Proposal: Fund Atoma's project, a Growth & Communications proposal for Arbitrum

Proposal: Fund Atoma’s project, a Growth & Communications proposal for Arbitrum


@Sebix, head of the Atoma team.


This is a non-constitutional Proposal.


We are Atoma, a team emerged from MakerDAO’s Ambassador Program. We offer a wide range of solutions for growth and community building in spanish-speaking audiences, including two-way quality translations, content creation and educational resources. Our primary focus lies in branding and education efforts targeted specifically at the Latin American market of active and potential users.


Latin America is one of the most rapidly growing areas when it comes to crypto and Web3 adoption, with an expanding tech-savvy population and a huge potential for widespread financial inclusion.

As other emerging regions, the combination between innovation, talents, and the need for financial, technological and economic solutions produce highly engaged and robust communities, resulting in an ever-growing number of potential users and developers. We believe that, given this context and taking into account the core values of the DAO, a symbiotic and mutually enriching relationship between Arbitrum and LATAM can be forged. If you want to know more about how we envision this, feel free to read: Why Latin America? Why Arbitrum?.

By partnering with Atoma, Arbitrum gains a gateway to this vibrant and talented ecosystem. Our collaborative efforts aim to empower Arbitrum in effectively delivering their vision to a broader audience, nurturing trust and cultivating robust communities surrounding their offerings.

Our team has a track record of dedicated contributions during the last two years within the MakerDAO ecosystem. We believe our involvement has been influential in shaping MakerDAO’s strategic approach towards the Latin American region.

Some of our most relevant outcomes include the creation of MakerDAO’s official website in Spanish, the complete translation of official documentation and the successful establishment of the pioneering Latin America Delegate Platform within the DAO’s framework.

Primary objectives

  • Attracting New Audiences and Enhancing Participation in Arbitrum

    Building a community and disseminating information in Spanish can significantly widen Arbitrum’s reach and attract new users who are more comfortable interacting in their native language.

    Providing clear explanations about governance decisions in Spanish can engage users who might otherwise feel disconnected due to language barriers. This proactive approach fosters a sense of involvement and inclusion, encouraging broader participation.

  • Providing Educational Resources for Spanish-Speaking Audiences

    Educating the Spanish-speaking audience about the purpose, features, and potential of Arbitrum is pivotal.

    By offering educational resources in Spanish, potential users can gain a better understanding of how Arbitrum operates, its benefits, and how it fits into the broader context of the Ethereum scalability. This not only empowers individuals and businesses to explore the technology confidently but also aims to bring individuals and communities closer into the Arbitrum ecosystem and create a bond between them and the DAO.

  • Promoting Benefits and Governance Participation

    Promoting the advantages and possibilities presented by Arbitrum can emphasize the opportunity to influence the direction of the platform through governance participation.

    This approach not only attracts attention but also nurtures a sense of ownership and involvement in shaping the evolution of Arbitrum.

In essence, these three points collectively contribute to build a stronger, more informed and engaged community around Arbitrum within the Spanish-speaking audience, with a specific focus on Latin America’s dynamic and fast growing crypto landscape, while also deepening decentralization and contributing to the expansion of the Ethereum ethos with which we are aligned.

Scope of work

The Atoma team will therefore undertake tasks such as:

  • Education and dissemination specially designed to reach audiences not yet addressed by Arbitrum, with focus on Latin American countries.
  • Dissemination in academic institutions: universities, colleges, schools, virtual education platforms.
  • Playing an articulating role between the different regional ecosystem actors and Arbitrum, catalyzing talents who are interested in collaborating or working for Arbitrum.
  • Building an active community through content creation for a variety of communicational channels such as X (formerly Twitter), Discord, LinkedIn, Spotify, and YouTube.
  • Providing two-way translation services for any relevant or official docs and communications.
  • Providing support to the DAO in its efforts to develop growth strategies.

What will we deliver

  • Talents & Projects Catalyst

    Atoma will serve as a resource hub for talents seeking avenues to contribute effectively to projects operating on the Arbitrum platform.

