How to Register as a Nominee

Are you (as an individual and/or entity) interested in becoming a Security Council member for the Arbitrum ecosystem?

Before continuing, please read:

Contender submission registrations on Tally open on 15th March 2024 at 12:00 UTC; and the initial election (nominee selection) begins on 22nd March 2024 at 12:00 UTC: Tally | Arbitrum Security Council

Recommendations Before Registering

Prior to 15th March 2024, if you (as an individual and/or entity) are keen on participating as a candidate in the Security Council Elections, it is highly recommended to create a profile post on the ‘Security Council Elections’ category on the forum where you can introduce yourself and your background, as well as why delegates should vote for you to be in the Security Council.

You can reference these examples below which were posted by candidates in the September 2023 elections.

Please use the ‘mar-2024-elections’ tag in your post so delegates can identify that you are running for the upcoming elections in March.

Prerequisite Before Registering

You must have a hardware wallet that can generate a fresh address for the election.

This hardware wallet should only be used for actions related to the Security Council and for no other applications. It should be funded with enough ether to allow for you to pay for a transaction in Arbitrum One.

If you are registering as an entity, there are additional non-exhaustive criteria that should be met, which can be viewed in the Security Council Elections 101.

Register as a Contender via Tally

One of the things that make the Security Council election on Arbitrum so exciting is that the entire election system is implemented as a suite of smart contracts.

Anyone can register as a contender via the smart contracts onchain. However, it is recommended that all interested contenders register for the election using Tally.

Tally provides an easy-to-use user interface and it will record additional information that can be considered by voters before they cast their vote.

Let’s walk through how to register step by step.

Connect Wallet

The first step is to visit the Security Council election website, click ‘Register as a candidate’ and connect your wallet.

You will be asked to connect your wallet.

Requirement: The connected wallet MUST be the same address that will be used for the Security Council election member.

Please use an address that you are happy to link with your online identity.


The first step is to acknowledge a list of responsibilities to become a Security Council member alongside actions that you need to take before signing up.

It is a good opportunity to evaluate whether you want to take on the responsibility the role entails and join the election.

Profile Setup

If your connected wallet does not have a profile on Tally, then you will be asked to make a profile for the website. This profile is not exclusive to the Security Council elections and it can be reused for all activity on Tally. It is linked to your connected wallet.

Candidacy Details

An opportunity to provide information to the voters and explain why you will make a great Security Council member. It covers your current role, technical experience, and geographical location.

All voters will have access to this information (except for the email address) and they may use it to decide how to cast their vote.

Conflict of interest: The Arbitrum Constitution states that a nominee cannot become a member of the Security Council if they have a conflict of interest. For example, affiliations with direct Arbitrum competitors, proven histories of exploiting projects and others.

Sign Message from EOA

To ensure that you can produce signed messages for the different chains that the Security Council needs the ability to act on, you will need to sign a transaction from your address (Externally Owned Account).

This also prevents instances where candidates might sign up for the elections using an onchain smart contract wallet which is not able to produce signatures valid for other ArbitrumDAO-governed chains.

Preview & Submit

After expressing your readiness to shoulder the responsibility, you have one final opportunity to review the candidacy details before officially registering for the election.

The final step is to click ‘Submit’.

You will need to authorise a transaction to submit registration details to the onchain smart contract.

  • The Ethereum address that will join the Security Council will need ETH to pay for the transaction fee.

It must be sent by the same address as the smart contract relies on msg.sender for authentication.

Only the Ethereum address is stored onchain and all candidacy details are kept off-chain.

Thank you for taking an interest in protecting the Arbitrum ecosystem and good luck in the elections :slightly_smiling_face:

For any questions, please reach out to the DAO Relations Team (@Cliffton.eth or @Raam) or the Security Council email (


There is currently a bug in the submission panel that states “You must be connected to the Arbitrum Görli network to register on this council”


I believe you need to change the network to Arbitrum Goerli, on coinbase wallet you just need to manually select the Arbitrum Goerli and it’ll work


Hey owl! There was a bug, i contacted Arb, they reached out to Tally and had it fixed it. The elections are now up and must be done on the Arbitrum One Network.

I’ve just submitted my proposal. Please vote for me here!


I see, thanks sir. I have also applied as a candidate, and appreciate the heads up since I had registered in goerli thinking that’s the way.

Wishing you luck as well! Hope we will get to collab later on


nice, this is good but how can I vote already registered nominees?

Hey there, we currently are in the nominee selection phase, and this is where the nominees with at least 4.72M votes will qualify for Round 2.

You can review and cast your votes via Tally - Round 1 | Arbitrum Security Council Election

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To vote you must go the tally website, connect your wallet and them vote with your tokens at the election link, here is a link to the page Tally | Arbitrum Security Council Election