Proposal: Empowering Early Contributors: The community Arbiter Proposal

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Are Arbiter contributions solely housed within Discord? If so, it may be worth looking into one of the tracking solutions for Discord, at least, it can give some data on who has had activity in what channels. Will have to run it by Offchain though as you typically need elevated discord permissions, who knows maybe they already have metrics on the Discord Server.

Some that I have used in the past and can run metrics retroactively.
Common Room ← Probably best for this purpose


Hello and thank you for your interest. As stated in our proposal, arbiter contribution in the Arbitrum discord is only partial. If we only track the contribution data in the discord, we cannot fully summarize all the contributions of the arbiter. At the same time, there are many cases of missing contributions, so it is relatively unfair to determine the amount of contributions based on discord data alone.

After discussion and agreement among all arbiter, we have adopted the method of equal sharing.

Of course, if there are more contribution plans in the future, we are willing to use the model you provided, but the current model is not very applicable to the current arbiter contribution situation. @dk3


Hey Arbiters, congrats on the on-chain AIP being created on Tally!

As a next step, please email with the following template.

Email Title: Early Contributor: Arbiter Proposal - Discord ID <#XXXX>

Arbiter Discord ID:
Wallet Address receiving payment if proposal passes:

The Discord ID and wallet address should be as per this spreadsheet.


Plutus has decided to vote against this proposal.

While we appreciate and agree with the sentiment that active community members that have contributed in different forms are important and valued, we believe there are several critical issues with the proposal in its current form. These concerns largely align with points that other delegates have brought up.

We believe that the amount being requested is quite arbitrary, and that the actual contributions of different individuals and how these compare to each other are impossible to properly quantify based on the current proposal. A more comprehensive list of contributions and significantly more detail should be required, especially when the amounts asked for are substantial.

In principal we strongly support rewarding early, current and future contributors, but feel like the proposal needs to be amended to address the critical concerns brought up by a variety of delegates and the community.

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Hello, please check our reply here. We have explained your doubts.