Curia Delegate Communication Thread

Curia Delegate Platform

Key Information

Name: Curia

Delegate ENS: curia-delegates.eth

Delegate Address: 0x17296956b4E07Ff8931E4ff4eA06709FaB70b879

Delegate forum: @englandzz

Telegram: @v3dao, @englandkiiz



About Us

Curia Lab is a team of seasoned DAO governance researchers, data analysts, blockchain engineers, and developers. We are committed to strengthening the DAO ecosystem through specialized tools, insights and delegate services.

Our Mission & Vision

Curia Lab is dedicated to empowering DAOs with robust, data-driven tools, ensuring transparency and efficiency in governance processes. Our mission extends beyond tool creation; we actively engage in DAO governance as a professional delegate, leveraging our hands-on experience to refine our toolings for each DAOs. This commitment to being part of the governance process ensures that our tools are battle-tested and evolved, addressing the challenges of data inaccessibility, opaque delegate actions, and governance risk assessments with precision and relevance.

Our vision is a future where the governance of DAOs is seamless, fully transparent, and informed by comprehensive data. We aspire to create an ecosystem where the influence of delegates is clear and their contributions are measurable, enabling real-time monitoring and strategic enhancement of DAO operations. We see Curia Lab at the forefront, leading DAOs into an era where every decision is strategic and data-driven, ensuring a resilient and dynamic governance model.

Our Goal for Arbitrum

Curia Lab aims to support Arbitrum’s vision of scalable, secure, and decentralization through our expertise in data-driven governance. Our dedication to advancing the DAO ecosystem motivates us to contribute actively to Arbitrum, leveraging our deep involvement in DAO governance to enhance decision-making and transparency. With our team’s comprehensive skills in research, data analysis, and blockchain development we’re excited to be contributing to Arbitrum’s growth and progressive decentralization.


As a governance and DAO research team, we work with several other projects and DAOs, such as SafeDAO, Optimism Collective, and GnosisDAO, to enhance their governance and decision-making processes. We are committed to maintaining transparency and avoiding conflicts of interest in our work with the Arbitrum community. When required, we will disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may arise in the course of our engagement.

Waiver of Liability

By delegating to Curia, you acknowledge and agree that Curia will participate in Arbitrum governance on a best-effort basis and will not be liable for any form of damages related to participation in the Arbitrum.