  • Research on target populations

    As part of Atoma’s strategic approach, thorough research will be conducted across different areas of Latin America, prioritizing a demographic perspective.

    This research will examine the unique attributes of each area, including its cultural factors, economic nuances, and technological adoption rates. This understanding will serve as a foundation for Atoma’s community building, advertising efforts, and educational campaigns.

  • Evergreen Content Translation

    • Full professional translation of Arbitrum’s Docs website.
    • Any other translation work deemed necessary by the Arbitrum Foundation and Community regarding official documentation.
  • Original Content Creation

    • Creation of Arbitrum’s very own Introductory Portal in Spanish for the Arbitrum’s Docs.

      By providing an intuitive and comprehensive portal, the DAO can streamline the onboarding process for new participants, offering educational resources about the Web3 and L2 ecosystem.

      This website will attract a broader audience of stakeholders and allow community members to gain deeper understanding of Arbitrum’s unique value proposition, DAO’s governance structure and decision-making processes.

    • Creation of educational threads (X), articles (LinkedIn, Forum), and podcasts (Spotify) regarding Arbitrum’s ecosystem.

      This is an important approach to encourage widespread understanding and adoption of Arbitrum’s innovative technology. Through these diverse content formats, the project can effectively cater to a broad audience, from tech-savvy developers to crypto enthusiasts and newcomers seeking knowledge about Web3 solutions.

    • Monthly Newsletters

      Creation of a monthly newsletter in Spanish designed to inform and attract community members regarding Arbitrum’s protocol, while also incorporating relevant ecosystem news from Latin America to appeal to potential new users from the region.

      Newsletters will provide updates on the latest developments, features, and benefits of Arbitrum’s protocol, as well as its governance processes, community’s proposals and votings, and would be posted on the Arbitrum Forum.

  • Calls, Meetups & Events

    The Atoma Team has already made prolific relationship with authorities from renowned educational institutions in Argentina, like the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires, the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, and the Universidad Nacional Guillermo Brown and has also established a collaboration with Platzi (one of the biggest professional educational platforms in LATAM).

    The team will engage and participate in different communities and organizations’ calls, aiming not only at contexts of high education or renowned institutions, but making ourselves available to all publics interested in knowing about Arbitrum and its possibilities.

  • Harnessing the Power of X (Formerly Twitter)

    A comprehensive strategy has been developed by the Atoma team to bring educational and useful content in an attractive way to this channel.

    Our team will explore new ways of interacting with the community through X Spaces. Including trivias, giveaways, and swag to foster community learning and knowledge-sharing, thus promoting a well-informed and engaged ecosystem.

  • Exploration of New Communicational Channels

    Atoma team will open new communicational channels in Spanish not yet addressed by the DAO, such as LinkedIn, and Spotify, and will explore new possibilities in YouTube.

Reporting and metrics

Many of the approaches and tasks of the Atoma team are related to qualitative rather than quantitative aspects. We understand that measuring qualitative impacts presents significant methodological challenges in the diverse areas where these types of phenomena attempt to be measured with hard metrics.

However, the Atoma team identifies some areas where a report can be presented that is not only illustrative of the tasks being carried out, but also provides more measurable information, including:

  • Social Media metrics
  • Spotify metrics
  • Arbitrum Forum views metrics
  • Total number of meet-ups, classes, and conferences held in different institutions and organizations
  • Total number of attendees to these meet ups, classes and conferences
  • Total number of articles created
  • Total number of completed translations

We will provide the community with two types of reports:

  • Metrics report: it will be monthly and will refer to the previously listed metrics.
  • Granular report: it will provide a quarterly general and descriptive overview of the different activities and tasks carried out by the team during that period.

Based on this two-report approach, we intend to combine both the transparency of the qualitative aspects —which can be judged through the Granular Report— and the hard data concerning the growth and measurable scope of the initiatives and actions that allow such approach —which will be found in the Metrics Report—.


As a sustainable, socially inclusive and user-focused proposal aimed towards growing the ecosystem by means of community building, content creation for social media, translation of documentation into Spanish and further educational efforts, the AIP presented is perfectly aligned with the guiding values and strategic priorities of the Arbitrum DAO as per its Constitution.

