has a valid url.


Thanks for letting me know it has been updated - here is also the link to the notion if people want to download it


hi! when you open claiming rewards on thrivecoin #govmonth?

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Hey! We got sign off from the foundation for the compliance a few days ago. Now we have to deploy the claims contract. There has been a lot of learning for both us and the foundation. We are having the same issues for the Gitcoin Grants Fest payouts, but it seems like we are all good to go now. Hopefully you’ll have it to claim next week.

Sorry for the delay folks!


Hello sir
I did not meet the requirements for the snapshot on August 15 for #GovMonth Season 0. However, I contributions to the Jokerace contest and successfully earned ARB as a prize. the current status Receipt processing . Will my victory be acknowledged later, and will I be able to claim the ARB I earned from #GovMonth Season0. ?
Thank you

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