Savvy DAO - Delegate Communication Thread

This is Savvy DAO’s delegate communication thread.

We will continue to update.


PROPOSAL: [Non-Constitutional] Funding for Into the Dungeons: Machinata - a PvP Digital Miniature Game V2


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PROPOSAL: Long Term Incentives Pilot Program

The Savvy DeFi DAO’s Arbitrum Council has decisively voted FOR this proposal.

Commentary to come.

Proposal: [Non-constitutional] Proposal to fund Plurality Labs Milestone 1B(ridge)

The Savvy DeFi DAO’s Arbitrum Council has decisively voted FOR this proposal.


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Proposal: Arbitrum Research & Development Collective: Elections & Applications

The Savvy DeFi DAO’s Arbitrum Council decided:

Research Member Election FOR Blockworks/Delphi Digital
Advocate Election FOR L2Beat/Ant Federation
Security Member Election FOR Halborn
Risk Member Election FOR Elect Chaos Labs


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Proposal: Fix Fee Oversight ArbOS v20 “Atlas”

The Savvy DeFi DAO’s Arbitrum Council has decisively voted FOR this proposal.

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Proposal: Request for Continuation of the Arbitrum DDA Program Request

The Savvy DeFi DAO’s Arbitrum Council has decisively voted FOR this proposal.

Savvy votes FOR the Gaming Catalyst Program. See reasoning here: Catalyze Gaming Ecosystem Growth on Arbitrum - #151 by SavvyDAO

Voted FOR: Expand Tally Support for the Arbitrum DAO

See reasoning in the forum proposal here

See our snapshot rationale: Expand Tally Support for the Arbitrum DAO - #64 by SavvyDAO

Voted FOR. STIP Double Down. See reasoning here: Double-Down on STIP Successes (STIP-Bridge) - #60 by SavvyDAO

Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program


Arbitrum benefits from a large treasury but must start working towards more sustainable treasury management. This initiative is a first step towards long-term sustainability of management and diversification as it will help to establish procedures and structures that we can continue to develop on.

Additionally this program enables Arbitrum to enter the RWA space, an important narrative during this cycle the program could incentivize institutional players to get involved with Arbitrum.

For the reasons above Savvy DAO votes FOR.

See our forum comment here

Savvy DAO has voted FOR Empowering Early Contributors: The community Arbiter Proposal 2.0


  1. Acknowledging Early Efforts: The Arbiters were essentially the backbone of community management and support during Arbitrum’s early days, before formal roles were established. Given the pivotal role they played, it makes perfect sense to compensate them now. It’s not just about fairness, but about recognizing and valuing their contributions which were crucial in getting things off the ground.
  2. Promoting Active Governance: Although it’s tough to put a number on their exact impact, bringing Arbiters into the governance process is a smart move. They have a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to the platform which can significantly benefit the ecosystem’s strategic decisions.
  3. Celebrating Community Values: This proposal isn’t just administrative—it’s a statement. By allocating ARB tokens to these early contributors, we’re living up to our ideals of community, appreciation, and equity. It’s about saying thank you in a way that really matters.
  4. Setting the Stage for Future Participation: We see this proposal as a special case of giving back to those who have given so much. It’s not about setting a precedent but is a well-deserved nod to their unique contributions. Plus, we’re keen to see them stay active, helping steer the DAO with their insights and experience.

In essence, our vote is driven by a deep respect for the foundational work of the Arbiters, the strategic need to involve them in governance, and our commitment to the values of collaboration and fairness.

Savvy DAO votes FOR “Expand Tally Support for the Arbitrum DAO” for the following reasons:

  1. Proven Track Record and Commitment: Tally has been a reliable partner, effectively handling our onchain governance, security council elections, and delegation processes since the inception of the DAO. Their proposal to expand support will build on this strong foundation, increasing efficiency and responsiveness.
  2. Enhancing Governance Tools: By upgrading the Governor contracts and integrating new functionalities such as partial delegation and shielded voting, Tally is set to significantly improve the proposal process. These technical advancements will make governance more accessible and intuitive for all members of the DAO.
  3. Increasing Social and Technical Inclusivity: The proposed improvements aim to lower barriers for participation in governance, allowing contributors from various backgrounds and technical skill levels to engage more easily. This aligns perfectly with our values of inclusivity and user-focus.
  4. Detailed and Transparent Process Improvements: Tally plans to link forum proposal posts with Tally proposals, improve real-time updates via a Tally Discourse bot, and enhance the visibility of Security Council actions. These steps will ensure greater transparency and streamline governance operations.
  5. Focus on Long-Term Success: Research into partial delegation and shielded voting demonstrates Tally’s commitment to the DAO’s longevity and success. These initiatives are tailored to address specific needs within the Arbitrum ecosystem and are not just generic solutions that can be applied elsewhere.
  6. Budget Justification and Efficiency: The financial aspect of the proposal is well-justified with a clear breakdown of costs associated with each improvement. This level of transparency and the specific allocation of funds to reputable partners like Scopelift ensure that financial resources are used effectively.

In conclusion, this proposal not only strengthens our governance infrastructure but also enhances our community’s capacity to engage in more secure and effective decision-making. Voting in favor of this proposal is a vote towards a more robust, inclusive, and technically advanced Arbitrum DAO.

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Savvy DAO has voted FOR the " Request for Continuation of the Arbitrum DDA Program Request"
The DDA plays an important part in our ecosystem as it allows us to move quickly and experiment with more grants. While I do not love the current success metrics I expect the team would improve. I would encourage the DDA team to do a retrospective and perhaps ask for additional funds to see how to improve their system.

However, it is most important for the DAO to keep moving. =)

See commentary on the proposal here

Savvy DAO is voting FOR Event Horizon’s metagov pool.

See reasoning on the forum proposal.

Savvy DAO has voted FOR " Subsidy Fund for Security Services"

See reasoning: [Non-constitutional] Subsidy Fund for Security Services - #38 by SavvyDAO

Savvy DAO has voted “100% for Fund with 500,000 ARB each” for the “Defending Open Source: A United Stand for Developer Rights and Software Freedom” proposal.

See reasoning here and Feedback here: Proposal [Non-Constitutional]: Defending Open Source: A United Stand for Developer Rights and Software Freedom - #48 by SavvyDAO

See reasoning for Voting FOR " Proposal: Request to match my donation to boostrap Curve Lending on Arbitrum"

Savvy DAO has completed voting for all the LTIPP proposals passed by the council and those re-submitted after updates.

Based on @SEEDGov we have not submitted reasoning for any of these as those are not needed for the Delegate incentive program.

Voted FOR GovHack at EthCC

See reasoning here:

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