Steps to Implement

The Atoma team requests 167,000 ARB to cover one year’s work (12 months). Any surplus at the end of this period will be returned to the Protocol.

We propose a similar system to the one MakerDAO uses, for increased transparency and accountability regarding the funding of this project:

  • A three-signers Safe Multi-Sig, including one Atoma member and two Arbitrum’s Facilitators.
  • A shared folder (like Google Drive) with Toggl reports for each of Atoma member’s monthly work so facilitators can corroborate tasks done and hours spent.
  • An expenses spreadsheet so community can keep track on our monthly activities and payments.
  • A bare minimum of 40hrs of contributions per team member a month — Approximatedly 7.3hrs of team-work per bussiness day.

Budget details

@Sebix (Project Leader — Research & Education) 48,000 ARB
@Harrizko (Research & Education) 36,000 ARB
@Jos (Community Building & Strategy) 36,000 ARB
@Pollo (Community Building & Strategy) 36,000 ARB
Hosting Services
For events and meetups.
2,000 ARB
Rewards & Swag
For actions in social media, as well as swag.
1,500 ARB
Total 167,000 ARB


Quarterly Milestones

  • OCT-DEC, 2023 (Q1)

    • Initiate the official full translation of Arbitrum’s Docs website to spanish and work with DAO’s relevant actors to ensure the optimization of the translated content for seamless integration into the Decosaurus platform.
      • On this first quarter, the team will deliver the full professional translation of Arbitrum’s Introductory Docs.
    • Develop and implement a social media content strategy, including a content calendar, target audience analysis, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track engagement and reach.
    • Implement a comprehensive X (Formerly Twitter) growth strategy for the @Arbitrum_esp account to achieve 20% increase in X followers within three months. This strategy includes a combination of targeted content creation, strategic use of trends, and regular analysis of follower growth and engagement metrics. The team will continuously monitor and optimize the strategy based on data to maximize effectiveness.
    • Achieve a 50% growth in X reach within the first three months for the @Arbitrum_esp account by implementing a targeted and data-driven strategy. This strategy includes optimizing content for increased visibility and engagement, leveraging relevant trends and analyzing key metrics to identify opportunities for improvement.
    • Create a Spotify account. Plan, produce, edit and publish the first series of episodes for Arbitrum’s Spanish podcast, covering relevant topics related to Arbitrum and Arbitrum DAO.
    • Develop and publish at least 10 new educational resources. These resources will provide valuable and actionable information to engage the audience effectively.
    • Create monthly newsletter.
    • Create and moderate a Spanish-speaking subforum within the Arbitrum’s Forum
  • JAN-MAR, 2023/2024 (Q2)

    • Fully translate the DAO’s Governance Docs.
    • Plan, produce, edit and publish the second series of episodes for our podcast, covering relevant topics related to branding and education of Arbitrum and its products.
    • Create and optimize a LinkedIn page, define a content strategy tailored for LinkedIn, and start publishing regularly to engage with the target audience.
    • Conduct at least 2 talks in educational institutions, targeting at least one new institution this quarter.
    • Achieve a 20% increase in X followers and a 50% growth in X reach for the @Arbitrum_esp account within these three months, as a result of the continued implementation of the above-mentioned strategy.
    • Create monthly newsletter.
    • Continue to create content and manage X and LinkedIn accounts.
  • APR-JUN, 2024 (Q3)

    • Fully translate Quickstart: Build a dApp documentation.
    • Conduct at least 2 talks in educational institutions, targeting at least one new institution this quarter.
    • Achieve a 20% increase in X followers and a 50% growth in X reach for the @Arbitrum_esp account within these three months, as a result of the continued implementation of the above-mentioned strategy.
    • Establish a comprehensive and engaging YouTube channel, by carrying out detailed research, creating original content, and broadcasting events related to Arbitrum and its Spanish-speaking audience.
    • Create monthly newsletter.
    • Continue to create content and manage X and LinkedIn accounts.
  • JUL-SEP, 2024 (Q4)

    • Fully translate the Quickstart: Run a Node, Quickstart: Bridge Tokens, and Quickstart: Launch and Orbit-Chain documentation.
    • Conduct at least 2 talks in educational institutions, targeting at least one new institution this quarter.
    • Achieve a 20% increase in X followers and a 50% growth in X reach for the @Arbitrum_esp account within these three months, as a result of the continued implementation of the above-mentioned strategy.
    • Create monthly newsletter.
    • Continue to create content and manage X and LinkedIn accounts.


The Atoma team is made up of four members and is designed to achieve a multidisciplinary approach to the tasks to be performed:

@Sebix: Web3 enthusiast with a background on the videogame industry and the book industry. MakerDAO’s GovAlpha Core Unit member ever since 2021. Has also been MakerDAO’s Ambassador Program member since late 2021 and Program’s head since 2022; led the team and worked on all projects of Maker’s Ambassadors in Latin America.
@Pollo: Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and particularly keen on economic issues. Has worked in political and corporate communication roles. Marketing Lead at belo, a custodial fiat and crypto wallet born in Argentina which is now expanding to other Latin American countries.
@Jos: Medical student. Co-founder, and co-lead of Ethereum Venezuela. Has worked as a translator at the Mario Briceño Iragorry Foundation, an organization dedicated to international cultural exchanges, and has been a member of the MakerDAO Community since 2020. Been contributing to the Ambassador Program since 2022.
@Harrizko: Bachelor’s Degree in History and currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education. Keen on Latin American studies and pedagogy. Has worked as a contributor for MakerDAO’s GovComms Core Unit and all through the second stage of MakerDAO’s Ambassador Program.

All members are living in Spanish-speaking countries — specifically Argentina, Venezuela, and Spain.


Name Contact Info
@Sebix (Project Leader — Research & Education)
@Harrizko (Research & Education)
@Jos (Community Building & Strategy)
@Pollo (Community Building & Strategy)

While the name Atoma is new to us, the people behind it are not. Their work at Maker was valuable, and they delivered what was asked of them without as much support as they should have been given. It’s great to see Sebix and the others exploring Arbitrum.


Hello everyone.

As a group that interacted both virtually and face-to-face with members of Atoma, we would like to share some comments:

SEED Latam and the Ambassador Program

In August of last year, while we were already taking our initial steps in governance, we decided to engage in the governance of MakerDAO. After discussing the challenges with the SEED Latam team, we began working on our future application, diligently reading and studying all the necessary requirements to launch a delegate platform. At Devcon (Bogotá), we had the opportunity to speak with @Jos, who encouraged us to participate in MakerDAO. It was after that event that we contacted @Sebix (leader of the Ambassador program), and he immediately assisted us in the process, always accessible and willing to clarify any doubts we had regarding the procedures we needed to follow. We also had the chance to meet @harrizko, and the entire team supported us for months as we studied and prepared.

Amidst all the preparations to launch the delegate platform, 2022 came to an end, and in January 2023, the Endgame was launched. This changed the forum, governance, our perspective on MakerDAO governance, and the conditions of our participation. After reading and studying the new changes and clearing up some doubts about the new procedures, we decided to adjust our perspective and create Sovereign Finance AVC. Throughout this journey, Sebix and his team remained close by.

The work carried out with SEED Latam was not easy, and it took a significant amount of time to gain a deep understanding of MakerDAO governance. In our early stages, the program’s support in clarifying complex concepts or processes was highly valuable.

Thanks to this process, we were able to quickly adapt to MakerDAO and even felt confident in taking on more governance responsibilities. As a result, in mid-March, we annouced our delegate @cattin for Arbitrum DAO. Almost closing the circle, we helped Atoma clarify some doubts about Arbitrum and structure their proposal, reciprocating the kindness they had shown us over the past several months :slight_smile:

Replicating the Model in Other Regions

Undoubtedly, actors in Latin America have grown, diversified, and made significant contributions in recent months, but there is still a long way to go. Nonetheless, we are on the path, and we would like to see initiatives like this replicated in other languages.

To DAO members: Translations are important, but even more critical is thinking and building in your own language. Generating content in different languages also enables fruitful local discussions about how to implement the use of Arbitrum in a particular region or community. If Atoma’s proposal proves successful, we would love to see incentives for similar initiatives to be replicated in regions beyond Latin America. We are eager to connect with the communities in Turkey at the upcoming Devconnect or the Southeast Asian communities to learn about their challenges, aspirations, and community members.

We want to present this humble contribution on behalf of the Layer 2 en Español community, which has already translated 19 articles of the DAO governance documentation to avoid duplication of efforts. This resource is open and available for use, with terminology carefully selected by contributors who deal with technical articles daily:

We vouch for the work of this team and hope they can find their place within the DAO with this proposal or future ones.


Nadie nos va a regalar la historia.


Thanks for the proposal @Sebix

Can you please help us understand your past results in terms of

1. What was the budget in all of the programs which you have received funds for? Can you please divide it by each sponsor?

2. Content views:

  1. What is the average open rate for the newsletters over the last 6 months
  2. How many views did each of the content pieces that were published in the last month generate?

3. Event Outputs

a. How many verifiable nonsybil new wallet addresses were created ?
b. How many transactions did these new wallets create so far?


First of all, we want to thank @GFXlabs and @SEEDlatam for their kind words and support of our proposal. It’s great to see friendly faces around :slight_smile:
We also want to thank SEED for making community translations available. We’ll take care of carrying out QA and adapting them to the format of future translations in case this proposal is accepted by the community.

Also, Hi @jengajojo! Thank you for your questions. Let’s take them one by one:

  • 1.- As mentioned before, this team was born from MakerDAO’s Ambassador Program. Our initial budget for a 3 month pilot run was 25k, and community showed great support to the project in this first voting. After the pilot, we then requested a bigger budget (81K) to extend the program over the next 6 months; once again, we received a strong support from the community in the votings. These budgets were to cover translations and virtual/physical meetups only, but our team actually went beyond that and worked for almost a year, delivering not only professional translations of official documentation and participated in meetups as agreed, but we also stablished a new official MakerDAO domain for Latin America, created monthly newsletters, started hosting X (fka Twitter) Spaces in a series we called Meet the Makers, and more, with no extra budget. Our project has done nothing but grow in the past year, and we expect it to keep growing over the next one.

You can find our previous milestones timeline for Maker here and our deliverables timeline here.

  • 2.- Regarding content views, we should take into account Newsletters, X Threads, and X Spaces, that were some of the improvements we made after our pilot.

    • Newsletters: Newsletters in the Maker forum have an average of 2.5k visitors, and we have received multiple badges for the amount of outside visitors to the forum. The combination of protocol’s information and worldwide ecosystem news has proven effective in attracting attention to the community. There has been positives reviews, like the words La Dream Machine dedicated us in one of their recent articles.

    In case you’re wondering what our newsletters are like, you can find some here and here.

    • X’s Threads and Spaces: The reach of our threads and Spaces has been volatile. We have posted Twitter/X threads that have achieved remarkable impact due to their content and approach, and others which have not been equally well received by the audience. We have always used this information to iterate and seek to communicate in the most attractive way possible. With an account numbering less than 1500 followers we managed to produce threads that reached more than 100,000 people and Spaces with over 1k listeners, thus the key lies in constancy and in learning from our followers’ interaction with each of our actions. Please also note that these numbers are prior to the development of our X’s strategy guide and we expect a better outcome from future work.

    If you want to check our latest Space, you can do it here.

  • 3.- Due to privacy and technical aspects, it is pretty hard —or undesirable— for Maker to keep a precise track of how users interact with DAI, specially with all the intermediaries and different paths an user can take or follow regarding their assets. Directly link the account creation ratio to our work it is also pretty hard. We know that the measurement of qualitative aspects can be complex, that’s why we’re proposing two type of reports on our activities.

    • To address issues like this one, we also did —and we plan to continue doing— surveys to keep track of different variables and then process that information with both metric and qualitative approach.

    You can take a look of the survey’s report here. A summed up version of some of the results can be seen in this article by Cointelegraph.

We invite community members, delegates, and facilitators to provide feedback on our proposal. We want to make ourselves available to the community, so the Atoma team will also be participating in future Open Governance Calls to further talk about our project, answer questions and address any concerns.


Hi @sebix, nice to have you around!

According to the notion you mention, do you plan to have control over the official Arbitrum Español account (twitter, instagram, etc)? How do you plan this interaction you propose with the foundation?

3. Channels

Our purpose is to produce content for Arbitrum’s official channels, in order to supply the Spanish-language media with educational, creative and interactive resources. In the case of those channels that do not exist yet, we want to take the initiative and create them in order to open new doors and trigger discussion.

We are excited to contribute to building and strengthening the Arbitrum community in regions where it has extremely high potential, such as the Latin American audience.

Here I would also like to ask @cliffton.eth and @stonecoldpat for help, how does Arbitrum Foundation plan to handle this kind of proposals for partners?

I also want to clarify that being part of @SEEDLatam I have personally met @sebix and his team.

These comments are personal and do not represent the opinion of the SEEDLatam delegation.


The majority of technical document readers are developers who have to be fluent in English as prerequisite. In my opinion, translating technical documents into local languages is unnecessary and will not have a significant impact on making them accessible to ordinary readers.
Therefore, I do not support this proposal.


@axlvaz_SEEDLATAM.eth We propose to create and manage any communication channel that has not yet been established, and cooperate with the managers of any existing official channel for the management of the newly created content. At Maker we gave ownership of the accounts we created (once they became official) to the Dai Foundation, so we didn’t have native access to them and some things like Spaces had to be coordinated through the Tech Ops team. We can either take care of managing existing accounts or work with the current managers.

Hi @peter! We believe our proposal goes in concordance with community’s values stated in Arbitrum’s Constitution, such as being socially and technically inclusive. Also, our project goes way beyond mere technical documentation translations: we aim to help Arbitrum grow in the region, create trust with users, generate genuine interest and participation, promote protocol’s decentralization, overall making it more inclusive and accessible to anyone willing to participate, wether it’s a developer or individual interested in governance participation.


Thanks for sharing @Sebix and congratulations on the success in MakerDAO.

a. Am I correct in understanding that there was a total of 106K spent of this work in MakerDAO?
b. Is it correct that the above budget had the following verifiable deliverables:

  • 7 newsletters at 2.5K avg views = 17500 views in total
  • 1K listeners on Spaces
  • 100K impressions
  • number of words translated

c. Is it possible to know the

  • cost per newsletter view
  • cost per impression
  • cost per listen
  • cost per translated word



Thanks, @jengajojo. Following with your questions:

  • A.- The final amount of spent budget was around 101k. The remaining unused funds were returned to the Protocol. Please, note that this budget was to cover the work of a team of three —currently Atoma consist of four members— and that the team didn’t have a budget between the first and second stage of the program (around 3 months), thus working ad honorem during that period.

    You can consult a more detailed spreadsheet on team’s expenses here.

  • B.- While those numbers are correct and are verifiable, please take in consideration that those are the maximum exponent of each case, and not the total of listeners or the total amount of impressions, being those numbers higher if we take into account the 8 Spaces and the over 3700 X’s posts made since the beginning of the Program.

  • C.- I guess it would be possible, but it would also be very hard to create different categories for the work we’ve done, assign an economic value to each task and count every single word translated in official documentations, informative threads and other communicational reports we worked on (such as Weekly MIPs Update, Weekly Relay, Forum at a Glance). Besides, it would not represent the full extent of our work, as there’s also been original content creation, participation in calls of other projects and communities besides our own (such as Defiant, Coinbase, Platzi, DeFi LATAM, La Dream Machine, ETH Venezuela and others), assisting newcomers to the DAO, and other activities that came naturally with our role.

If you want to take a closer look to our work done so far, you can check our last MIP55 on Maker’s Forum.